Guest Post – Mel from Mellywood’s Mansion

Happy Thursday everyone!

Today I have a real treat for you… my first guest poster… the marvelous Mel from Mellywood’s Mansion. It’s so great to have her here today, sharing one of her fabulous projects.

It’s all yours Mel.



Hey there Thrifty Rebels,

I’m Mel from Mellywood’s Mansion and I am so happy to be here today sharing a little Easter fun. If you stick with me I’m also going to solve one of the greatest mysteries in time – I promise!


So I was a little unsure what to do for this post, so I got out my most rebellious shoes and got thinking.


I decided on an Easter theme. I love Easter but I hate that my 5 kids end up sick from eating far too many chocolates, so I thought I would give them something to do and made a Tic Tac Toe board.





Hot Glue
Game Pieces
Buttons (Optional)

I started by hot gluing the fabric down, then added the ribbons.


I thought it lacked something so I added some decorative buttons to the corners.

For the game pieces I used some eggs and chicks I found at our local cheap store.


Then I was shocked when my almost 15 year old son decided that he wanted to play with me. I wasn’t sure if he would understand the concept of a game without a screen…but he got there, bless him!


As I promised earlier, I now have the answer to the age old question, “what comes first the chicken or the egg?” As you can see diagonally across, it’s the chicken!.
Thanks for having me Tuula, I have loved putting on my rebel shoes (those are actually my favorite shoes).
You guys are welcome at the mansion anytime, where you’ll see such delights as
Thanks for reading,
Mel xo
That Tic Tac Toe board is adorable Mel. Love the fresh spring colours! Thanks so much for getting out your rebellious pink shoes and visiting today. I would soooo wear those.
If you don’t already know Mel you should definitely pop over and visit the Mansion.  Her blog is one of my faves, and she’s one of the nicest bloggers you could ever hope to meet. You’ll see a lot of great projects, and get a few chuckles along the way. What could be better? 🙂

Thanks again Mel!



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  1. Mel is one of my favorite bloggers and she did a fabulous job here creating this cute Easter Tic Tac Toe board!

  2. Great idea, Mel! You are just so creative. BTW Mel is one of the sweetest bloggers and people around. Her projects are fun and she's always leaving such kind comments.

  3. What a fabulous idea Mel – and those shoes?
    I NEED TO HAVE HAVE THEM!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. One of my daughters couldn't have refined sugar and Easter was always a challenge. This is a great idea! You couldn't have picked a better first guest than Mel. She of the ROCKIN' boots!

  5. Mel! This is another great idea- you're always coming up with some delightful projects. 🙂 Oh, and love your boots!

  6. I know Mel's place. One of my faves!

    I love the boots, and the project, and hurrah for the teen playing too. 🙂

    You know, I KNEW the chicken had to come first. 😉

  7. This is adorable, the chickies are so cute!! Not only do the pinks boots rock, but you have a wardrobe match anytime you play Easter Tic Tac Toe = AWESOME!!