Finds of the Week #13

Happy Wednesday friends!

vintage pink cat

We had fun garage saling again last weekend, and I just couldn’t resist this vintage pink cat.

It reminds me of something I had as a little girl, and since none of my four cats are pink it was a must have for 50 cents.

I found some other cool things too.


vintage tea cups
Like these 3 colourful teacup and saucer sets.


red hobnail glass dish
This red hobnail glass dish is unmarked and has a few scratches on the bottom
 so it will probably find its way into a flower plate.


Passe bite grater set


This vintage grater/mincer set is marked Passe Vite Made in Belgiun. I have an idea for this.


vintage silver plate giraffe


Two weekends ago I left behind some vintage wooden screwdrivers at a garage sale and I
regretted it. The problem was the idea of what to do with them came to me later.
I grabbed these two this weekend along with a red and white enamel pot lid, a silver plate
giraffe ring holder, an Everlast hand forged aluminmn cup, and a silver baby cup.
vintage metal dish with elephant head feet


This grape cluster decorated dish has a good weight to it,
and the only mark on the bottom is the # 1029.
vintage metal dish with elephant head feet


It’s three feet are elephant heads. Very cool.
I’m not sure if it’s silver, silver plate, or maybe even pewter.
Have you ever seen feet like these before?
vintage candle holders


A copper dish, a tiny aluminum salt & pepper set, a silver plate dish,
a rusted candle holder, and a vintage beaded candle holder.


A pair of aluminum candle holders, a fluted and rippled glass dish,
a silver plate tray, and some brass music notes.
vintage metal candle sconces


This pair of large metal candle sconces are perfect for a makeover project.
I know just what I’m going to do with them.
brass and copper urn

I have no idea what this brass and copper urn is used for, but I love the combination of the two metals so I had to pick it up. The top comes off, and I think it would look pretty with some flowers in it.

brass and copper urn
It has some lovely verdegris, and the whole thing has a nice aged patina.


wooden high chair

And lastly, I rescued this wooden high chair from the dump. I saw it just sitting there all by itself and I just couldn’t leave it behind. I think it’ll look awesome in the garden after a makeover.

Speaking of the garden I’m having a giveaway on Friday so please come back to check it out. What am I giving away? I’m not telling. lol.

Thanks so much for reading and until next time…

Keep on keepin’ on!

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  1. Great finds! I found a giraffe ring holder like that a while back. Love the elephant legs on decorated dish.

    1. Thanks Liz! I'm trying to do some research on the elephant headed legged dish, but not having much luck. The giraffe ring holder is really sweet.

  2. Lots of great finds, but I love the pink cat! I have one somewhat like that one and it makes me smile when I look at it.

  3. You find the coolest stuff Tuula! I've never seen elephant heads as feet before, maybe it's worth something? My daughter loves to collect unique cat decor. I found her a tall skinny wooden cat similar to yours a few weeks ago. I can' wait to see what you do with the high chair. I've never thought to use one in the garden… a great idea! Sorry I'm behind on your posts… we just put down floors in the living room.. I thought I would die before we finished. A huge job but it's done! I'll be back Friday for sure 🙂

  4. I'm sure you'll come up a clever way to repurposed the grater set. Love all your finds, especially the pretty teacups and saucers. Thank you for sharing your treasures at Vintage Inspiration Party.

  5. Don't you just hate when you pass by something you knew you should have gotten? Fortunately you found more, which is amazing to me. I have never seen those. There are lots of times too that I buy something I think I am going to regret and it sells right away. Not going to try and figure any of it out! Great treasures! I love how you can look at something and know what to make out of it. Can't wait to see!

  6. Wow Tuula…you hit the jackpot again! I can't wait to see what you do with your new finds. Those teacups and saucers are so pretty. The cat is adorable! And, I love the idea to put the high chair in the garden. So cool! Have a great rest of the week…:)

  7. You urn is so pretty and that red bowl would look great as a garden flower. Good luck!

    1. Thanks Anny! I'm not sure what that urn is for, but I simply couldn't resist it. The red dish will definitely make it into a garden project.

  8. Lots of fun finds this week, Tuula. Love the handles on those screwdrivers, and those brass notes are just great. I think the brass and copper urn-like thingy will make a terrific vase. I just bought a small high chair and have it on my front stoop. As soon as June arrives I'm going to put a pot of flowers on it 🙂 Happy week-end to you!

    1. Thanks Diana! That's probably what I'll do with my high chair too, but I think mine needs a makeover. I really love old wooden handled tools, and I'm collecting them for a project. It was a real bummer that I left some vintage screwdrivers behind a while ago, but that's how it goes sometimes. I think our frosts are behind us now, so we're safe to start planting too. I hope you have a wonderful weekend too!

  9. Hi Tuula, I'm really interested to see what you do with the vintage tea cups. I have a few of my own and I've seen all sorts of crafts using them (bird feeders, etc.). You find the greatest "stuff"!

    1. Thanks Nitebyrd! Some of the teacups I find become bird feeders and I sell them in my etsy shop. The ones that are in perfect condition and more collectible I keep until I decide to sell them in my other etsy shop. I haven't decided what to do with these yet. They're so pretty, and I have to do some research before I decide. Maybe I should do a tutorial on how to make tea cup bird feeders.

  10. First, thanks for rescuing the high chair – it will look great in the garden. You found some wonderful metal pieces. The candle sconces are my favorite or maybe that bowl with the elephant heads or maybe ..I love everything!

  11. Tuula, glad you rescued the cute high chair! Love the copper thing also. I pinned cute snowmen out of screwdrivers, but haven't tried making any yet. Thanks for sharing with SYC.