Finds of the Week #51

Happy Tuesday friends!

It’s been extremely hot here the last 3-4 days so I didn’t do any thrifting on the weekend, but I did find a few things last week.


This large metal strainer was a great find for$1.


vintage metal strainer repurposed into a planter

It’s marked Made in Italy and will make a great planter.


blue spatterware pitcher

This ceramic blue spatter ware pitcher was most likely someone’s project from the 1980s. It’s in excellent condition and is marked CM on the bottom.


androck tongs and garlic press

These vintage Androck tongs are 11″ long. The aluminum garlic press in unmarked.


vintage red handle rolling pin

I’ve been on a roll lately… haha. I found another rolling pin… this red-handled one for$2.

One handle is much more worn than the other. Now why would that be?


baseball glove Wilton cake pan

When I saw this large baseball glove cake pan for just $2 I had to get it. It’s marked 1987 Wilton.

We’re big baseball fans here. Go Jays!

I have a summer project in mind for this, and if it doesn’t work then it’ll go into my etsy shop.


vintage gold vanity mirror tray

This vintage gold metal mirrored vanity tray is marked Elegance GEP on Steel.  I assume that means Gold Electro Plate.

I might have to keep this for myself, but I can’t decide if I should keep it as is or give it some spray paint love.

What would you do?

vintage graph knitting patterns

I used to sell vintage patterns of all kinds on ebay, and I still list some in my etsy shop.

I’ll be going through these vintage 1950s graph patterns to make sure they’re all in good condition before listing them. Some of the patterns include golf, rodeo, antique cars, hoedown… just to name a few.

My mother was a fabulous knitter, and even though I didn’t inherit her talents I feel the need to rescue vintage patterns when I see them.

I guess you’d call that sentimental thrifting. But there are worse things… right? 🙂

Thanks so much to you for reading, and until next time… keep on keepin’ on.

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  1. ColleenB.~Texas says:

    such great find Love that large strainer and as for that glove cake pan; what a great cement mold that would make

    1. Great minds think alike Colleen! That’s exactly what I’m planning on doing with the globe cake pan. Hubby is a big baseball fan so it’ll be prefect.

  2. SARAH PORTER says:

    Great finds! It looks like the rolling pin has a bit of staining on the end with the ‘more worn’ handle. Maybe it sat up-ended in water causing the red paint to chip excessively?

    1. Thanks could be Sarah. Who knows what lives these things have lived been before we find them.

  3. Love those patterns! But I must ask……hot? How hot was it? We’ve had 118° F for 2 days. Cooling off to 112° F today. Now, where did I put my sweater………. Dona

    1. Yikes Dona! That’s hotter than hot! You have me beat that’s for sure. It was in the 90s here and very humid, so cool from your perspective. I hope you are staying cool. 🙂

  4. Great finds — those patterns are crazy! lol so fun! That big strainer is awesome–can’t wait to see how you use it. I love those mirror trays but my vote is paint. Have you ever tried the “ghosting” where you remove some of the mirror finish on back and apply images?

    1. Ghosting sounds like fun Lauren. That term sounds familiar so I think I must have seen it done somewhere. It seems that gold is back these days, but I’m not really a fan so if I keep the tray it’ll have to get a makeover.

  5. Been missing from blogging for a while but I’m back.

    Enjoy your finds. Blue pitcher and trya are great


    1. Thanks Cindy! Great to see you back. 🙂

  6. Love your finds especially the red handled rolling pin. I’m interested to see what you do with the mirror tray. I found one a couple of weeks ago but I hadn’t thought about painting it until you mentioned it. Now I’m thinking spray paint!

    1. Thanks Sharon. I’ve never been a big lover of gold metal so I think it’ll definitely be getting a makeover.

  7. Love the strainer as a planter! Somebody had a stronger grip on their rolling pin on one side…..maybe a dominant right hander with aggression?! I love the gold framed mirror. I have several and leave them as is because they just speak vintage and my grandmother to me!

    1. That is so sweet AnnMarie! I guess we all thrift for different things based on our own experiences and memories. 🙂

  8. Those knitting patters are awesome–makes me wish I could knit!! My daughter just mentioned to me that in her 12th grade calculus class next year they will be learning how to knit(!). Apparently, the Seniors all love it and carry their knitting around with them wherever they go. So fun!

    1. I have often wished I could knit Diana, but have never had the patience to learn. My mother tried to teach me years ago. I think I did manage a sad little scarf. lol. Maybe one day I’ll try again. That’s so fun about your daughter’s class. I love that!

    1. Me too Cecilia, and I’m so glad I’m not the only one. 🙂

  9. Ooh I like the metal strainer…I have been keeping an eye out for these….yours is very nice!

  10. Love your finds, Tuula! What about a matte black paint on that mirror? I don’t know why but I like the black. Awhile back I created a black picture hanger out of a board I painted black and distressed. I added white ceramic knobs and hung black framed pictures with black silk ribbon. Sounds dark but against a large expanse of white wall it worked! Now if I would just remember to dust the pictures now and again 😉

  11. I’d leave the mirror as is. Painting would permanently damage the beautiful finish it has.