How to Make DIY Rolled Paper Roses

Making Rolled Paper Roses

These rolled paper roses are so easy to create, and there’s just something about January that makes me feel the need to make flowers.

Maybe it’s the cold, wintry days and the heavy, grey skies.

Or maybe it’s just that I love to make flowers of all kinds, any time of the year.

I think it’s both of those things but, honestly, there’s never a bad time to add some bright and cheerful flowers to your home’s decor.

Since I’m all about using what I have these days, these DIY rolled paper roses are put together with supplies that I already had on hand.

cardstock paper in various colors

Like this cardstock, which I found at a thrift store a couple of years ago for $5.

I can never resist buying things when they’re in bunches, and I’m often the happy thrifter of inexpensive craft supplies that others have donated.

It makes me sad to think that someone had given up on a project or a hobby.

But maybe they just had to clean out their craft room, like I do every once in a while.

red, burgundy, and pink cardstock paper for diy paper roses

For my diy paper roses I decided to use some red, burgundy, and pink cardstock.

This cardstock is 65 lb, and works well for this project.

If you don’t have cardstock, some scrapbook papers might work as well.

outlining round lid with pencil for paper roses template

The easiest way for me to draw a circle is to find a lid that works for the rose size I’m going for, and mark around it with a pencil.

This lid just fits the 8 1/2″ paper size. This size is for larger flowers.

You could also measure out an 8 1/2″ square, and then cut a circle out of that square.

The circle doesn’t have to be perfect.

Real roses often aren’t perfectly shaped, so paper roses don’t have to be either.

Cutting to create rolled paper roses

cutting round paper shape for diy roses

Once you have your circle, you just cut it into a spiral shape about an inch wide.

cutting paper into a spiral

Like this.

Again, it doesn’t have to be perfect.

You can draw it out with a pencil first, or you can just wing it like I did.

cutting edges of paper spiral with scallopped pattern

Then, to give extra dimension to the paper roses, cut a scalloped pattern into the edge of the spiral.

round paper shape to be made into paper roses

When you’re done it will look something like this.

Once again, it doesn’t have to be perfect.

Rolling to create DIY paper roses

tightly rolling paper spiral with fingers

Starting at the end, you just start rolling.

It’s not in the pic, but I used a crafting paint brush handle to get the end started. The handle was about 1/8″ wide.

continuing to tightly roll paper spiral with fingers

Then you just keep rolling, rolling, rolling.

Keep that paper rolling.

paper spiral rolled up tightly

Until you get to the center.

red diy paper rose after being glued

Before gluing, you place your rose down on a flat surface and let it naturally open itself into whatever shape it wants to be.

adding low temp hot glue to bottom of paper rose

When gluing it’s important not to use too much glue, but you also need enough so that all the layers will stay in place. I do an X shape rather than putting glue all over the bottom. That way the different layers will hopefully get caught by the glue.

Once you have the glue on you gently press to rose into it, making sure all the layers make contact.

I created a few trial roses with colors I didn’t care for to get the hang of the whole gluing thing.

red, burgundy, and pink diy rolled paper roses 1

And here are all of my diy paper roses glued and done.

I used six inch circles for the three smaller roses.

You could, of course, use these paper roses just like this for a wreath etc.

Or you could create some faux stemmed roses to make a lovely bouquet like I did.

But before I could do that I needed something for the stems.

Creating a rolled paper roses bouquet

cardstock paper in various colors and balloon sticks

I didn’t have traditional flower making supplies, but I did have these balloon sticks.

They are the coolest things!

I didn’t even know these existed in the world until I saw them quite a while back at a dollar store, and I just knew that I could use them for some kind of flower project someday.

There are so many project somedays in my future, that it’s always nice when one actually arrives. lol.

balloon sticks spray painted green to be used as stems

The only green spray paint I had on hand was a light green called pistachio.

These balloon sticks are made of a shiny plastic, so I gave them a light sanding before spraying.

Whatever brand of spray paint you use, make sure it lists plastic as a material it can be used for.

balloon stick glued onto bottom of red paper rose

The balloon sticks fit the bottom of the paper roses beautifully, with just little glue around the inside of the end.

It doesn’t take much glue, so be careful not to overdue it.

red paper rose after balloon stick stem glued on

I had forgotten how easy it is to make these rolled paper roses.

It’s been years since I’ve made some.

I used to make them eons ago, when I sold wreaths and swags etc at a local crafters mall, and a few craft shows.

My goodness, that seems like an eternity ago.

rolled paper flowers in mason jar vase

Here’s my finished bouquet of diy rolled paper roses.

I’ll be cutting some of the stems to make them shorter to better fill out the bouquet.

One thing I did so I could make some of the balloon stick stems a little bendable is I slid some copper wire inside, but any wire would do.

The vintage mason jar I’m using as a vase needs to be dressed up a bit.

Dressing up a mason jar as a vase

piece of jute twine lining inside of mason jar vase

I lined the vintage Crown mason jar with a six inch burlap ribbon piece, which just sits inside the jar.

It’s not glued or anything. It just sits there in place.

Really, the ribbon is just so you can’t see the messy inside.

We want the beauty, not the messy.

close up of burlap and lace ribbon trim and millinery flowers decoration

To top off the mason jar I wrapped it with a burlap and lace ribbon, and a pretty millinery flower glued onto the ribbon adds the finishing touch.

A bouquet of rolled paper roses

close up of diy rolled paper flowers bouquet 1

I’m a lover of creating repurposed flowers out of unique things, like this jello mold flowers bouquet, or this colorful repurposed bouquet, but I’m so glad to have revisited my love of creating paper flowers.

There’s just something very relaxing about cutting and rolling to create these paper roses.

close up of diy rolled paper flowers bouquet 2

As I was creating these flowers, each flower became the the most important thing in the world at that moment.

I love being in the creative zone like that. It’s so good for the spirit.

close up of diy rolled paper flowers bouquet 3

I found myself being very intentional, which is what I’m really trying to do with all my projects these days.

To fill in my paper roses bouquet I added some thrifted faux baby’s breath that I had on hand.

close up of diy rolled paper flowers bouquet 4

It’s a nice backdrop for the pink, red, and burgundy roses.

close up of diy rolled paper flowers bouquet 5

I love the sort of wildness of the baby’s breath with the formality of the roses.

Supplies needed to make DIY Paper Roses

  • 65lb cardstock paper in colors of choice
  • low temp glue gun
  • glue sticks
  • balloon sticks for stems
  • faux baby’s breath flowers
  • green spray paint
  • pencil
  • scissors
  • mason jar for vase
  • 6″ burlap ribbon
  • 3″ burlap and lace ribbon
  • millinery flower
  • copper wire
Easy DIY paper roses bouquet in vintage mason jar with burlap ribbon trim

I didn’t have any little hearts on hand, but if I did I would have stuck them in for Valentine’s Day, and then just remove them afterwards.

Considering that I just used what I had, I’m super happy with how my diy rolled paper roses bouquet turned out.

Real roses are expensive, and they don’t last very long, so rolled paper roses are an affordable and lasting alternative to the real thing.

Please pin to your favorite board.

How to create an easy DIY paper roses bouquet

Thanks so much for reading and until next time,

keep on keepin’ on!


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  1. You know how much I love your flower ideas and always look forward to seeing your new creations. These are so pretty and very clever idea for the stem. They look gorgeous and very realistic with the faux baby’s breath!

  2. That’s a great idea to use the balloon holders for stems!! These turned out really pretty :o)


  3. Rebecca Payne says:

    So creative and cute. Great job!

  4. Really lovely. They are made more special by using the balloon holder things and mixing with baby’s breath, etc,

  5. So realistic! I love it. Thank you for sharing!

  6. Debra Hubbs says:

    These are so pretty. Those balloon stems worked perfect for this. My Mother had told me my Grandmother used to sell paper flowers when she was young. I never learned how she did it or what her technique was. This made me think of her.

    1. Thanks Debra! I’m so glad that my projects has reminded you of something your grandmother used to do. There are so many ways to make paper roses and flowers, but maybe this was one of her techniques. 🙂

  7. Oh, Tuula! These are adorable! I’ve pinned it because I do have some card stock and some scrapbook paper! Just random colors and prints……I’m going to give these a try! The way you cut it reminded me of a project my class did in February. We made the spiral, then cut out Lincoln and Washington heads and a Valentine heart. Those were glued to the spiral then hung from the ceiling over each child’s desk. Really looked great! Sorry…..I do ramble…..but your projects do wake some memories for me!! Again, this is a great project! Thanks for sharing!

    1. Thanks very much Dona! I’d love to see your roses if you give this a go. It’s so nice to have cheerful flowers around that will last. 🙂

  8. Love love love the paper roses! Thank you! I’m unsuccessfully trying to make flowers from corn husks. (not nerves roses) I’m going to appease my frustration with these paper ones.

    1. Thanks Marisa! I’ve never tried to make flowers from corn husks. I’m so glad you’re going to give these a try. 🙂