Finds of the Week #58: Linens and Felines

Happy Thrifty Thursday friends!

Ever since I was a wee little thrifty rebel, before I can even remember (so my mother tells me), I’ve been enamoured with flowers.

Whether in the garden, in a painting, or on linens… I’ve always had a hard time resisting them where ever they might be…. especially when they’re pink.

vintage hand embroidered tablecloth and napkins

When I found this large 60″ x 80″ vintage hand embroidered tablecloth and 8 napkins set I was completely and redundantly totally  helpless… and didn’t even try to fight it.

The cost? A rather shocking $5 for something so beautiful.

I could not believe it.


vintage hand embroidered floral tablecloth and napkins

I fell in love and had to have it… even though I know I will probably never use it.


Because pretty linens and 16 daggered feline feet are simply a recipe for disaster… if you want the linens to stay in tact that is.

Even though 12 of those feet are quite well behaved… they still roam the house at will, leaving miniature puncture wounds in their wakes.

I didn’t even want to risk opening it up and putting it on the kitchen table for a photo… because new potential puncture victims are just too enticing for some… not naming any names mind you.



(Miss Cutie Pie Pixie)



But then I decided to pretend to be the boss for a few fleeting moments and I locked all four felines and their 16 feet in the living room while I took a quick pic.



Alas, the plight of a cat lover. lol. (They really didn’t seem to mind too much).

I do love our cats (our best finds ever)… more than tea towels, blankets, curtains, bedspreads, and even tablecloths… or any other linens that might capture my thrifting heart.


vintage hand embroidered tablecloth and napkins

But while very willingly and also quite happily living in this house of rescued felines I can still enjoy beautiful things like this amazing work of art, and marvel at the talent of the unknown person who so lovingly created it.


vintage hand embroidered floral tablecloth and napkins

Here you can see the same area as the previous photo… the main flowers are appliqued, and the rest is most definitely hand done.

I am in awe of  the talent and patience.


vintage hand embroidered floral tablecloth and napkins

I’m keeping this set until I feel like I can let it go. That might be next week… or it might be never. 🙂

One never knows. lol.

Thanks so much for reading and until next time…

keep on keepin’ on!


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  1. Hi Tuula, What a great find! Lots of hours went into this table cloth and the napkins. I didn’t know you have 16 sweet paws around. You are my kind of girl :). Sending lots of belly-rubs to all 4 kitties.

  2. RosieJane says:

    Absolutely beautiful! I used to do a lot of embroidery, and it does take a lot of time and patience. What a lovely treasure you have found!

  3. Oh, that is beyond words beautiful. As a kid, I cross-stitched a small (card table sized) tablecloth….it had chickens on it. Took me YEARS, literally. So I can really appreciate the work in your set….and mine never did look that good!! And seriously? FOUR cats? They are all beautiful! I have 2 and wouldn’t trade them for anything…..also rescued! Have a great week! Dona

  4. The feline finds are definitely my favorite today! although I do appreciate all the time and skill that went into the linens..I used to cross stitch years ago and loved it but don’t seem to find the time anymore.
    Belly rubs for all of them!

  5. I remember putting doillies and beautiful old linens everywhere in my precat home. At first I didn’t appreciate when they got hairy and scrunched up and sometimes ruined…, but the pleasure of my 16 leggers is in no way comparable to some old fabric !!

  6. Just gorgeous Tuula! I am always in awe when looking at the beautiful handwork on vintage linens, and the fact that we can find these treasures priced so reasonably. Glad to see you locked up the kitties so you could enjoy seeing this beauty on your table. I well remember those sharp claws and furniture pieces that had to be discarded because of them. Couldn’t help but notice that your sofa is covered, lol.

  7. Two of my favorite things – felines and linens Beautiful

  8. Tuula, your tablecloth is so lovely. I understand about the kitties. This is the first time in 15 years that we don’t have any kitties. I miss them and I don’t.

  9. I am in awe of the amount of work and dedication to the craft when I find these…it’s amazing. The hours of work alone boggles the mind. And then can you imagine…ooops, sorry I spilled the wine!??? Gives me the shivers. 😉 Sweet kitties wouldn’t tear up your linens would they? LOL
    Have a good weekend, Tuula…I bet you are off on a fun adventure after breakfast tomorrow. xoxo, T.

  10. Fonda Rush says:

    We have lots of helpers around our house — 28 paws ‘n’ claws that belong to 7 cats! My wife needs to use the floor to lay out her quilts. Invariably, the “helpers” come out from whatever they are doing. They’re nice that way! It’s impossible to keep them off once they are on. So, that’s how quilts get made in our house!

  11. Wow Tulla! I can’t believe I found you again! Love your new blog, and congrats on making the move to WP! How do you like it so far? I have lots of catching up to do it seems.

    You put so much work into these pretty linens, I’m super impressed. You must have lots of patience, although many people I know who do this kind of craft say it’s very relaxing.

    (And those kitties are precious!)

    1. Thanks Doreen. Welcome back! So nice to hear from you again. I have to say that even after a year here at WP I’m still learning, but that’s OK. I am enjoying it.

  12. What a fun post, Tuula–oh, the sacrifices we make for our pets 🙂 The table cloth is just beautiful; perhaps someday you’ll get to use it at someone else’s house-lol. Thanks for linking up with Vintage Charm!

    1. Thanks Diana! I never thought of that. Maybe I should start taking my linens with me when we go visiting. Have tablecloth, will travel. lol.

  13. Those are beautiful! Like the cats too! Did you say rescues? I have 2…one of which is a rescue. I love my kitties. You got a great deal on the linens!

    1. Thanks Florence so much for rescuing a kitty. All four of our cats are rescued strays, and we really can’t imagine our lives without them. Each has their own story, and definitely their own personality… that’s for sure.