Finds of the Week #3

Happy Saturday Friends!
First of all, I’m not going to talk about how it’s been -30s (C) layer-every-piece-of-clothing-you-own-on-your-body kinda freezing here.
And I’m not going to talk about how my poor 2005 Ford Escape coughed and squealed yesterday when I started it, even though I had the block heater plugged in.
And because it just sounds crazy I’m not even going to mention how some days when I’m leaving work I have to scrape the frost off the inside of my car front window, causing itty-bitty frosted flakes to fly all over the dashboard, the seats… and me. lol. (It’s not a pretty picture.)
Nope, I’m so not going there. lol.
Instead I want to share some fabulous finds that I was lucky enough to bring home this week. A few goodies for my etsy shop, a few supplies for projects, and a few goodies for me.


Vintage Mantle Clock


Like this vintage resin grandfather-ish mantle clock. It’s about a 13″ tall and very heavy.
I haven’t decided if it’s getting a makeover or not. Any thoughts?

Vintage Salt and Peppers


I just put these 3 sets of vintage salt & peppers into my etsy shop.


Wall Sconce and Heart Baking Pan


Both of these are keepers. The wall candle sconce will be getting a makeover.




This sweet little 3D floral porcelain dish will be kept… for awhile anyway, It’s marked ESD Japan.
Silver Plate Dishes


Some small silver plate dishes for wind chimes.
I’m always on the look out for wind chime supplies.


Silver Plate Figurines


 I have this very same cat on my silver goblet wind chimes that I made a couple of years ago.
The swan may be destined for a wind chime too, and I love the silver baby bootie bank.
Wire Candle holder


This heavy wire candle holder is about a foot tall and mildly rusty.
I’m not sure if it’s staying as is or getting a bit of a makeover.


And finally I found a few large wall shelves to help me store some of my small etsy items. Now I can enjoy seeing them until they find their way to new homes. These shelves are in the process of their makeovers right now.

And last, but certainly not least, I just received my amazing ‘flower power’ messenger bag that I ordered from an etsy shop named Polyester & Trash. I just love that shop name.

I saw a post that Donna from Distressed Donna Down Home did here on Amanda and her etsy shop. I popped over to take a look and I saw this bag.

I swear I heard it calling to me.

T-u-u-u-u-u-l-a….  T-u-u-u-u-u-u-u-l-a…

How could I resist? Well, of course I couldn’t. I had to buy it.

Check out all the fabulous vintage florals all in this one bag. It’s so colourful and fun!


Amanda makes all of her bags from vintage fabrics, feed sacks, ties, and other cool things… like the vintage FTD floral badge on the front of my bag. She’s so talented!

I love that each bag is one of a kind. Which means no one in the world will have a bag like mine. It’s perfect for thrifting, day tripping, and for over nighting too.

Thanks so much Amanda! I love my funky floral bag! And thanks to Donna for introducing me to you and your shop.

You can check out Amanda’s shop Polyester & Trash by clicking here.

Thanks so much for reading.

Please forgive me if I haven’t been by for a visit this week. When not at work I’ve been pretty much hanging out and keeping warm in the family room by the wood stove with John and the cats.

My office/craft room only has an electric baseboard heater and I might as well start throwing money out the window if I try to keep the room warm for any length of time in these kinds of temps, and I have to say I really can’t stomach throwing money out the window. lol. I am a thrifty rebel after all.

Hope you have a great day!

Keep on keepin’ warm!


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  1. Great finds Tuula! I am excited to see what you do with the wind chime pieces. That large metal candle holder would be pretty lined with moss with an African Violet or other plant inside. Cute little shelves, and that little grandfater clock is a cutie. I think it would be too cute painted…white, or a bright and cheery color. I love painting those resin items like that…they take paint so beautifully. Your bag is adorable…I too went and checked out her shop the day Donna posted hers and rememeber this one. It screams Tuula! Love it! Have a beautiful weekend….in spite of the cold.

  2. Looks like you hit the mother lode this week, Tuula! I love the flowered porcelain dish! When I saw that, ideas began to spin in my head. It's so pretty! And that messenger bag is SO TUULA! I think I might have started a saying: It's SO TUULA! How cool is that? Stay warm, girlfriend!

  3. Again, you astound me with all the goodies you find! That flowered dish is my favorite. And you trekked through the freezing cold to do it! Perhaps it's time for a little visit south….say to Arizona? We are 'suffering' through temps in the 70's (F) and all the sunshine you can soak up! Take care and stay cozy! Dona

    1. Oh Dona… you're such a tease. 70s sounds pretty heavenly right now. I hope you don't 'suffer' too much. lol. There's not a lot that can stop me from getting to the thrift store. I think the old mailman/woman motto also works for thrifters. lol.

  4. Great finds as always Tuula and I think you should paint that clock pink! Love those messenger bags and the one you picked definitely screams YOU!

  5. Great and fun finds Tuula. You scored girl!!! Can't wait to see what you do with the silver chime pieces.

  6. Oh my, I am loving this post! First, I am the world's worst at making over things so I can't help you on the cute clock. I have had a thing for salt and pepper shakers and have thrifted a few lately. Yours are adorable. I had that 3D flower plate in my Etsy shop and it sold…it was a sad day! Can't wait to see your wind chimes from your new found items! I too saw the post on Amanda's purses at Donna's blog and ordered one. I just had to have the red, white and blue plaid purse with the huge Sun Ripe on the front. I had been looking for a red plaid or check purse and this one was calling my name too! I was a little shocked at the size of it when it arrived but I absolutely LOVE it! What a great shop Polyester and Trash is! Fun read!

  7. Tuuuuuula, Tuuuula – when I saw the floral bag, I knew it was meant for you. I agree with Danni – the clock needs to be pink. FROST on the inside of your car!?! I feel like such a wimp complaining about my cold above freezing weather. I see several beautiful wind chimes coming. Which is much better than seeing dead people.

  8. Love the clock, the cat ring holder! the purse was definitely calling your name! and how perfect you found the trays for your wind chimes. I say keep that door closed and snuggle by the wood stove! It's cold and rainy here today. I'm snuggling by a space heater… doesn't have the same ring as wood stove 🙁