How to Create Repurposed Beer Cap Flowers

DIY Repurposed Beer Cap Flowers

If you’re someone, or you know someone, who enjoys drinking beer then these beer cap flowers are a fun and easy project for you to repurpose some of those beer caps.

DIY repurposed beer cap flowers

I’m not a beer drinker, but my hubby does enjoy a Bud or two here and there.

So I’ve been saving the beer caps for quite a while now, hoping to use them one day in a repurposing project.

bunch of beer caps for repurposed flower project

This flower project came together very organically.

I was playing with some of the beer caps in my craft studio one afternoon, and it just sort of happened.

Playing is often the best way for ideas to magically reveal themselves.

These repurposed jello mold flowers, and these plastic ball flowers were both pretty much created that very same way.

Spray painting the beer caps

spray painting bottoms of beer caps yellow

The first thing I did was spray paint the insides of the beer cap lids yellow.

You’ll see why I did that later.

spray painting tops of beer caps pink, purple, and blue

When they were dry, I turned them over and spray painted the tops.

You could, of course, leave the beer caps natural if that’s what you love.

But I wanted mine to be fun and colorful.

Assembling the beer cap flowers

cutting beer caps so they can easily be flattened

I needed something to hold the beer cap flowers together so rather than trying to find something I decided just to use some of the beer caps.

I cut into three caps ever so slightly with regular scissors.

The beer cap edges are sharp once they’re cut so be very careful or wear gloves.

beer caps after being flattened with a hammer

Then I flattened them with a hammer.

I tried to flatten the caps without cutting them first but that doesn’t give you a nice round and flat cap.

bending repurposed beer caps into DIY flower petal shapes to create bottle cap flowers

To create the flowers, I bent the beer caps into petal shapes with my fingers.

This is pretty easily done by using the thumb and forefinger of both hands.

purple spray painted repurposed beer caps flower

The flattened beer cap was placed top down on the bottom, and with some E6000 glue I glued a faux rhinestone bracelet piece in the center and the beer cap petals around that.

It was a little finicky getting the petals to stay in place, but the glue gives you time to work. Once I had all the petals down they supported each other.

If needed some painter’s tape could be used to hold them in place until the glue is cured.

When the petals are all in place you can’t really see the flattened beer cap bottom.

I let the flower set where it was for a day.

bottom of beer cap petals glued onto flattened beer cap

Once the flower was set, I turned it over and added glue around the flattened beer cap bottom for extra strength.

Then I let the flower cure for another day.

pink spray painted repurposed beer bottle cap flowers

This pink beer cap flower has a pale pink bracelet part as its center.

The yellow insides add some interest to the beer cap flower petals.

blue spray painted repurposed beer cap flowers

And this blue one has a purply/pink bracelet part from that same bracelet as its center.

Supplies needed for these beer cap flowers

  • beer caps
  • spray paint
  • jewelry bits for flower centers
  • scissors
  • hammer
  • E6000 glue

DIY repurposed beer cap flowers

These flowers remind me of vibrant colorful Gerbera Daisies, which I love.

But different colors could be used for different flowers. Yellow for Brown-Eyed Susans, white for Shasta Daisies, red for Poinsettias, etc.

You can mix or match the inside and outside colors to come up with whatever flower look you love. The possibilities are pretty endless.

These beer bottle cap flowers are a fun and easy project and it’s a great way to repurpose something that would normally just be tossed.

I haven’t decided how to use my flowers yet, but I’m going to make a few more before I make up my mind.

Here are 10 ideas for how to use these beer cap flowers.

  • Glue on a magnet and use them on the fridge
  • Glue on a brooch back and wear
  • Glue onto a hair barrette
  • Christmas ornaments
  • Glue them onto a wreath
  • Glue on skewer stems and place them in a vase.
  • Create a wall bouquet sign
  • Glue metal skewers as stems and place them in the garden, or in planters
  • Decorative curtain tiebacks
  • A fun decorative touch on a frame or a mirror

What do you think of my ideas for these flowers?

Do you have any ideas to add?

I would greatly appreciate it if you would pin this project to your favorite Pinterest board and also share it with your friends.

How to make easy and fun DIY repurposed beer cap flowers and 10 Ideas for using them

And I have to say a big thank you to my hubby for his beer cap contributions to this project. He’s my best Bud. lol.

Thanks so much for reading and until next time,

keep on keepin’ on!


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  1. Amy Davis says:

    Oh, I love these! They turned out great! This is another one I would have never thought about doing with beer caps! Thank you for sharing!

  2. Recycle,and repurpose to the max. Your “playing around” with the beer bottle caps is amazing. You are definitely crafty. Thanks for sharing

  3. Rebecca Payne says:

    So cute and cleaver. Thank you for sharing.

  4. Rebecca Ostroy says:

    Wow, Tuula! I love these … almost enough to start drinking beer. Great job & very creative.

  5. MaryEllen says:

    These are beautiful! They could almost be a used as a statement piece of jewelry! So clever!

  6. Love this! You are so creative! Now I need to find some beer caps!

    1. Vicki A. Thames says:

      A local bar would probably be happy to give you some!

  7. I’ve played around with bottle caps before, but NEVER thought of bending them for the petals!!! See? This is why we need you! You put the icing on the cake!! Thanks again…….

  8. Diana Speraw says:

    While visiting Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills, CA in the early 1990’s, My friend purchased a leather belt with a collection of beer tops that decorated the belt. They were a variety of different colors and designs placed solidly on the belt. The belt was a 2″ wide strip of leather approx. 10″ long and joined by a metal ring to another 10″ long leather piece. She loved the unique look of this special find and how cool it looked on flung around your hips over a dress or tunic, or picture cool jeans with a gauzy blouse. Btw, I have a nice collection of beer tops of mostly local craft beer companies. I better start on those flowers now and I think I may make a belt…to be cool, of course!

  9. Love what you e done with the beer top flowers. I’m trying to make my own but I’m having trouble getting the paint to stay on. Suggestion?

    1. Thanks Elaine, I had no trouble with the paint staying on my beer caps. It’s important to use a paint and primer spray paint combo rather than just paint. And make sure your caps are super clean before painting. I hope these suggestions help.