Finds of the Week #63: A Light Bulb Moment

Happy Thrifty Thursday friends!

You all know that I have a thing for vintage kitchen items, whether its bakeware, cookware, gadgets, small appliances, etc. I seem to have an emotional and sentimental attachment to them that I’m sure goes back to my childhood.

While I did inherit the thrifting/reusing/repurposing gene from my mother, I most definitely don’t have her baking and cooking talents. Oh I can manage simple meals and baked goods, but mom is always making awesome stuff and making it look so easy at the same time.

No measuring ever required.  It’s quite amazing actually.

So, this week I’m sharing some kitchen treasures that I just had to bring home.

vintage red handle rolling pin

I won the vintage wooden rolling pin in a Salvation Army silent auction for $7, which is a little pricey for me but the red handles got me and I couldn’t resist. It’s a keeper.

The red and white of the vintage Ki-Mee french fry cutter also got me. It’s probably from the 70s, and since I don’t make home made fries it’ll end up in my etsy shop eventually.

The vintage Corkette cork remover is from the 1960s, and still has the original instructions.



I’m not really sure what kind of coffee pot the one on the right is but I love the shape of it and for $2 it was a great deal, and apparently I can’t resist a good aluminum tea or coffee pot because I always have to rescue them.

Thankfully I don’t see them often. 🙂


vintage wear ever aluminum coffee pot

This vintage $1 Wear-Ever coffee pot is rather small and as adorable as any coffee pot could possibly be.


vintage cookie cutters

I picked up these vintage cookie cutters for 10 cents a piece because I don’t have enough already. ha! That’s my story anyway.  That begs the question… is it possible to have too many vintage cookie cutters? Not in my world. 🙂

And see that sweeeeeet turquoise 1958 I’m-too-fabulous-to-leave-behind hot wheels corvette.  Well it was and I couldn’t… for 25 cents.


vintge turquoise Dormey electric hand mixer beater

And the piece de resistance… this amazing Dormey turquoise electric mixer.

When I saw this across the crowded thrift store it was love at first sight… and I couldn’t get to it fast enough.

And a light bulb came on, and bells starting ringing…. ding… ding.. ding… ding.  My hubby just loves it when that happens. lol.


vintge turquoise Dormey electric hand mixer

Love, love, love the turquoise, red, and silver combo… and it actually works. How fabulous is that? My mom had a white one with blue accents that she gave to me years ago. It also has a stand and it’s very vintage now. I have very vivid memories of my mom using it to mix cake batter. It’s the only one I’ve ever had, and I still use it to this very day. I can’t believe I forgot to take a picture of it. I’ll have to share it another day.

This one was $5 which, like the red rolling pin, was a little pricey for me. But when I love something I love it, and this is a keeper. I’ve never seen one quite like it. Have you?

I’ll let you in on a little secret… this mixer is going to be the inspiration for my kitchen makeover that I hope to tackle this coming winter. I’ve been itching to get out the paint brushes and get to it. I’ve painted my kitchen 4 times in the 18 years we’ve lived here, including the cupboards.

What can I say… I need change, and I can’t wait to start painting once the snow starts flying. I actually love painting rooms… especially with some classic rock accompaniment. I doubt if I’ll get to it before Christmas, but you never know. I’ve been known to paint entire rooms in a spur of the moment painting frenzy.

I can see my new kitchen so clearly in my head… now all I have to do is do it.  lol. So I think $5 for an inspiration piece is totally worth it.

Do you remember any of these things from your childhood?

Thanks so much for reading and until next time…

keep on keepin’ on!


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  1. My granddaughter has started collecting red vintage kitchen pieces- I collect the green.

    1. How fun! I have a few vintage red kitchen treasures and green too. The mixer is my first aqua/turquoise piece.

  2. ColleenB.~Texas says:

    Once again You done good.
    That small coffee pot; we used to use one of those when we went camping but you can also make coffee by putting it on your stove burner but have to watch closely so it doesn’t boil over.
    Love that cute little hand mixer.
    Gosh, I still have a French fry cutter like that up in storage

    1. Thanks Colleen! I haven’t made actual fried french fries in years since oven fries are so easy now. I remember when they used to taste like cardboard. lol. The mixer is one of my favourite finds.

  3. Another week of gold! The itty-bitty coffee pot takes my heart! I think I can see where you want to go with your kitchen…..can’t wait to see how close I come! In the late 50’s my parents wall papered our kitchen in a turquoise with copper pics (of kitcheny stuff). I loved it! Since it was the only heated (wood stove) room in the house, we spent a lot of time there! Have a wonderful weekend! Dona

    1. Thanks Dona! Your parents’ kitchen sounds fabulous. I love the turquoise and copper combo too. Turquoise is quickly becoming a favourite colour of mine, just behind pink of course. Even though there will be some red… there will have to be a dash or two of pink. lol.

  4. Wow! I love vintage kitchen items too and you did find some treasures! That mixer is fabulous…..inspiration? Does that mean you might be doing your kitchen aqua/turquoise and red?! It is a great combo and what my bathroom is…..bright but fabulous!

    1. That’s right AnnMarie! I’m planning to go bold with the combo in a very big way and I can’t wait to get started. I’m tired of my historic conservative green and cream kitchen. It needs some fun and pizzazz. Your bathroom does sound fabulous!

  5. I love that mixer too and would have paid $5 easily! Can’t wait to see what’s in store for your kitchen!


    1. Thanks Tania! I can’t wait either. lol. I’ve always loved turquoise and red, but the mixer really did it for me and I am all in.

  6. My vintage kitchen makeover was totally inspired by the early beginnings of my jadeite collection so I can totally relate, Tuula 😉 Love the mixer and it’s totally worth $5!

    1. Thanks Cecilia! Isn’t it funny how a thrifted item that captures our hearts can be the start of a whole big thing. I’m very excited about the change. My green kitchen has way overstayed its welcome.

  7. I have three generations of sifters and both sides of grandparents’ American home scales. Love, love, love the mixer – such a keeper! And to think you will get a whole new kitchen from it. When my niece went off to college we hunted everywhere for one of those tiny coffee pots.

    1. How fun to have those sifters and scales that actually belonged to family members. I love that. The mixer was an aha moment. When I saw it I just knew what I had to do to my kitchen. I painted the cupboards a grey based historic green about 8 years ago and while in keeping with the age of the house the colour has become very dull to me. It needs to be bright and happy again. 🙂

  8. Great finds again, Tuula! The mixer is so cute! I have a thing for turqoise and silver with some touches of red too and I can’t resist vintage cookie cutters. 🙂

    1. Thanks Julia! Now I’m on the hunt for more turquoise treasures for my kitchen, and red accent pieces too. I’m so glad to know that I’m not the only cookie cutter hoarder. 🙂

    1. Thanks Kathleen! I’m so anxious to get started. Once it gets cold here that means outside chores are finished and I can concentrate on starting projects on the inside of the house. Nothing much blogworthy about stacking firewood. lol.

  9. Some great finds! Love the mixer too! Reminds me of a retro pink electric can opener I found. I waited with bated breath for the person to tell me how much. She finally said, “I have to have $3.” My heart was singing with glee…I had no idea what she would say! Ha!
    Anyway, I love the rolling pin & coffee pot! Isn’t it just a standard drip pot?

    1. I’m not sure what the coffee pot is Florence. I’m not a coffee drinker at all. I just thought it was cool. I’m always looking for pink vintage or retro kitchen treasures, but I don’t find many around here. $3 for your pink can opener is an awesome deal. I would have snatched it up too.

  10. I love all your finds! I will be moving within a year or so and am anxious to decorate a new kitchen.
    The turquoise of the mixer!! Gorgeous! I can see how you were inspired.

    1. Thanks Debbie! That sounds so exciting! I’ll just be redecorating an current kitchen, but I’m anxious to get started too.

  11. Tuula, I think that mixer is fabulous! I would design my whole kitchen around it. You found some great stuff.

    xo Dianne

    1. Thanks Dianne! That’s exactly what I’m planning to do. I fell in love with it and the colour combo.



    1. Thanks Clinita! My mother was a great baker too, but me? Not so much. I do love eating her baking though. Sounds like you have a lot of wonderful kitchen treasures.