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How to Make a Chicken Wire Inspiration Board

This weekend I was busy working on another project for my craft room October Overhaul makeover. Another one down and only a few more to go. Yay! I’m starting to see the light at the end of this decorating tunnel. lol.
I’m always seeing picture frames for sale at reasonable prices, so if I see one I love I’ll pick it up even if I don’t know what I’m going to do with it. I know I’ll think of something eventually. Correction… I hope I’ll think of something. lol.
Picture frames can be used in so many ways, and I rarely buy them for what they’re framing at the time. So I used one of these frames for another piece of my craft room makeover… a chicken wire fabric-backed inspiration board. Here’s a sneak peak of the finished project.
How to Make a Chicken Wire Inspiration Board


I started with this framed needlepoint that I got at a flea market for $5. I can certainly appreciate the time and effort that goes into a work of needlepoint, but I bought this for the frame itself. The needlepoint will be going to a thrift store. I liked this frame because of its size (30″ x 36″), and because it had a canvas portion to the frame that could be painted.
How to Make a Chicken Wire Inspiration Board
Here’s the back.
How to Make a Chicken Wire Inspiration Board

I removed the cardboard backing and the needlepoint.


How to Make a Chicken Wire Inspiration Board

I painted the ivory canvas part of the frame with the Beauti-tone Moulin Rouge pink latex paint that I’ve used on other projects in my craft room. This was very easy to do with a 1/2″ flat artist brush.


How to Make a Chicken Wire Inspiration Board

After that dried, I taped over the pink area and took it outside to the garage to spray paint it with Krylon Dual black. Once I had the large outside portion of the frame painted, I taped over the pink area again to expose the small inside frame and I spray painted that black as well.


How to Make a Chicken Wire Inspiration Board

Here’s the frame all painted.


How to Make a Chicken Wire Inspiration Board

I bought a 25′ x 2′ roll of 1″ hexagonal chicken wire for just under $10. at the Home Building Centre. I rolled out the chicken wire and cut a piece the size that I needed with wire cutters. You may want to wear gloves when working with the chicken wire. I didn’t, but it would make it easier on your fingers.

I attached that piece of chicken wire to the back of the frame with my staple gun, pulling tight and first stapling in the centre of all 4 sides. Then I made my way around the frame, alternating sides as I pulled and stapled. When it was all stapled, I took a pair of pliers and tucked any sharp and sticking out ends of chicken wire under.

Then I added a piece of thrifted fabric that I had in my stash using the same method with my staple gun as the chicken wire.


How to Make a Chicken Wire Inspiration Board

And here’s my finished chicken wire inspiration board hanging in my craft room.

How to Make a Chicken Wire Inspiration Board

I just love the fabric. I found it at a thrift store months ago. It cost me $2 for 44″ x 3 yards and I only used 3′ of it. What a great deal! I’m not sure what kind of fabric it is, but it’s very thick and sturdy. Just great for a project like this. For me this fabric is almost inspirational enough, but I do plan to use this board. I’ll show you how when I post my final craft room reveal.

It’s so easy to turn an ordinary frame into something that’s useful and pretty at the same time. Anyone can do this!! Just use a fabric you love, find a cheap thrifted frame and go for it. That’s it!!

This piece satisfies both sides of my brain. It’s a practical piece of art that I didn’t have to be an artist to create. And that so works for me!


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  1. Love love love this. So adorable.
    over fro eliz and co.

  2. Tuula, i pick up frames cheaply too. I haven't done a chicken wire organization board though. The bright pink and black are really great together.

    1. Thanks so much Carlene! I'm a girl who loves pink and chicken wire… so putting the two together for me was a natural. I really appreciate you stopping by!.

  3. Wow–this looks spectacular. I have never thought of putting fabric of something behind the chicken wire, I have only seen it left on it's own—I think this is brilliant. You got such a smokin' deal on fabric too. Fabric here (Canada) is sooo expensive, whenever we are south of the border I'm hoarding up on stuff—I think the border guards always think I'm nuts when I submit my receipts and it's all fabric! ha!

    Anyway—such a nice job—and SUCH a nice blog! 🙂

    1. Thanks so much Cheyenne! I'm in Canada too (Ontario), but I buy most of my fabric at thrift stores. I buy what I like when I see it, whether or not I have a project for it at the time. I have quite the stash. lol. Thanks so much for your kind words. I appreciate you stopping by!

  4. The cream, the pink, the green and the black are very creative. I am thinking that your final reveal will be a very inspirational room. You are miles ahead of me. I just finished one room today with the craft room yet to go.

    1. Hey Donna! Thanks so much! I'm getting there, little by little. Can't wait to show the final reveal. Thanks for stopping by!

  5. Looks great! Love that black and pink combo! I would love if you stopped by my party happening now to link it up!
    Stacey of Embracing Change

    1. Thanks so much Stacey! I'm a girl who loves pink. Thanks so much for the invite. I'll definitely pop over to check it out!

  6. Hi Tuula
    Great minds think alike! I recently created and posted a chicken wire and burlap frame re-do. I like how you transformed yours. Pretty pink and black combo. I'm visiting from From My Porch To Yours link party. Please come over and take a peek at my version of the chicken wire frame!


    1. Thanks Doreen! There's something about chicken wire. I just love working with it. I appreciate you popping in and following. It's so great to have you along. I'll definitely pop over to check out your frame.

  7. What a fantastic idea… it looks great! I'm inspired to give something similar a go sometime soon 🙂
    I'm a new follower from Thursday Obsessions. I hope you can pop by my blog sometime and follow if you like it 🙂

  8. Love how this turned out! And I agree – that fabric is fabulous! Thanks for linking up to the Keep Calm and Link Up! Hope to see you back next week!

    1. Thanks Lisa! A project like this would be perfect for chicken wire remnants. I'll be sure to stop by and check our your blog fest. Thanks so much for the invite.

  9. Really cute!
    Thanks for linking up this week – hope to see you again this week!
    Stacey of Embracing Change

    1. Thanks so much Carrie! I hope to be showing the entrie reveal in a few weeks. Thanks for hosting such a great party! I just linked up.