Finds of the Week #16

This week I think I brought home the most unusual thing that I’ve ever found. It was in the Father’s Day section at my local thrift store. Not sure why.

I picked it up right away while I thought about whether or not I was going to buy it.

Vintage Union Metal Box

It wasn’t this fabulous green vintage metal box, although I’ve never seen one of these before in my neck of the thrifting woods.

Vintage Green Utility Box
As you can see it’s a Union Utility Box.
I’m not sure if there was originally a tray inside, but there isn’t in this one.


Vintage red enamel bowl

Even though I love them both it wasn’t this very large red-edged enamel bowl, or this bundt pan with its removeable centre.


Vintage Wm Rogers Silverware

It wasn’t even all this silverware that I found in the same Wm Rogers pattern. I’m usually finding odds and ends. This is forty forks and forty teaspoons… all matching. Yay!!

Every spoon and fork has a maple leaf on the back of the handle. I was told this is vintage Air Canada silverware.


Vintage Oneida Community Silverware

And it wasn’t the fact that I found even another set of silverware, 9 forks, 7 teaspoons, and 7 knives… all in the same Oneida Community Tudorplate pattern. Yay! Yay!

No, it wasn’t any of those things.

So… what was it?

It was Polly.
Polly who you ask?


Vintage Brass Parrot


Polly, the vintage life size brass and copper parrot. Not a very imaginative name I know, but it popped into my head as soon as I saw her so it stuck.

Have you ever seen such a thing? I sure haven’t.

While I was wandering around the thrift store I saw some customers looking quite curiously at me.

They were either jealous that I picked Polly up before them, or they were wondering who this crazy lady was walking around the store with a brass parrot dangling from her fingertips.

Probably the latter. lol.



Vintage Brass Parrot


When I did some research I discovered that there was a famous Mexican artist named Sergio Bustamante who made brass parrot sculptures very similar to this one in the 1960s. So Polly was most likely made the same decade I was.

Apparently Bustamante’s trademark was the twisted rope look of the brass circle.

She is unsigned, but some of them were.


Vintage Brass Parrot

There’s one very similar to Polly on ebay right now for $300, except it has some silver as well. It’s unsigned just like her. Signed ones, of course, go for significantly more.

But it’s also possible, and most probable, that she was made by someone else in the Bustamante style. Even so, she’s pretty cool and most definitely worth much more than I paid for her… even though she’s missing a toe. Probably some battle wound from her former life as a pirate companion. lol.

I picture her swinging on a lovely covered porch somewhere where it’s nice and warm all year long. She’s going to need a new home at some point, but I’m hanging onto her for a little while. Maybe just until winter, and then I’ll happily release her for her flight down south.

Thanks so much for reading and until next time…

Keep on keepin’ on!

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  1. wonderful finds once again.
    Love that parrot. Pretty awesome looking.
    That green union tackle box normally has a shelf connected to inside of the lid so when you open it, the shelf comes along with.
    Wonderful pieces of flatware. Gee; wonder what you're going to do with them. :}
    Have a wonderful and enjoyable weekend

  2. All great finds but the parrot, makes my heart goes pitter-patter!

    1. Thanks Beth! Polly is not only one of my most unusual finds, but also a favourite.

  3. Wow! A parrot! That certainly is an unusual find! No purple glassware, though? Next time, maybe! Dona

    1. Not yet Dona., but I assure you I haven't forgotten… I'm looking for it, and when I find it you'll be the first to know.

  4. Polly is amazing! I would have swooped her up for sure! Love the other great junk also (esp all that flatware…score) but Polly is the winner for sure!


    1. Yes indeed, lucky me. It always amazes me what can be found at thrift stores.

  5. Polly is awesome! Love how you did the research to find out all about Mr. Bustamente. 🙂
    Your description of the looks you were getting was great, too!

  6. I am amazed at the Polly sculpture no one had grabbed. The green utility toolbox is my favorite.

  7. Found a family 0f Ducks(3) and they too, were a combine of pewter and brass, a bit heavy, but cute!

  8. I think they were eyeing your brass parrot and wishing they go to it before you did. Great finds Tuula, love all that silverware. Thanks for sharing at Vintage Inspiration Party.

  9. Polly is definitely a fun conversation piece! Just keep some crackers handy. lol! Thanks for sharing your finds with SYC.

  10. Hey Tuula, I'm trying to catch up on all my emails…. I have to admit I keep your's for last cause I drool over all your wonderful finds!! Polly is just adorable!! I've also been looking for flatware sets, no luck yet. Now I don't know if there is just a difference between what you call a bundt cake pan in Canada, in the States we call it an angel food cake pan. Thanks again for sharing your treasure with us. Love ya' Patricia B

  11. Nice to hear from you again Patricia. I've been lucky finding silverware lately. Garage sale season helps. I rarely find more than a couple of pieces at a time in thrift stores. I think the pans are the same, just different names.