Finds of the Week #56

This week’s thrifted treasures are a real mixed bag.

handmade rose doily

Even though I never use doilies I have a soft spot for handmade ones that have flowers. Especially if the flowers are pink.

I’ll enjoy the pretty for a little while and then it will be going to my etsy shop.


steam punk nut and bolt turtle and kangaroo

I thought these two were pretty cute in a steampunkish kinda way.

Check out the little kangaroo baby. So sweet.

Not sure why the tortoise/turtle is holding a cane, but maybe he was injured in a race with a steampunkish kinda hare. 🙂

These two characters are available here.


vintage handmade bamboo purse

This vintage handmade purse caught my eye because I’ve never seen anything like it before. The squares, which are either wood, faux wood, or bamboo (not sure which), are cross stitched together in a patchwork pattern.

It has a tag in the interior side pocket that reads Made in Thailand.

It’s available here.


mini wooden chairs and ceramic letter M

I also have an unexplained fascination with miniature chairs. Here are two wooden additions to my small and oh so accidental collection that started a while ago.

I say accidental because I never meant to start a collection, but I don’t seem to be able to resist them …or part with them either.

Whenever I see a big letter M I always think of Mary’s fabulous apartment on the Mary Tyler Moore show, one of my faves. My last name starts with an M so the ceramic letter is a keeper, but it will be getting a makeover.


tablecloth weights

These tablecloth weights would be great for windy picnics, or they could be used as curtain weights.

They’re available here.


pair of vintage loaf pans

Love these two very vintage loaf baking pans with their lovely patinas. I have a project in mind for these, but I need to find another piece.


enamel bowl and vintage screwdrivers

I found more vintage wooden handled screwdrivers for my oh so intentional collection, and a rasp too. They are all keepers.

And what girl doesn’t need a pink handled hammer? This one surely does. The hammer head has seen a lot of use, but the handle is pristine. Love it!

And the red-edged enamel beauty will be repurposed at some point. I’m still looking for a few pieces for that particular project too.

Thanks so much for reading and until next time…

keep on keepin’ on!


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  1. You found some unusual treasures! Love the turtle with the cane…I can relate! I have a ton of doilies because I can’t resist them either!

  2. Great finds as usual tuula! I love the doily, it reminds me of my grandma, she crocheted beautiful doilies. I think I even have one similar to yours that she made. :o]


  3. Great finds, Tuula! Love the look of the handcrafted purse! I think it’s a great inspiration for a re-make of some kind! Hmmm!

    1. Thanks Gail! If anyone can do a remake of this purse you can. 🙂

  4. You didn’t mention the name for the white and red enamel piece. Wonder what it could be??? I know, ’cause 50+ years ago I had one. It slid on little wooden tracks under my son’s potty chair! Love it!

    1. Oh my gosh! That’s too funny Karen. I had no idea what it was. I love it too!

  5. I love the doily too…so pretty! I also love pink, so it is appealing. The purse is kinda interesting…I’ve never seen one like it either. Shared.

    1. Thanks Florence! It’s always fun to find things I’ve never seen before.

  6. Those 2 ‘critters’ take the prize this week! So clever. But the purse runs a close second. Very interesting! and your screwdrivers remind me, I picked a few up for you the last time my daughter and I went out of town! I’ll have to find them and get ’em in the mail! Those little chairs are too cute for words. Dona

    1. Thanks Kathleen! I would have loved to have Mary’s apartment when I was in my 20s. It was pretty perfect.