Finds of the Week #14

Happy Wednesday friends!
This past weekend was very cold and we didn’t hit any garage sales at all, but I did find some great things at my favourite thrift store haunts.

Like a vintage silver plate teapot with matching creamer and sugar bowl. This is my favourite set that I’ve ever found and none of the pieces will be used for wind chimes.
Vintage Silver Plate Teapot Set

I’m still trying to figure out what the mark is on their bottoms. Each mark is worn in a different place, so I might be able to piece it together.

I’m hoping if I rub this teapot just the right way a genie will pop out and grant me three wishes. lol.

Now, hmmm, what would l I wish for? What would you wish for?


Vintage Silver Sugar Shakers

Here’s another vintage silver plate genie-like creamer. This one is marked Monarch Plate, and since it’s a single it’s free game for repurposing… unless I discover in my research that is has some real value.

I also found my first silver and glass sugar shakers. I can tell they’re sugar/flour shakers, and not salt and peppers, because of the way the holes are placed in the silver caps.

I also found a sweet set of white milk glass hobnail salt & peppers, and a black enamel plate. I love anything enamel.


Vintage Silver Plate Teapot Set

This silver plate teapot set has amazingly lovely tarnish, at least it looks that way to me. Aging is good right? So I keep telling myself. lol.

This set is marked Leonard, Silver Plate. I haven’t decided yet if these will make their way into chimes or be sold in my etsy shop. Until I decide I’ll just enjoy them.


Framed Paris Tapestry

And this framed picture of the Champs Elysees and the Arc de Triomphe in Paris is one of my favourite finds, and it was just $2.

When I fist saw it from a distance I thought it was needlepoint, but it’s actually a tapestry fabric. It’s professionally framed, but since the frame is a little beat up it’ll probably get a little makeover.

That’s it for this week. This Saturday is the annual village garage sale in a small town very close to where we live. It’s always great fun, and I’m hoping to find some treasures.

Thanks so much for reading and until next time…

Keep on keepin’ on!

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  1. Don't blame you a bit for not making the first set into anything else! The shapes are just lovely…and different…aren't they? And different is always good! Interesting, I follow 2 other blogs from Canada and they have both mentioned the cold weather you had last weekend! Small world, and getting smaller all the time! The way it's going, we could end up neighbors (hehe)! Dona

    1. lol! It definitely seems to be getting smaller Dona. I'll gladly be your neighbour if it means getting rid of our cold and snowy winters, or do you get winter too? lol.

    2. I must reply to this…..winters are typically highs in the 60's lows in the 40's. At the coldest. We have had freezes. But it lasts for 2 months, January and February. You simply cannot beat October through May in Phoenix. And if you crave the snow, just drive a couple hours to Flagstaff, and you've got it. Can't believe I'm saying good things about AZ……………

    3. Pheonix sounds pretty much like heaven to me. The one thing I don't think I would crave is snow, but maybe after a few, or many, years without it I might miss it. Then again probably not. lol.

  2. Love all of these treasures Tuula. Have fun at the garage sale sounds like a great treasure hunt. Have a great week.

  3. Great finds!! I haven't been to any sales lately but there is a church Flea market this weekend that i did so good at last year so I will be going to see what treasures I can find on Saturday…
    Thanks so much for stopping by and for taking the time to leave such a sweet comment!!


  4. Penny fantastic finds. They're all treasures. Can't wait to see what you grab this weekend


  5. Don't wish for a million bucks! Have you seen the Geico commercial with the play on that? Too funny! Great silver sets! Have fun at the village garage sale! I just went to a similar one and spent too much and still trying to get through listing everything. It's good fun though!

  6. Tuula, I know I say this all the time, I really need to join you on your thrift hunting!! These are gorgeous pieces, again.,,,lol I thank you for sharing all your finds and projects, I get so much inspiration…. Now to put it all into practice! Love ya' Patricia B

    1. Thanks Patricia! It always amazes me what I can find at the thrift stores around here. I never know what I'm going to discover next. It's a surprise every time I go.