Finds of the Week #62

Happy Thrifty Thursday friends!

So between being away for our Canadian Thanksgiving long weekend, and then coming down with a head cold, I haven’t been doing much thrifting but I did find a few cool things last week… including a mystery item that I’m hoping you guys can help me identify.


I love these vintage green glass bottles/carafes, especially the Paris Pernod Fils one. I’ll be keeping these for a while, but they might make it into my etsy shop some day.



This vintage mirrored vanity tray has a lovely gold metal edging, and it’s rather large at 13 1/2″ long. I found it a few weeks ago, but for some reason it never made it into a post. It’s already in my shop here.



I found the aged brass angel on the left a few years ago, and the new angel will go nicely once it gets some much needed patina.

I’ll be leaving her on an outside shelf unit on the back deck for the winter and I’m sure she’ll be lovely next spring. I may even be able to bring her in after a month or two of winter. I’ll have to wait and see how long it takes for the magic to happen.

I’ve decided to start a collection of vintage metal angels… silver, brass, aluminum, copper, pewter. These are my only two so far.



I’m always looking for vintage kitchen gadgets and I found 3 veggie peelers. When I’ve enough collected they’ll be used for another repurposed grater owl wind chime.

I also found a vintage egg beater with a lovely green wooden handle, a vintage wooden handled egg whisk, a vintage nut cracker, and a mystery item.


Thrifty Rebel Vintage

I have no idea what this is, but with the orange paint and the flowers it sure has a real retro 60s-70s vibe. It’s about 5″ long, and has a Hong Kong mark in the metal that can barely be seen with a magnifying glass.

I’ve tried doing some research, but since I don’t know what to call it I’m not having any luck.

What do you think it is?

Thanks so much for reading and until next time…

keep on keepin’ on!


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  1. Judy Smith Pace says:

    It’s a can opener. you plunge the sharp pointed end into can and then pull it up, move forward pull up again and repeat till you go around the lid. Used one many times.

    1. Judy Smith Pace says:

      P. S. The little hook on the opposite side is a bottle cap opener.

    2. I still have and use one of these.

  2. ColleenB.~Texas says:

    Yup; Sherry is right. It’s actually called ‘ A Bull Dog’ can opener.
    Great finds and I also love collecting old kitchen gadgets.

  3. Yep! That’s a can opener. Stick the pointed end in the can and pull up, repeat until you are all the way around the can. And keep bandaids handy. God bless whoever invented the kind we use now!!! Wonderful finds! I’ll add angels to my list of things to look for down here. Maybe we can increase your collection! Wait, can 2 be considered a collection? If not, just how many do you have to have??!! Dona

  4. marjeanne says:

    I have the same glass mirrored tray still sitting on my dresser with perfume on it, it came with a brush and comb

  5. Yup. A can opener. The smaller hook side will open bottles or canning jar lids. I still have one I use frequently

  6. ….and the open top part is how you fish the sharp lid out of the can…you are too young to know how we risked life and limb in the kitchen with barbaric tools like that !

  7. Hi Tuula,
    Don’t you love being too young to know what something is??? LOL
    Great finds, as always. My favs are the two whisks.
    Have a good weekend, T.

  8. Can opener with the bottle opener on the side (I just thought I would repeat all the other responses!) We had one like this in the 1960’s – worst design ever for opening cans but great for bottles. the green bottles are too lovely to let go.

  9. Sometimes these can openers would have a cork screw tucked between the handle parts. You would pull that out, twist it into the cork and use the rest of the can opener as the T-bar to hold onto while you pull the cork out. Yep! A multi-functional kitchen tool!

  10. Great finds! Yes, a bottle/can opener is what I thought too!

  11. Diane Omolino says:

    Unfortunately, I am old enough to remember opening cans with this item. It was a challenge to use too.
    The amount of strength needed to open the can with one hand while holding tight of the can itself with
    the other hand was interesting too. The sharp edges on the can top were very easy to cutyour finger on
    when you tried to pry the top back. I am so glad it wasn’t long before a much better can opener was
    developed. It do however, still have this item in my container of old kitchen
    stuff. Oh yes, the bottle opener part was also a good way to stab your hand if it slipped.

  12. I won’t repeat what the mystery item is but it suffices to say we had one when I was growing up. It scared me to death. I wouldn’t touch it. Great finds!

  13. I was going to say can opener, but you’ve been well-informed about that. Love the unusual whisk and egg beater…have not seen those designs before. Great finds on the bottles! Is that a nut cracker beside the whisk?

  14. ColleenB.~Texas says:

    I retired some of my old vintage kitchen items, including the one I have like this and neatly displayed them in a
    shadow box

  15. I never saw the mystery item before but I guessed a can opener. Looks like I was right! I have a few of those mirrored trays from Goodwill. My mom kept one on her dresser. Mine is on my bathroom counter right now! xoKathleen

  16. Sorry, you’re not feeling well. Hope you’ll still be able to have a Happy Thanksgiving. Love all the goodies you found, even the can opener/bottle cap opener. I used to have one many years ago but always had such a difficult time using it that I finally tossed it. Wish I still had it to try and make an owl that might be even half as cute as one of yours. They are just adorable.

  17. Thanks so much for your help everyone. I guess I’m the only one who didn’t know it was a can opener. I doubt I’ll every use it because it looks pretty much like an accident waiting to happen… at least in my kitchen anyway. 🙂

  18. Nice finds, Tuula–I can certainly see why you’re planning to keep the bottles, at least for a while 🙂 Thanks so much for linking up with Vintage Charm–

    1. Thanks Diana! They are such a pretty colour.

  19. Shirley Armburger says:

    I am 80 yrs. young & remember well these items. I have a collection I started from my Mom’s gadgets. Have them in hanging baskets above my counter !

    1. How wonderful for you to have that collection Shirley. I have a vintage mixer that my mother gave me years ago and it’s one of my treasures, and I love using it. Thanks so much for joining in. 🙂