Finds of the Week #76

Last weekend when I was on a quest to find just the right thing for my kitchen china cabinet makeover I made time do a little thrifting as well, and I found some fun things.

aqua and red pinwhell coasters

I found these fun cork-backed pinwheel design coasters for 50 cents a pack.

They’re the perfect colours, aqua and red,  to go with my in-progress kitchen makeover.


vintage enamel bowl and stainless steel kitchen timer

I have a thing for old banged up enamelware, and this $1 red-rimmed little bowl certainly qualifies.

The cute little kitchen timer isn’t vintage, but at $1 I couldn’t resist it. It just got a makeover that I’ll be sharing later.


vinatge silver teapot set

And you know me? I’ve never seen a silver teapot set that I didn’t like.

This sort of art deco-ish set has a really aged patina that I absolutely love. I can make out parts of the markings on the bottoms where it says Toronto… and the word Standards is there too. I can’t quite decipher the rest.

I’ll have to do some research on these, but this set is a keeper so there’s lots of time to do that. I’ll have to make some room for it in my hot pink china cabinet.





silverware and vintage whisk

I can never turn down a pretty set of silver, especially when the lot is just $3. These will be perfect for chimes.

And this 25 cent vintage yellow enamel-handled whisk will be a great temporary replacement for the non-vintage whisk that’s hanging from my repurposed rolling pin window valance.

I’m on the hunt for a red handled one, but this will do for now.


lot of scrapbooking papers

And it’s always great to find inexpensive craft supplies like this large $1 lot of mixed scrapbooking papers.

You never know when I might get the itch to do a small decoupage project, and it’s nice to have this stash to pull from at a moment’s notice. Also, papers are so easy to store.


Eiffel Towel 3d wooden puzzle

I think maybe John and I, on a day when we’re feeling particularly clever, should be able to put this 3D wooden Eiffel tower puzzle together.

It says it’s not meant for children under 3 years old (because of the small parts), so I guess that means a child 3 years old and older should be able to put it together.

Yikes! Talk about pressure. lol.

I certainly hope we can do it. 🙂

Has any of you ever tried one of these puzzles?

Thanks so much for reading and until next time…

keep on keepin’ on!


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  1. Wow, you just keep finding those red and aqua goodies! Those coasters are adorable. I can’t resist an old beat up enamel pan either….I have several that I am keeping for myself! Great finds this week. I know you’ll find that red handled whisk!

    1. Thanks AnnMarie! I’m going to keep looking until I do.

  2. Great finds! I’ve noticed that I’m particularly drawn to the tea sets you post, that have sharp lines to them. Rather than all rounded, you know? This one is a perfect example! Love it! I’ll add a red handled whisk to my “shopping” list!! Dona

    1. Thanks Dona! I know what you mean about the tea pot set. I love the sharp lines too.

  3. Love the silverplate teaset! Wind chimes or China cabinet? LOVE the scrapbook paper too…what a lucky find! And the coasters are perfect for your new kitchen. And what will you do with the new clock timer?

    1. Thanks Florence! For now the teapot set is a keeper, but you never know. I’ve put it in my pink china cabinet. The little timer for a little makeover that will be shows next week. Stay tuned. 🙂

  4. Mary Boger says:

    Great finds. The old forks and spoons will be nice on
    a windchime. I have a silverware chime hanging just
    outside my kitchen window. You keep finding the
    cute stuff and we’ll enjoy seeing it all. I’m intrigued
    Bby that little timer.

    1. Thanks Mary! Silverware chimes do sound lovely. Just outside a window is a perfect spot to hang one. The little timer makeover will be coming up next week.

  5. I cannot believe your luck at finding aqua and red items! I need to come rub your tummy! LOL I have a hankering for old beat up enamelware too, people always look at me like I’m crazy !
    Love that timer!!

    1. lol. I know what you mean about the enamelware. To me pieces like that are just showing their history. The little timer is sweet.

  6. Great finds Tuula, I can’t wait to see the little timer makeover :o)


    1. Thanks Tania! That little timer is one of my favourite kitchen details. It’s all in the details, so they say. 🙂

  7. We tried one of those puzzles once and it was hard! At least I thought so lol. My husband was definitely better at it than me, though:) Love that silverware i would have snagged it too! xo Kathleen Our Hopeful Home

    1. Thanks Kathleen! I do like my silver treasures. I get that about the puzzle. I’m thinking it will be hard too… like the childproof caps on some things that are adult proof too. lol.

  8. Your timer is wonderful, Tuula, and I’m a paper lover, too–great find! Thanks for linking up your posts with us at Vintage Charm 🙂

    1. Thanks Diana! I can’t resist an inexpensive lot of paper. I never know when I’ll see one again.