Finds of the Week #55

Thanks so much for all the comment luv for my repurposed junk owl wind chime. I’ll be sharing the others that I’ve made soon.

This past Friday John and I took a just for the fun of it road trip to the Canadian Baseball Hall of Farm in St. Mary’s, Ontario, and of course I had to do a little thrifting along the way.

vintage anthropomorphic radish salt and pepper set

I found this adorable vintage anthropomorphic radish salt and pepper set at a Salvation Army store. At least they look like radishes to me. This set is probably from the 1950s, or thereabouts. They both have their original cork stoppers and one is marked Japan.

I haven’t been able to find this exact set through my research, so I’ll be hanging on to these cuties until I can figure out what they’re worth.


vintage pewter teapot sugar and creamer set

Also from that same store I found this Made in India teapot set. It’s quite small and quite heavy for its size. It may be made of pewter, but I’m not absolutely sure about that. It’s available here.


small chest or trunk

This small floral tabletop chest or trunk came from another Salvation Army store and has lovely leather or faux-leather edging with nice metal hinge and corner details. It’s available here.

These next finds are from a thrift store that I’ve never been to before and I’ve never seen a place so packed with stuff. Honestly, I could have picked through this place for a week and not gone through everything. It was everywhere, and just walking around was quite the obstacle course… but it was fun finding a few buried treasures.


wooden pants hangers

Like this bunch of vintage wooden pant hangers


wooden suit hangers

And a few of the larger wooden hangers. The one at the front has some advertising on it. The King Edward is a beautiful and  historic hotel in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

I have to go through all these hangers and figure out which ones I want to keep and which ones I’ll be selling.


vintage metal tart tins

These vintage metal tart tins will go into my stash for future repurposing projects like my jello mold and tart tin ornaments.


vintage sifter, mini baking pans, kneader and biscuit cutter

I see another vintage sifter wind chime in the works here. This one has a lot of yummy rusty patina.

The vintage biscuit/donut cutter and pastry cutter will go into my stash for future projects. The pastry cutter is a lovely green, and you can just see a hint of the original green paint on the cutter. It was obviously very well used.

I have to say that the closer we got to the town of St. Mary’s, which is about an hour south of us, the more expensive the thrift store prices became. I saw a lot of great things that I would have bought had the price been what I consider reasonable. I’m so lucky to live in my neck of the thrifting woods where the thrift shops still think they’re thrift shops… rather than gift shops.

Thanks so much for reading and until next time…

keep on keepin’ on!


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  1. SARAH PORTER says:

    Great finds! You can’t beat the wooden hangers! I have many of them for coats, suits and pants!

  2. Those salt and pepper shakers are the star of the show this week!!! I can’t believe your “vintage” pant hangers! I still use some of those that were my dad’s! I think I’m the one that’s vintage!! And I still use the pastry cutter that was my mom’s….which is identical to the one you found!! Good stuff, girl! Dona

  3. I love the hangers and they were popular in my shop but not so much now. I love them for personal use and the pant hangers are great to hang doilies or decorative art from. I have so many things I can’t find through searches that are waiting to be found for their value! I’m always afraid of charging too much or not enough and practically giving them away.

  4. Wonderful finds I especially like the sifter, pastry cutter and the radish salt and pepper. I know what you mean about some thrift stores pricing as if they are gift shops. It is happening around here more and more.

  5. I know what you mean about the thrift stores thinking they’re gift shops or antique shops. Sometimes I’m amazed at the prices they’re asking for things.

    That set you’re thinking is pewter…we had a similar set & it was pewter, so I bet it is.

    Lovely finds though. I like the S&P & the little chest is cool. That sifter does have nice patina…like you say…well-used.

  6. Love all your finds! I am still on the hunt for two more wooden pants hangers then I can try out a window treatment idea in my bedroom. Well, after I paint that is…which will be after I sort through and take care of the small pile of boxes in the corner. 🙂 I hit the jackpot on a local Facebook buy-sell group where everything can only be priced a dollar. A woman listed six of the hangers, all for A BUCK! I could hardly get “int” for interested typed, I was so excited!

  7. Of course I LOVE the wooden hangers! Also the Jello molds and kitchen tools.