How to Make a Hanging Teacup Bird Feeder

 Last week when I posted my staked teacup bird feeder I promised a few readers who emailed me that I would share another version… so here it is. An easy to make hanging teacup bird feeder.


How to make a hanging teacup bird feeder

How to Make a Hanging Teacup Bird Feeder
Find a thrifted teacup and saucer set that you love.

Hold the teacup in a natural way letting gravity show you where it needs to be so that it hangs nicely.

Then lower onto the saucer. This is how it should be glued onto the saucer.


Place a line of glue down the side of the teacup directly opposite the handle.

I use a piece of painters tape to help guide me. My line was still a little crooked… ummm… maybe a lot crooked, lol, but it doesn’t really matter.

Like last week’s bird feeder you can use Marine Goop adhesive, which is available at big box home improvement and department stores. I’ve also heard that E6000 works well, but I’ve never used it myself.


Place the teacup on to the saucer. Where the teacup goes on the saucer totally depends on the shape of the teacup and how it fits onto the saucer.

This ones fits nicely inside the saucer.


Use painters tape to hold the teacup in place, making sure that the handle is sticking straight up.


Once the teacup is where you want it, apply painters tape right across the top of the teacup over the handle as shown in the above pic.

It’s important that it stay in place while the glue cures. This one wasn’t ready by posting time.


Repurposed Teacup and Saucer Bird Feeder
So here’s one that I made two years ago, but never posted, hanging in the garden from a shepherd’s hook.

I just used a vintage necklace that’s been waiting for a wind chime project.


Hanging Teacup Bird Feeder

Because of the shape of this teacup it had to be glued onto the saucer in a different way than the one I used for the demo.

The bottom rim of this teacup fits perfectly on the edge of the saucer… so that’s how I glued it.


Easy DIY Teacup Bird Feeder

The nice thing about this style of teacup bird feeder is that if you use a teacup with a beautiful interior like this one it will still be visible when filled with bird seed.

How to Make a Hanging Teacup Bird Feeder

This version can also be staked like last week’s teacup bird feeder if preferred to hanging.

This bird feeder is perfect for gardens frequented by smaller feathered friends. As long as there are no crash landings there shouldn’t be too much spillage.


Don’t forget to pin it!

How to make a hanging teacup bird feeder

Thanks so much for reading, and until next time…

keep on keepin’ on!
Here are a few other teacup projects in case you missed them.

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  1. Very cool…and easy! The bonus is, now you can see the pretty inside of the cup! Thanks, girl!! Love this idea. The box isn't mailed yet, I'll let you know when it is so you can watch for it! Dona

    1. Thanks Dona! I swear I could put out 100 bird feeders and it wouldn't be enough. Our birds are quite voracious. lol. I'll be keeping my eyes peeled.

  2. Love the idea, but I have searched for ages in all the thrift stores in my area for tea cups, but they are scarce as hens teeth! Can't even find them in stores anymore unless they are in expensive gift shops or dept. stores. I need to shop in your area I guess, yours are beautiful.
    I like to find them and put small plants in them to give as little gifts. Last time I found any was 2 summers ago at a yard sale.

    1. Wow! That's so strange to me. Here the most I have to pay usually is $3 and that has to be for a pretty special teacup and saucer for me to pay that much. Usually it's $1. I'm in the country boonies so that might make the difference. Here everything is scarcer and more expensive in the cities. I love the look of plants in teacups. It's just so charming. I hope you find some.

    2. Ruth Ann Burke says:

      I have the same problem. But I have found cute cup and saucers at the Dollar Tree. Not as pretty as the older tea cups, but serves the same purpose.

  3. OMG… so cute Tuula! I see old cups and saucers all the time when I'm thrifting but I don't get them because a) I'm not a cup and saucer type of girl and b) I don't think they would sell in my booth as is… but as a bird feeder?! Oh, I'm definitely going to have to try and make a couple for my booth just to see!


  4. So cute Tuula. I love this idea. How cute these would be for a shower favor too. I am pinning this.
    Have a great week.

  5. These are so adorable and I agree with Ronny about not being able to find decent tea cups and saucers in the thrift stores in this area. I've been looking for a while to make a project I have in mind. In fact, I guess it has become big business for flea market vendors to swoop in and capture items like these. My community recently had a yard sale and most of the shoppers were people in cars already filled with goodies from other yard sales. And they were a bit aggressive in getting what they wanted.

  6. So stinkin' cute! I see a project in my future! Thanks for sharing the tutorial. Have a lovely weekend. 🙂

  7. Very cute! I love, too, that you used a pretty necklace as a hanging chain. Also, I love your shepherd's hook; very unique.

    1. Thanks Sheila! That shepherd's hook has helped out with several projects over the years. I love to use excess jewelry in projects. I find so many inexpensive pieces at the thrift stores.

  8. Tuula, I have been going to do this for a couple years now. Love yours and the tips are great! Love the use of the necklace as well! Thanks for sharing with SYC.

  9. You make the coolest things Tuula. I love the idea of using a necklace for a hanger.

  10. Too darn adorable and dainty! Great directions, Tuula. This would make such a cute gift…I just thought of someone I know who would love this!!!

  11. Tuula,

    I’ve made a lot of china stuff, but never one of these bird feeders… I need to find a teacup and saucer.

    I’m sharing on facebook and pinning! Beautiful job!


    1. Thanks so much Gail! I’m happy to say that the one I made two years ago is still in my garden. Thanks for pinning and sharing.

  12. Hi love this. How do you keep it balanced

    1. Thanks Shani! It’s all in the placement of the teacup. It’s very important to glue it where it would naturally lay on the saucer. If it’s not right, it will be wonky when it hangs.

  13. Ive made 2 of these adorable feeders but have a problem with it being on an angle when i hang it. The feed doesn’t stay in well. Any suggestions. Also my birders are looking for a roost to sit on while they eat. Guess they’re used to my other feeders. I appreciate any feedback.

    1. Hi Jeanne, it is important to get the angle just right or the whole thing won’t hang right and the feed with fall out. If hanging it isn’t working you could try gluing a copper cap onto the bottom and sitting it on a pipe of some kind.

  14. Would it work to spray some type of sealer over the teacup and saucer to keep color and finish from fading due to weather?

    1. I’m not sure Debra about whether or not that would help the teacup and saucer last, but I don’t think that would be good for the birds. For me, I just get a new teacup and saucer at a thrift store when I need to replace them. 🙂

  15. Helen Vaughn says:

    Just love your sight! Good instructions and all easy to find thrifty. Thank you.