Finds of the Week #11

Happy Wednesday Friends!

Finds of the Week, which is usually on Saturdays, will be posted on Wednesdays from now on. It just works better for my schedule.

This week I found some really cool things.

Like this black metal table. Now we just have to find 2 metal chairs and it’ll make a nice little sitting area on the back deck.

Check out the patina on the tin angel candle holder. I love her, and she’s already found a home in my bifold door and dresser bookcases that I shared on Monday.

The large copper ladle has some some lovely verdegris happening. It looks antique to me. Does anyone know what this ladle would have been used for? A soup ladel for a giant maybe? lol.


This brass and copper kettle will make a wonderful wind chime, and the tiered stand will probably end up in my etsy shop.


This metal planter is pretty in pink and perfectly distressed. Love the dragonflies.


I’ve been looking for lidded baskets to use for storage, and I finally found one. This one will be getting a makeover.


And my favourite find is this vintage wrought iron corner plant stand.

It’s most definitely a keeper.


I love it when I find things that are naturally distressed and don’t need any work at all.


It’s just too pretty to stay outside.


I have the perfect place for it, and you’ll see it again some time in the hopefully not too distant future when I share my final master bedroom reveal.

Thanks so much for reading and until next time…

keep on keepin’ on!

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  1. Oh, that wrought iron plant stand is divine! I am with you….no distressing needed and it's perfect! Curious as to how you are going to makeover the basket….I have a few of those around and would love to pretty them up!

  2. WOW~ You really hit the jack pot; just as good as winning the lottery…..well almost.
    Your large copper ladle could had been used for dishing up soup or for decorative purpose but then back in the day it also could had been used in a rain barrel and used as a drinking cup and drank out of it. That would look great hanging in my front porch with Succulents (Hens & Chicks) in it

  3. Wow, Tuula! You have a knack for finding the best things! Love everything and especially the pink planter with the dragon flies!

  4. Love that corner plant stand Tuula! I collect those wicker hampers and have a stack in my entry way. Thanks for sharing with SYC.

    1. Thanks Jann! I'm looking for more of the hampers in different sizes so I can make a stack. This one will be getting a makeover some day. It's on the very long list. lol.

  5. Great finds Tuula. My fav is the plant stand too, but the kettle and wicker basket are close behind. 🙂

  6. You really did score a lot of wonderful treasures. Such a fun time hunting you must have had! I haven't been for so long. Hope you have a great weekend Tuula!

  7. You have been collecting some great stuff! I have a lidded basket just like that one, about to do something to it, I might wait and see what you do. Love the plant stand too. Have a good weekend!

  8. The lidded picnic basket will be lovely painted with torn cotton ribbon – I do them for the booth. My favorite is the copper ladle!