Finds of the Week #12

Happy Wednesday friends!
Vintage tools and pans www.thriftyrebel.comAs I mentioned in my plate rack makeover post I found a lot of fun things at the garage sales this past weekend.

Vintage level /

This vintage turquoisy green Parry & Bott  mini level is Made in England, Birmingham. The paint has lovely crazing.  It’s marked Warranted True, and all three levels work after all these years. According to some research I did the company went out of business in the 60s.

I love the rusty dust pan. I have a few ideas for that. I also found two brown enamel baking pans, a small vintage sifter, and a glass and silver salt & pepper set for my collection.


silver plate coasters /

Silver coasters are always good for using in plate flowers, and the cement spreader will be a fun repurpose project.


Vintage dust pan /

I have a project in mind for the tin dust pan, and I always love to have wooden bits and pieces in my stash. I love the details on these legs.


Vintage baking pans /

I buy old crusty baking pans whenever I see them. I have a garden project in mind for this summer, but I need a bunch of them. The two candle holders are a faux rust, but I liked their shape.

The trowel will probably be used as a trowel. lol.


Vintage Glass Christmas Ornaments /

The metal collander will make an excellent planter, and I’m perfectly OK with spray painting this kind. I can’t bring myself to use or paint the vintage enamel beauties.

The silver plate candle holder centrepiece will be repurposed somehow, and these vintage Made in USA glass Christmas ornaments will probably be put in my Etsy shop eventually.


Vintage Silver Plate Trays /

I’m always looking for inexpensive silver plate pieces for garden plate flowers and wind chimes. These are perfect pieces for those projects.


Vintage baking pans /

More aluminum and tin baking pans, and a few more vintage glass ornaments.


Vintage baking pans /

More vintage baking items. The two rippled pans look like reflectors to me, but I guess they’re some kind of baking mold.


Vintage bread box /

Another vintage bread box for storage in my craft room. I have two completely different vintage bread boxes in there already.


Vintage wooden shelf and plant stand /

This very 70s looking shelf was just $2. It has such fun details, and is an excellent candidate for a makeover. I know the 70s was the decade of orange ,but it has got to go.

I fell in love with this vintage plant stand, and it was just $1.

Primitive Folk Art Fish Sign /

And last but not least… I landed a big one!

This 19″ hand made primitive looking folk art fish sign didn’t even put up a fight. It didn’t stand a chance with this thrifter anyway.

It has some age  to it because the nails that the twine is wrapped around are eternally rusted in place, but they’re not antique square heads.

Primitive Folk Art Gond Fishing sign /

Check out its red and, thankfully, toothless mouth. lol.

It’s as light as a feather so it’s probably carved out of balsa wood, or cedar maybe, but I’m certainly no expert.

Unfortunately it’s not signed so it’s probably not going to help my retirement fund, lol, but it’s still a pretty cool catch.

Thanks so much for reading, and until next time…

Keep on keepin’ on!

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  1. What's that you say?? Using a trowel as a……trowel??? Unheard of!!! (hehe) You really did make some great finds!!! Love those dustpans. Can't wait to see what you do with them!!! Dona

  2. Oh, that turquoise level is so me! Great group of supplies for future projects. $1 for the beautiful plant stand – WOW! The fish would look right at home near your pond.

  3. Great finds – especially that book shelf! Can never have too many of those!

  4. Fantastic haul, Tuula!! Love the bread box, planter, and gone fishing sign especially. You've got the touch!

  5. You got some great deals! That plant stand is fabulous…..for a dollar?!! The best catch though is the gone fishing sign. I love that! It reminds me of growing up at my grandfather's cottage at the 1,000 Islands! It's a keeper, right?

  6. Oh wow…you hit the jackpot! I love that sweet shelf and plant stand. I can see them with new paint jobs. I know you wil make some awesome things with the silver pieces and look forward to seeing them. Have a happy Thursday!

  7. Love the big fish sign, what a find. You did good with all your treasures. I found three old levels last weekend too. Thanks for sharing at Vintage Inspiration Party.

  8. You sure to have an act for finding some great finds.
    Those rippled pans I believe where used to make speciality breads/ regular breads in.
    Old baking pans are great for using as molds for making cement stepping stones or small planters just bby using one large and one smaller containers.
    Can't wait to see what all you do with some of them great items.
    Have a wonderful and enjoyable weekend

    1. Thanks Jean! I'm so glad there are thrift stores that help us to reuse things, and where I shop the money goes to charity so it's a big win win.

  9. You really made a haul. My favorite would have to be the plant stand! Thanks for sharing with SYC.