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How To Make Repurposed DIY Tulips

How to Create DIY Tulips

Do you love visiting the hardware store? I certainly do.

I love to meander around… looking though all the hardware goodies, because you never know what treasures you might find to turn into something fun and funky.

When I shared my repurposed gutter leaf strainer flowers a few weeks ago I mentioned that I was working on another project using the very same lovely leaf strainers… and this is that project.

supplies for diy tulips made from repurposed gutter leaf strainers and beaters

To create these tulips I’m also using some beater attachments that are usually used on electric mixers.

I pick these up whenever I see them at my local thrift store. Pairs are often in the 25 cent bin, and I do have quite a growing collection for future repurposing projects.

But now onto this project, my quick and easy repurposed diy tulips.


NOTE: If you’ve never heard of gutter leaf strainers… join the club. lol. Apparently they go open side down into eavestrough/gutter downspouts and they’re supposed to stop leaves/twigs etc from going down. I did some googling and there are many different styles in all shapes and sizes. Here we call them gutter leaf strainers, but they might also be called downspout protectors, gutter leaf filters, downspout guards… and who knows what else. If you look in the eavestrough/gutter area of your hardware/building supplies store that’s where they should be. If you can’t find this exact style you might be able to modify whatever style you find.


Spray painting to create diy tulips

spray painting the gutter leaf strainers pink for diy tulips project

Using a paint and primer combo spray paint I painted the gutter strainers with two light coats of a very vibrant pink…


spray painting beaters yellow for repurposed gutter leaf strainer diy tulips

… and the beaters with a lovely yellow for some contrast.

For my free spray painting tips printable check out my member library here. The password is included with every TRV email so if you’re not already a TRV reader you can sign up to receive free access.

spray painted gutter leaf strainers and beaters for diy tulips

Here they are all ready to be put in the garden.


Creating diy stems for tulips

cutting pvc pipe into stems for diy tulips using mitre box and saw

But before I could do that I needed some stems.

I checked my stashes in my little storage house and all the metal odds and ends of pipe that I had were either too long or too wide.

Then I spied something sticking out from under some lumber, and discovered a long nine foot piece of 1/2″ pvc pipe. Probably leftover from some outdoor Christmas project from years ago.

It was very  easy to cut using my miter box and saw.


pvc pipe stems for diy tulips

I usually do flowers in threes, like these clothes pin flowers, but at this point I thought three diy tulips just weren’t enough for me… so I decided on five.

To add some interest I staggered the lengths of the five stems.


pvc pipe stems spray painted green for repurposed diy tulips

Then I spray painted the stems a gorgeous green and pushed them into the ground about 6 inches deep.

Since my tulips are not very heavy this depth is just fine.

putting beaters into pvc pipe stems for diy tulips

To put my diy tulips together all I had to do was place the beater through the hole in the bottom of the gutter strainer, and then I just slip it into the pvc stem.


repurposed gutter strainer diy tulips on spray painted pvc stem

No glue required.

Because the nib thingy on the beater stem fits snugly into the pvc pipe it holds it in place quite beautifully.


Displaying diy tulips in garden

pink diy tulips made from repurposed gutter leaf strainers and beaters 3new

And they were already tested.

We had quite the rainy/windy Saturday this past weekend and they got through it with flying colors, or should I say blooming colors. lol.

pink diy tulips made from repurposed gutter leaf strainers and beaters 2new

Now I know real pink tulips don’t have yellow insides, but you can’t see through real pink tulips either… and the beauty of creating your own diy tulips is that you can make them look any way you want.

These diy tulips can easily be taken apart and stored away for winter, and they can easily be spray painted different colors whenever the mood strikes.

I love to create repurposed flowers for my gardens for many reasons, but mainly because they bloom all season long with no watering required during these crazy hot summers.

These diy tulips really “beat” the heat. haha ( Sorry, but I couldn’t resist.) πŸ™‚

And, there are no bulbs for the chippies to snack on. lol. That’s just an added bonus.


pink diy tulips made from repurposed gutter leaf strainers and beaters new

My hubby John is a huge Neil Diamond fan, and he says that my flowers have “forever in bloom” genes. lol.

If you enjoyed this diy tulips project you can check out all my repurposed flowers here.

Thanks so much for reading, and until next time…

keep on keepin’ on!


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repurposed gutter strainer diy garden tulips 1


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  1. Mary Boger says:

    O M G!!! Love these!! The possibilities are endless. Tuula, you come up with the best ideas. Beaters, who would be thought.
    Happy day!

    1. Too cute…..good job. My grandmother used the word “meander” a lot when I was growing up and I am 70. It sure did bring back sweet memories of her. Thanks. Pam

      1. Thanks Pam! I’m happy to have brought back some good memories for you. Meander is one of my favorite words. πŸ™‚

    2. Thanks so much Mary! I do enjoy using kitchen gadgety thingies in projects. It makes creating so much fun.

      1. Mary Joyce says:

        thank you, Im willing to try anything u send my way. Now that im a widow i need something fun in my life. Your just the one. Thanks again. Mary Joyce

  2. Very cool Tuula. You come up with the best ideas and they always brighten my day. Thanks!!

  3. Right on, Tuula! So adorable and who would have thought to use beaters for the center!!! Very creative idea, as usual!

  4. I just love these Tuula! So creative and really cute. I would need to make 35 of them to replace the real ones I planted that stopped blooming!! πŸ™‚

    1. Thanks AnnMarie! Yikes, that’s a lot of lost tulips. We used to have quite a few too, and we’re pretty sure they supplied many a chipmunk tasty dinner.

  5. Linda Greiss says:

    These tulips are fantastic! Thanks so much for shari g.

  6. Love this. I would have never thought of this but I sure will look for beaters at the thrift stores now. I can’t grown tulips in fl & I love them but i’ll Be making some of these now. Thanks so much for all your ideas. Love them all.

    1. Thanks Gloria! I’m so glad my tulips have inspired you. I hope you find some beaters soon.

  7. Whaaaat??!! Shut UP!!! Those are adorable Tuula! I love them!


  8. Too easy, too cute, too perfect for words!!! I’m going shopping!!! Dona

  9. I love the tulips. They are so cute! Thanks for sharing at the Snickerdoodle Create Bake Make Party.

  10. I’ve seen these done with the gutter strainers but adding the beater puts it over the top!
    Just too darn cute! I will have to find some beaters!

  11. the cape on the corner says:

    what a creative vision!

  12. Debra Hubbs says:

    How do you come up with these ideas??? These are so cute. I want to make some. Thank you.

  13. I love these tulips! This is such an awesome upcycle project, so I chose it as one of my features at this week’s Snickerdoodle Create Bake Make Party!!! I can’t wait to see what you share next!

  14. Tuula, These are darling! Thanks for sharing at Vintage Charm–pinned!

  15. Tuula,
    I love your tulips! I am a flower lover also. I am a thrift shopper and have never seen the gutter leaf strainers. Checked online and they range from $14 on up. Yikes! I have seen many of the egg beaters in the thrift stores and hopefully strainers soon. I am working on what I call a junk garden, just repurposed items in it. These tulips would look great! Thank you for sharing.

    1. Thanks Nancy! Yes, I’ve seen some gutter strainers online that were rather pricey. $14 is definitely a yikes. You might find some at your local big box hardware store. I love having junk creations in my gardens too. It gives them a little extra personality.

  16. You are amazing Tuula. Nobody else would ever have seen tulips in a mixer and leaf strainers. So in love with what you’ve done

  17. Groovy idea. I had never heard of a leave strainer, but they make cute flowers.

    1. Thanks very much Kippi! I happened upon them by accident at the hardware store, and now I want to keep making things out of them.

  18. What a fun project!
    I love the look of the counter from a distance in the after photo! The way the recipes fade into each other into a sort of marble pattern. Very cool. Thanks for sharing!

  19. P. Newton says:

    I love these flowers. Where did you find the tulip shaped gutter leave strainer? Help me please

    1. Thanks very much! I found the ones I used at my local home improvement store, Home Hardware. Check at whatever stores you have in your area. πŸ™‚

  20. Debbie Sutton says:

    These are adorable! I would put rhinestones on the beaters for the sun to sparkle off of! Love it!

  21. Hi! I LOVE the flowers made from the gutter guards. I want to make some, but cannot find the type of gutter guards like yours. Would you please tell me the name of the store where you found them? Thank-You, Debbie

    1. Thanks Debbie! I found mine at my local Home Building Center here in Ontario Canada. The type may vary depending where you are, but if they’re a similar shape they might work.