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Today I’m sharing some Feedburner tips that I just discovered. Many of my followers are also bloggers… so when I have some tips that may help some, or even one, of my fellow bloggers I want to share them.Did you know that there are some default options in Feedburner that you can easily change? Until recently I didn’t.

When I first started blogging I took out an email subscription to my own blog just so I would be aware if something wasn’t working properly, but I never went into Feedburner to see what options were available to me if any.

After going into Feedburner and looking around I saw that there were a few things that I could change that I think makes Feedburner work better for me now. These changes are sooo easy that anyone can make them.


Personalize your Feedburner Activation Email Message

Feedburner has a default message with the activation email which is just fine, but I decided to personalize it just a bit. Here’s how to do that.

1) Sign into Feedburner
2) Click on your blog name
3) Left click on the Publicize heading
4) Left click on Email Subscriptions
5) Left click on Communications Preferences
6) Here you can change the subject line or the body text of your activation email. If changing the body text just make sure not to remove the link. There are instructions directly below also.

I made a few minor changes to the text before the confirm link that, hopefully, make new subscribers feel welcome. I’m very grateful for every single reader that I have and this is my opportunity to let them know that.  Then I signed it at the bottom with my first name and my blog name.


Change Your Email Delivery Time

I went back into my own blog emails and checked the delivery time and it was always sometime just after midnight. It seems Feedburner set a default delivery time of 11pm to 1am to my posts.

Because I usually post in the early morning this means most of my subscribers, except for the night owls, weren’t seeing my blog emails until the next morning.

But this can be easily changed.1) Sign into Feedburner
2) Click on your blog name
3) Left click on the Publicize heading
4) Left click on Email Subscriptions
5) Left click on Delivery Options
6) Choose the time and time zone of your choice.I chose the first time frame available, which is 7am to 9am. This is what I feel works for me, but different time frames may work better for different bloggers. Now I schedule my posts to publish in the wee hours of the morning, and my email subscribers receive it that same morning.Change Your Email Subject Line

When I looked at my blog emails I noticed that the email subject line was always my blog name. This means that when my blog post email arrives in my subscribers email box it says it’s from The Thrifty Rebel, with the subject being The Thrifty Rebel.There is an easy way to change this… so that the subject line is the title of the post that is being emailed. All you have to do is this.

1) Sign into Feedburner
2) Click on your blog name
3) Left click on the Publicize heading
4) Left click on Email Subscriptions
5) Left click on Email Branding
6) In the email Subject/Title box type ${latestItemTitle}
(You’ll see there’s a hint there suggesting to do this also.

Now when my emails arrive the subject line is automatically the title of my post so my subscribers immediately know what my post is about.

I hope you found these Feedburner tips helpful. If you have any questions I’m happy to help any way I can.

Have a great day!



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  1. Tuula, thanks so much for these tips. I am headed over right now to apply what I've learned. Have a sweet Monday! Wanda

  2. Great info Tuula! Some who have linky parties need to know this concerning when their emails are posted. I get notices to a lot of parties well after they've started and kept wondering why they were so late. Now I know and maybe they weren't aware of the delivery time frame involved. Thanks so much!

  3. I had NO idea. I, shamefully, didn't even know what feedburner was. My goodness. I obviously have a lot to learn. Thanks for taking the time to fill us all in. Off to check it out and see what my settings are doing for me 🙂

  4. Thank you so much!! I am going to make the changes now!

  5. You must have been reading my mind because I was just about to Google this! Thank you so much…I already changed the time my email will be sent! I will also post this to my facebook page and add it to My Favorite Blogging Resources post.
    Thanks again!
    Krafty Cards etc.

  6. I also had no idea you could make these changes! Thanks so much for pointing this out and for the tips.

    If you have a minute to spare I'd be thrilled if you could share this at my say G'day linky party which is on now. This would be a great addition!

    Best wishes and many thanks again!
    Natasha in Oz

  7. Oh wow, I could use some time to go through this list to make sure I've covered everything. Thanks!

  8. Oh thank you Tuula, I have no idea what I am doing email wise, I didn' t know you could change it up, thanks for sharing xo

  9. What a great post Tuula – now if only I knew what feedburner was ( totally blonde I tell ya )

  10. Had no idea you could do all this with Feedburner! Thanks for the awesome tips! Pinning! Thanks for linking up to Give Me The Goods Monday! Can't wait to see what you bring next week! Jenna @ Rain on a Tin Roof

  11. VERY Helpful. I did not know this. Thank you for sharing!

    Thank you for partying with the Wildly Original Crowd.
    <3 Christina at I Gotta Create!

  12. Thanks for the awesome tips! I need to check my setting right now. Just pinned this one, too! 🙂 Thanks so much for sharing at A Bouquet of Talent.

  13. I have been trying to figure out how to have the title in my subject line for quite some time now!!!

    Thank you, thank you:)


  14. I'm trying to make it so that feedburner will send the entire post except for my recipe at the end…is there a way to make feedburner do this?

    1. Hi Anjali:
      As far as I know that's something you would do when you're writing your post in blogger. You'll see in the menu an icon that looks like a torn piece of paper. This icon is used to insert a jump break into a post. You can insert this jump break anywhere in a post and feedburner will just deliver up to the jump break. Before using the jump break you have to go into your settings on your dashboard, click on other, and beside allow blog feed there's an arrow to click on… choose until jump break. Hit save, and you're done. Now whenever you insert a jump break into a post feedburner will only delivery up to that point. Hope this helps.
      Thanks for stopping by!
      Tuula 🙂

  15. These are good tips Tuula. I knew about the time, but was wondering how to fix the subject line of the email. Your blog is a fun place to visit with lots of variety. I found you through Stephanie's guest post on letter writing. ~ Abby