Finds of the Week #52

I didn’t do much thrifting during my blog break, but I did find a few cool things recently.

floral hand painted gourd


This hand painted floral gourd is so pretty. I love the vibrancy of the colours.


floral hand painted gourd container with lid

It’s as light as a feather and a label on the inside of the lid, which fits like a glove, reads Polvera Cujae No. 4. I think it might be Spanish, but I have no idea really.


Proctor plate engraved R silver sugar and creamer set

This vintage Proctor silver plate cream and sugar set is engraved with a fancy looking capital R.


Proctor plate engraved R silver sugar and creamer set

This set has a lovely patina and is available here.


vintage silver silent butler crumb catcher

This vintage silver plate silent butler also has a fabulous patina on the outside.


vintage silver silent butler crumb catcher

And the inside is lovely and bright, showing us what the outside could look like if it was given a polish.


vintage plate silver silent butler crumb catcher

A cool lion is engraved on the top of the lid. This is available here.


Eiffel Tower DVD stand

I just posted a guitar DVD stand makeover and this $2 Eiffel Tower DVD stand will be getting a makeover too. It’s a definite keeper.


country road through forest scene oil painting

And last but certainly not least I found this large $2 oil painting in the same thrift store as the Eiffel Tower on the same day, and I fell in love with it.

Not just because I would love to take a stroll down that road lined with such a beautiful forest full of fresh greens and pretty pinks.


country road through forest scene oil painting

And not just because those sweet yellow birds stole my heart (I have a thing for birds), although those are two perfectly good reasons.


painting 5new

It was the writing on the back that especially got me. I love when things are inscribed. I just wish Agnes had dated it, but I still love it.

Thanks so much Agnes… and Janet. I’m not sure how or why this ended up in a thrift store, but it has found its new home. It looks perfect in my master bedroom.

Has anything stolen your heart lately?

Thanks so much for reading and until next time…

keep on keepin’ on!


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  1. I bought a small but old copy of the New Testament at an estate sale. I did not look at it until I got home. Inside was a pressed rose, a photograph of a man outside of the hospital in France (The back of the photo said Frank and was dated March 1944), and a letter written in January 1944 from Frank to his bride of six months, Debbie. The letter was on Red Cross paper.

    The Bible was given to Frank in 1924 from his Sunday School teacher (unnamed in the inscription). There were also several newspaper clippings about the war.

    I bought 2 more Bibles at the same time. One was another NT with a page in front that contained a “letter” from FDR to the troops. The other was dated 1897, and had been passed down according to the inscriptions inside.

    1. Frances McKay says:

      according to google translate the writing on your beautiful gourd was detected as Corsican. It said no dust and one word was not translated into English. I knew it wasn’t Spanish since I speak some Spanish. Hope this helps. Fran

      1. I speak Spanish Frances and know that polvo–dust, powder, etc.–probably is what the first word is, so am thinking maybe it was meant to hold dusting powder?? The other one has me stumped in relation to the first because it means in cooking for something to gel, to curdle, etc., so the same idea like to settle, to come together, I don’t know. Love the item anyway and the colors and hope you don’t mind my 2cents worth. 🙂 Maybe we gave her some idea anyway…

  2. Your painting steals my heart! It’s lovely. You always find the coolest stuff! I’m glad you took your bloggy break while I was house sitting! That way I didn’t miss anything! Dona

  3. Great finds Tuula! The picture is so pretty! Like the silver too!

  4. I’m so glad you are back Tuula. Your fun posts were missed. Great finds especially the silver pieces and that inscribed painting. It is very beautiful. sb

  5. Lovely treasures but that painting is so sweet! How does one donate that to a thrift store?! I recently found a child’s smocked dress handmade when I was 2. I am hesitant to list it but I will.

  6. mary scott says:

    I love the painting. Reminds me of MI & a road I have driven often while visiting there in the fall. thanks

  7. How sweet is the inscription on the back of that painting?! I would have loved it for that, too. And I’m always a sucker for silver plate, especially if it’s monogrammed! And the Eiffel Tower? Oooh la la! xokathleen

  8. Glad you’re back from your break. Love your finds, especially the painting. Like you, I buy things, not always just for what it is but for something special that might be written on it, a note or a poem, or some other thing that makes it personal and extra special. I love stuff like that.

  9. Love all your silver finds, Tuula. The cream and sugar look like little trophies, don’t they? Thanks for linking up with Vintage Charm last week 🙂