Reversible Heart Baking Pan Wreath

I’m excited to show you the heart baking pan wreath that I made for Valentine’s Day.

I’m not really sure if I can call this a wreath though, but because I don’t know what else to call it I’m totally going with that.

Valentines Day will be here before we know it, and even though I don’t do a lot for it I do love hearts.

I know red is the usual colour for V-Day projects, but I think pink is pretty perfect too.

How to make a reversible baking pan heart wreath

Heart Baking Pan Wreath
All I needed for this project was a $1 thrifted vintage heart baking pan, a bunch of wine corks that I’ve been saving for years ( I never throw a wine cork away), and fuschia, light pink and cream coloured beading from my Christmas supplies.
Heart Baking Pan Wreath
I started on the bottom of the pan.

Adding garland to bottom of baking pan

Heart Baking Pan Wreath
Using my hot glue gun I simply glued the beading onto the pan from the outside in starting with the cream and then the light pink.
Heart Baking Pan Wreath
Finishing off with the fuschia in the middle. This was so easy, and probably took me about 15 minutes tops.

Adding corks inside of heart baking pan

Heart Baking Pan Wreath
Then I turned the baking pan over and stuffed it full of wine corks, as tight as I could get them, making sure they were all at about the same height.
Because they were so snug I didn’t even have to glue them in.

Painting the corks with ombre look

Heart Baking Pan Wreath
I grabbed some acrylic paints in different pinks and a fuschia-like red and lightly brushed the tops of the corks, blending a little as I went to give it an ombre sort of look.
Again, this side was super easy and only took about 10 or 15 minutes.

Hanging my reversible baking pan heart wreath

Heart Baking Pan Wreath
And here’s the beaded side hanging on my rustic framed chicken wire that held my vintage ornament tree at Christmas.
I added a burgundy millinery flower at the top and hung it with a simple wire ornament hanger
Heart Baking Pan Wreath
And here’s the cork side.
To hang this side up I glued a small piece of ribbon at the top of the baking pan, and I added a burgundy millinery flower at the top.
Heart Baking Pan Wreath

Which side do you like best?

I can’t decide, but I love that I can simply reverse it whenever the mood strikes me… like maybe every day. lol.

And if I ever want to take it apart that will be so easy to do.
The corks will just pop out, and the beading and millinery flowers can just be pulled off.
The hot glue holds on to the pan well, but it comes off quite nicely if needed.
I hope I’ve inspired you to get your pink on for Valentine’s Day.

Thanks so much for reading, and until next time…

keep on keepin’ on!


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Vintage Baking Pan Heart Wreath

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  1. So cute! I love the fact that it is reversible…Very versatile… I adore that chicken wire frame too….I may have to do that this summer…. Thanks so much for sharing.

  2. Wow! I love this!! But now I want to kick my own behind because I had a pair of these pans that had been my mom's and I got rid of them years ago…..before I learned about blogs!!! But I do have a heart shaped spring form pan that was hers……..I just might have to copy you, girl!!! Great job! Dona

    1. Thanks Dona! I see these pans a lot at the thrift stores for $1 in my neck of the woods, but a spring form version would probably work just fine. Copy away!

  3. Way to go on the dual-duty wreath! I can't believe those corks fit in and stayed without glue. I love both sides but probably the cork is my favorite. (Just because I know you drank a lot of yummy wine to make that happen! LOL!

  4. You. Are. Amazing! Tuula, this is wonderful and looks so pretty on your chicken wire frame. Thanks for the inspiration. Happy Monday!

  5. Hi Tuula, wow you are so talented and creative. I love them and they look so pretty. Have a nice day and week.

  6. So cute. I like that you can have both……see you can have your cake and eat it!!

  7. Oh, aren't you the clever one. What a neat and pretty idea and a great addition to your color decor

  8. I just made a similar cork heart! It will post on my site on Thursday~ what a great idea to use a pan and make it reversable~love your frame too, very cool!

  9. Sooooo cute Tuula. I think I like the bead side… no wait… I like the cork side… no the bead… no the cork…
    Only YOU could come up with a reversible wreath in a vintage cake pan. LOVE them both.

  10. That's very cute! What a great idea! 🙂
    ~Katie@ liliesofgrace.blogspot.com

  11. Aren't you just Mrs. Creative! That is adorable Tuula! And it looks like it was made to go in that spot! Love it! Have a great rest of the week….Vicky

  12. Two creative Valentine ideas and both are so pretty hanging on your wall!! I think pink is the word for Valentine's, for sure!!

  13. Such a cute idea! I love that you can reverse it to fit your mood.
    Yikes, is valentines almost here?! Thanks for the inspiration.

  14. Tuula, both are super cute! I really can't choose just one. lol! I made a wine cork heart last year. Just pulled it out today.; I glittered the tops of my corks. It was super fun also. I like yours in the pan! Thanks for sharing with SYC.

  15. Oh my, that’s a hard choice…I like both sides. Maaybe, the cork one slightly better, but love both and love that it’s reversible.

    1. Tuula McPhee says:

      Thanks Florence! This was a fun project to make, and I still can’t decide what side I like best.

  16. LINDA N. SCHRADER says:

    Both of your projects are great.
    I could be your shadow…I’m recovering from Bronchitis & have a thing for making lists. What ever I do, I make a list. I think they make me feel more organized.

    1. Thanks so much Linda, and I totally agree with you about lists. They help me stay sane. lol. I hope you feel better soon. 🙂

  17. Rebecca Payne says:

    What a great Idea. Love it. Keep on sharing.