Finds of the Week #53

When I shared my basket makeover on Monday I mentioned that it was storing some thrifted vintage tea towels that I’m selling in my etsy shop.

I found all of them at one garage sale, and they appear to have never been used. They were all in a box with tons of odds and ends, and some of those calendar type tea towels.

Here are the tea towels that I dug out of that box.

Scotland Bagpiper and Crests of Ireland tea towels

A Scotland Bagpiper and Crests of Ireland….


Canadian Provinces and Barbados tea towels

Canada, with iconic images of each province, and Barbados…


London Scenes and Charles and Diana tea towels

Famous London Scenes, and the Charles and Diana Royal Wedding…


Hudson's Bay Company tea towels

and two Hudson’s Bay Company map of Canada tea towels. I’ll be keeping one of these for myself and selling the other.

All the tea towels are available in the Vintage Linens section of my etsy shop.

I also found a few other goodies.


Wm Rogers Silver Sugar Bowl and Lid

This large Wm Rogers silver plate sugar bowl has a great patina and one slightly damaged foot, which makes it sit a little wonky… but a little wonkiness has never stopped me from loving something.

I’m sure it can still be put to good use, or repurposed in some way.


Vintage Alaska tray and coasters set

This vintage metal Alaska tray and 6 coasters set is still in its original packaging.


Vintage Alaska tray and coasters set

Alaska is such a beautiful place. We took an Alaskan cruise a few years ago and absolutely loved it. The state flower is the forget-me-not as shown on the tray.

Do you think I should remove this set from the packaging before listing in my etsy shop, or leave it as is? I’m always torn about this because it’s so hard to take good pictures through the plastic, but original packaging can be a good thing.


Silver Plate heart shaped trinket box

This silver plate heart shaped trinket box is a keeper… for now anyway.


Silver Plate heart shaped trinket box

It has a lovely dark blue velvet lining..


dachsund salt and pepper set

This dachshund salt and pepper set is very sweet and is available here.


dachsund salt and pepper set

The front is the pepper and the back is the salt. The entire dachshund is about 8″ long.


mini dollhouse wicker furniture set

And I saved my favourite find for last… this miniature doll sized set of wicker furniture.

Isn’t it adorable? It’s available here.

I never had anything like this for my barbies when I was a girl in the 60s. I made all of my own doll furniture out of foam and covered it as best I could with hand sewn covers, with the help of my mom of course. I’m not complaining… just saying. Even though it was fun I would have loved to have this set. What about you?

Thanks so much for reading and until next time…

keep on keepin’ on!


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  1. Mother Deer says:

    I have never seen a state platter in the original packaging. Great find! I say keep it in the packaging, especially if it has a vintage date on it 🙂

  2. Loving the sugar bowl, very, very pretty!


  3. I agree with Mother Deer, keep it in the packaging! Barbies came out after my doll years, but I had a `Muffy Doll`……anyone remember her? I was one of the lucky ones. I had living room furniture and a bedroom set! But do love the wicker!! Great finds, girl!! Dona

  4. Hi Tuula,

    Saying it again…glad you’re back. I vote for taking it out of the packaging. You can always say it was in original packaging, but you took it out to photograph. That’s what I do anyway. You can’t get as good a pics in the plastic. Someone who loves dachshunds will love that S&P set! So cute. Love the silverplate sugar bowl! I used to have one of those wicker sets when I was a kid. I kept it a long time.

  5. I love the sugar bowl, Tuula! And the little wicker set is precious.
    Have a good weekend!

  6. What a great collection of tea towels! Such great stuff… the dachshund salt and pepper. It’s hard to know whether some will go for the Alaska tray and coasters in the wrapper or not…..maybe you can slit it open to keep the wrapper in tact and take pictures of the tray and coasters with the wrapper next to it. Not sure how much more value there is to having it stay in the wrapper….if you can’t use it! But then I don’t know about such things!

  7. CINNY KOLESAR says: