Copper Platter Chalkboard Sign Door Chimes

Well that post title is quite the mouthful. Try saying that ten times in a row… fast. lol. I tried, and I can’t. lol.

How to make a chalkboard silverware wind chime

Today’s project idea came out of my Thrifted Finds Challenge #1 post from last Friday, when I showed you some recently thrifted finds, and I was supposed to choose one project to do. Well, to be honest, I had a hard time deciding what I wanted to do with what.

I let it just sit in the back of my mind all day, and Friday night I finally made up my mind that I couldn’t make up my mind. lol. So I had to do two projects… one with the copper platter that I’ll show you today, and one with the vintage baking pan set that I’ll show you later this week.

Here’s the vintage copper platter for this project. It has a label on the back that reads Coppercraft Guild, Taunton, Mass. It measures about 12″ long by 6″ wide.


Copper Platter Chalkboard Sign Door Chimes

I decided that I wanted to make a chalkboard sign, but I also wanted it to be something more than that. But what?

Whenever I’m looking for inspiration I just start rummaging through my different stashes to see what sparks an idea. When I came across my ready supply of flattened vintage silverware spoons that I use to make wind chimes… I knew.

Then I needed something to decorate the spoons, and I really like the contrast of rustic with shiny so I chose some jute twine.


Copper Platter Chalkboard Sign Door Chimes

I drilled holes into the tops of the spoons, tied some of the jute twine around their necks… finishing with little bows.

Then I pulled the twine through the holes and tied it in double knots at the backs of the spoons.


Copper Platter Chalkboard Sign Door Chimes

After measuring where I wanted my spoons to hang from and spacing them out as evenly as I could, I marked the spots with marker and then drilled the holes into the copper platter.


Copper Platter Chalkboard Sign Door Chimes

I followed the outside shape of the platter with painter’s tape as best I could before spraying with chalkboard paint in my cardboard spray painting booth. I gave it three light coats, following the directions.


Copper Platter Chalkboard Sign Door Chimes

Then I decided that I needed to frame the chalkboard area with a jute braid, so I cut three 3′ pieces of the twine, attached one end of the three pieces onto a piece of wood with tape, and then braided the entire length.

This was kinda fun… I haven’t braided anything in years.

Copper Platter Chalkboard Sign Door Chimes

Then I hand stamped the spoons, each with one letter, so they spelled the word welcome… going over the letters after with a permanent marker so they stood out a little more.

I poked the jute twine through for each spoon, and tied a double knot behind the platter to secure.


Copper Platter Chalkboard Sign Door Chimes

Then I hot glued the jute braid around the chalkboard area, attached a pop up lid pull as a hanger to the back with Marine Goop, and my door chime was finished.

I like to leave chalkboard paint to cure for several days before I write on it, so Picasa helped me out with the writing.


Copper Platter Chalkboard Sign Door Chimes

Saturday was a grey and rainy day, so my pics for some of the steps for this project didn’t turn out because they were taken inside in crappy light.

I have another hand stamping spoons project coming up soon so I’ll be doing a full tutorial then… I promise… including how to flatten, drill, and stamp them.

Here’s a close up of the spoons.


Copper Platter Chalkboard Sign Door Chimes

Because of the jute twine in this project, this chime is meant to be hung indoors, or on a door that has a screen door for protection. I took it outside on Sunday afternoon to get better photos because it was such a gorgeous day. Quite the contrast to Saturday!


Copper Platter Chalkboard Sign Door Chimes

What I love about the chalkboard is that the message can be changed for any occasion. No matter what the message, the spoons will always say welcome.

The nice thing about hanging them on a door is that they make such a pretty sound every time the door is used.


Copper Platter Chalkboard Sign Door Chimes

Or they could be hung outside as well on a covered deck, pergola etc. Wherever they hand they’ll make a lovely sound.


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How to make a chalkboard silverware wind chime Have an awesome day, and thanks so much for reading.



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  1. Wow!!! This is so beautiful, Tuula! I think it's the best of your wind chimes, so far! The mixture of chalkboard and copper is absolutely gorgeous! And the combination with spoons is so creative. I knew you would come up with something that's stunning!

  2. Very very pretty! I adore the look of chalkboards and what a great idea to add the spoon chimes. Another great idea Tuula. I just followed you by email so I wouldn't miss any of your projects. Have a happy week friend!

  3. Tuula this is awesome! You are as famous for your great windchimes as you are for your amazing wreaths! Way to go girl!!

  4. Tuula… I love it . YOUR so talented girl !! OMGOODNESS ..Christmas in your family I am sure its awesome. YOUR a crafty girl ..LOVE IT

  5. I agree with Gail. I think this is # ! in the door chime department. I was going to ask about metal stamping, but I read you are posting a tutorial so I will wait and read. This is so lovely. It would be great hanging on the inside of my back door.

  6. Wow this is so very creative and clever. I love, love, love it!!!! I can't wait for the tutorial on metal stamping!!


  7. I love this! The copper is so pretty and I love the flattened spoons with it. You are so creative…:) Thanks for the shour out about the exchange! I am looking forward to it….:) Blessings, Vicky
    Life On Willie Mae Lane

  8. Hello, I am a relatively new follower. I couldn't wait to see what you did with your challenge. I love it!! Too cute and versatile too. Clever girl!

  9. I love this Tuula – so unique! I bet it's a conversation starter at your gatherings. It caught my eye over at the A Stroll Thru Life Party.

  10. just gorgeous! i love the contrast between the chalk board and the copper. I am very interested in learning more about stamping metal. Can't wait for that post.

  11. This is beautiful! I can see one hanging on my front door. Thanks for always sharing such cool ideas with us at TTF!

  12. Oh that is so adorable and so versatile to use for so many different events. Very cool!
    Patty at Home and Lifestyle Design

  13. Wow, it's just gorgeous. Copper is one of my favorites, but I love the mix of metals. It's so unique, as your projects always are. Stopping by from Mellywood's, pinned ~ Amy

  14. I soooo love this! Really, one of the best silverware projects I've seen! ox
    Thanks for linking up to Twirl & Take a Bow!

  15. Ok so I have to tell you I love that copper tray and was thinking Nooooo don’t drill holes in that lol. It’s so pretty but your wind chime is beautiful!

    1. Tuula McPhee says:

      Thanks Debra! It really didn’t hurt too much. lol.

  16. Darlene Lockrem says:

    I love this idea & it is so pretty. In the next couple of days (after I get rid of the flu), I’m going to hit my second hand store & see if I can pick up the pieces (tray & spoons) to begin making this project for my front door. Again “it’s beautiful) and thank you for sharing.

    1. Tuula McPhee says:

      You’re welcome Darlene. I’m sorry to hear that you have the flu. I hope you feel better soon so you can go thrift shopping and find yourself a tray and some spoons. 🙂