Finds of the Week #65: Mother Lode Part III

Happy Thrifty Tuesday friends!

When I found my first mother lode I was very happy, and then my second mother lode made me even happier, and now I swear I must be the happiest thrifter on the planet. 🙂

I must be the luckiest thrifter too because I keep finding more and more silver treasure… for keeps, but also for wind chime making.

The first item is something I’ve never seen in person before, and it’s pretty cool.



When I saw this I knew exactly what it was. It’s an antique silver plate egg cup holder for soft-boiled eggs… or hard-boiled depending on your preference. I love the jagged top of the egg cups.



According to my research the Meriden Company was founded in Meriden, Connecticut in 1852. They manufactured some of the highest quality quadruple silver plate pieces during the late years of the 19th century.

Quadruple silver plate items were plated with 4 times as much pure silver as were standard plated pieces.



Also, floral relief designs as seen on the base of this piece were commonly used during the Victorian era.

The egg cups are held in place by the silver post thingies.



It’s missing the original spoons, but I think I might just have a ton few that will work.

You can see in this pic that the spoon hanger on the left is missing a piece, but it still holds a spoon just fine.



It’s hard to gauge the value of this piece because it’s slightly damaged and is missing the spoons, but during my research I saw one similar that was complete, but not as elaborate, at a price of $128.

But it doesn’t matter because it’s a keeper and it cost me just $7. I’m thinking it might be an awesome piece for displaying some vintage Christmas ornaments.



This vintage silver plate teddy bear bank is very sweet, and has a lovely patina. It still has its tab on the bottom. He’d be a perfect little nursery accessory.

He cost me $1, but his value is $10-$15.



The $2 silver plate vanity mirror is unmarked and very heavy. It’s value is $24-$30 and it’ll be staying around here for awhile.


silver serving spoons

I found some silver plate serving ware.

The two sets were $1.50 a piece and the middle tongs were in a 25 cent bin.


silver serving spoons

This one set needs a good cleaning. The bowls are quite decorative with a raised fruit design, and both pieces are marked England.



Now here’s the mother lode.

I was looking through the kitchen bakeware area at my local Salvation Army thrift store and found this bin full of what looked like silverware. It wasn’t with the other small bins filled with regular knives, spoons, and forks. I’m not sure what it was doing all on its own, but I grabbed it and took a very quick look through.

Usually there’s a sticker with a per item price on bins like this, but there was nothing. I took it up to the cashier and asked how much for the whole thing. The lady, who knows me as the wind chime lady, smiled and called the supervisor.

None of us had any idea how many pieces were in the bin and none of us wanted to count them. So I offered $20 and the supervisor said SOLD.

She was so happy she even threw in the bin. Needless to say I was happy too. 🙂



When I got home I counted 97 spoons of various shapes and sizes, including the two cool clam shell pieces, and 9 forks… all definitely silver plate.

I haven’t had time to check them all to see if there are any pure silver pieces like in my last haul, but even if there aren’t my $20 came to 19 cents a piece.

I have no idea of the actual value, but to me the value is priceless.

Last winter I ran out of silverware for wind chime making, but I think this year I have enough to keep me busy all winter long.

What lucky finds have you thrifted lately?

Thanks so much for reading and until next time…

keep on keepin’ on!


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  1. ColleenB.~Texas says:

    Score, Score, Score and Score on all the above.
    You have got to be the luckiest person around to find such great treasures.
    Tuula; you totally rock when it comes to finding such great items

    1. Thanks Colleen! I do think I have some of the best thrift stores in my neck of the woods.

  2. Wow! Amazing, girl! The egg cup set took my breath away, but then I saw the….salad servers? with the fruited bowls…….I’m in love! So different! You need an award for the luckiest thrifter in the world! Dona

    1. Thanks Dona! Some weeks I can’t believe the things I find, and at such great prices. It’s hard to resist bringing things home.

    1. Thanks Kris! For some reason I’m seeing a lot of silver pieces this fall. More than ever before.

  3. Wow, that is the Mother Lode! Love the hand mirror and the egg cup thing. Bet you could sell that. Bet you could sell several of the things. What a find on the flatware! Maybe there will even be some sterling in there!

    1. Thanks Florence! I love the egg cup set and will be hanging onto it for awhile. Who knows, I might find some matching spoons some day. I still have to check all the spoons for sterling. I’m hopeful.

  4. marjeanne says:

    I bought the teddy bear bank for my son and still have it. He was born in 1983

    1. How cool! It is very sweet.

  5. I hope this trend continues!

  6. I love the little mirror- so sweet.
    I think you’ll be ready for those cold winter months! Plenty to work on.
    I hope you find some silver in the mix…that’s always such a fun surprise!

    1. Thanks Tina. I’m hoping too.

  7. Wow, you did find a lot of great silver pieces. I probably should pay attention to them more when I am thrifting! I have the same hand mirror with the comb and brush. It was my Grandmother’s so to me it is priceless 🙂

    1. Wow, how wonderful that you have the whole set that belonged to your Grandmother. What a great keepsake.

  8. You always find the best treasures. Love everything but my favorite is the silver plate egg holder. I collect silver pieces also and I’ve never seen one of these. I love it and the price was unbelievable! Christmas stuff would look cute in the egg cups and maybe at Easter decorated eggs. That silverware find was awesome! Can’t beat 19 cents each! Have fun with all your goodies. Judy

    1. Thanks Judy! Yes easter eggs would be awesome in the egg cups. I had never seen one before either and I probably will never again, so it might just be a keeper.

      1. Hi Tuula, yes it is such a unique piece you should keep and enjoy it.

        1. Thanks Judy! I think I just might do that.

  9. Well I guess you really did hit the mother lode, Tuula 🙂 I’ve never seen an egg cup stand, but those Victorians had dishes for everything! What a great deal you got on that small horde of silver–nice work. Thanks for linking your finds at Vintage Charm–

    1. Thanks Diana! It’s been a silver kind of fall here. 🙂