How to Make a Teacup Lampshade

When it comes to projects there’s almost nothing I love better than repurposing something… giving it a new life as something completely different.

I think it’s really important to have a little fun and whimsy in your home’s decor…. things that make you smile, and maybe even chuckle a little, every single day.

Wait until you see the awesome teacups that I used for this lampshade! I’ve never seen anything like them before. Keep reading and you’ll see what I mean.
How to Make a Teacup Lampshade

When I saw this box of 34 vintage teacups and saucers at my local thrift store for $2… (yes I kid you not) how could I possibly resist?

Like any self respecting junker I had faith that I would someday think of something to do with them

Well… time passes fast, and several months later that box of teacups was still sitting in my greenhouse/studio.

Finally… when I was spending some time in there checking out my stashes it came to me… and I got so excited that I had to start right away


How to Make a Vintage Teacup Lampshade.

They have England engraved on their bottoms, and at first glance these teacups look rather unremarkable. (I was tempted to make a wreath out of them). But as we all know, first impressions can be deceiving… because…

TA DA!!!!


Collection of vintage teacups used to make a teacup lampshade

Aren’t the colours fabulous? And so unexpected!


How to Make a Teacup Lampshade

Sometime in the future I’ll have to think about what to do with the 34 saucers.


How to Make a Teacup Lampshade

But for now … it’s all about the teacups.


How to Make a Teacup Lampshade

Also in my greenhouse I had this set of thrifted ivory coloured planters. They look delicate, but they’re made out of heavy duty metal and are very strong. They passed Miss Pixie’s inspection.


How to Make a Teacup Lampshade

Here’s what the larger one looked like this past summer.


How to Make a Teacup Lampshade

I tried the larger one on the lamp for size and it fit beautifully.


How to Make a Teacup Lampshade

I cut myself twenty pieces of jute twine about 20″ long…


How to Make a Teacup Lampshade

…borrowed the guest room lamp base because I needed something to hang the lampshade on while I worked… and I started tying.


How to Make a Teacup Lampshade
Each one double knotted… finishing with a little jute bow, and changing sides as I went along to keep it all from tumbling down.
How to Make a Teacup Lampshade
Here it is with 20 tied teacups.
How to Make a Teacup Lampshade

The next day I hunted through my stash for a roll of thrifted lace, and wove it through the heavy wire slats.


How to Make a Teacup Lampshade

Over and under,


How to Make a Teacup Lampshade

Over and under.


How to Make a Teacup Lampshade

I alternated how I did each section because I thought 8 bows at the top would be a little too much.

The lace is just to lessen the glare of the light bulb a little.


How to Make a Teacup Lampshade

It was still missing something so once again I dove into my stashes, and I came up with this silver toned tea pot.


How to Make a Teacup Lampshade

I drilled a hole through the bottom, starting with a small metal bit and working my way up to slightly larger bits until my hole was just the right size.


repurposed teacup and teapot lampshade

 I spray painted it gold, and put it in its rightful place on the top of the lampshade.

The lamp finial is screwed on inside the teapot.

How to Make a Teacup Lampshade

Here are some pics of the brass lamp from when I thrifted it last summer.


How to Make a Teacup Lampshade
I never liked the lampshade
How to Make a Teacup Lampshade

But I loved the brass lamp base…


How to Make a Teacup Lampshade

with all its colours.


How to Make a Teacup Lampshade

But I wasn’t sure if I was going to keep it.


Create a fun repurposed teacup lampshade with a teapot on top.Here it is with its ‘Wonderland’ lampshade… complete with teacup fringe.


repurposed vintage teacup lamp with teapot on top

It sits in a corner in my master bedroom beside my spray painted plate holders, which are holding my decoupaged photos on canvas frames.


repurposed teacup and teapot lampshade

This lamp may not be everyone’s cup of tea, (sorry but I couldn’t resist, lol), but it’s mine.
And it is most definitely a keeper. It makes me smile every single day, and I hope I’ve inspired you to make something fun and whimsical that makes you smile.


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Repurposed vintage teacup lampshade with spray painted teapot on top


I still had 14 teacups leftover and I used some of them to make this vintage teacup pumpkin.

If you enjoyed this teacup project you’ll love these too.

Check them out, and spread some whimsy somewhere today… and smile!

Thanks so much for reading, and until next time…

keep on keepin’ on!



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  1. That is crazy. Crazy Good!! What a very cool idea. I think it turned out grand. Where the cups already that color on the insides or did you paint them? I also like how you displayed the plates on the wall next to it. Very cool with the fabric and the frames for the plates! Can't wait to see what you do next
    Happy Thanksgiving

    1. Thanks so much Roxanne! The teacups came looking just like that, in those beautiful colours. I couldn't believe it when I saw them. I was so lucky to find them.

  2. That is awesome Tuula! Those teacups are spectacular. I love this project too because nothing except the teapot was changed and can easily be disassembled and used again for a different project some day. Your creative vision amazes me….:) Thanks for sharing….Vicky

  3. Only you could turn a planter into a lampshade and make it work!! I am still in love with those teacups.

  4. Enjoyed going over how you put this lovely lamp together and the fun you had creating each part to music. We're always young at heart with that inner youthfulness ready to jump out at any moment. Sometimes I have to tame myself from getting carried away!

  5. I was questioning my sanity for a moment. I knew I had seen your beautiful lampshade and then it hit me, Ms. Junkin' Jewel! I still love it and hope soon for a post about the saucers.

  6. That is the BEST lampshade I've ever seen! Thanks so much for sharing it with us. I have a lampshade down in my dungeon that I've been saving–now I need to find teacups. Mine will most likely be mismatched pieces as I'm never lucky in the treasure location at my thrift shops. ♥♫

  7. Tuula…where do you come up with these genius ideas?!? Awesome!


  8. This is so cool… and using hooks instead of jute, it would make a wonderful storage option!

  9. I love this post! And I relate to every single song you were listening too! Although when I create it has to be quiet or I mess up!! Your inner child did a fabulous, creative job on that lampshade. I pinned it to my "I've Got To Fix My Lampshade" board where I am gathering ideas for a lampshade I want to fix! Visiting from A Bouquet of Talent!

  10. I love your teapot lampshade! Very whimsical and appealing in an offbeat sort of way. Would look great with an
    Addams Family twist.

  11. what a totally fun and unique idea! love it 🙂 Can't wait to see what you do with the saucers!

    1. Thanks Florence! This is one of my favourite projects that I’ve ever done, and I use it in the master bedroom. It’s one of my favourite things!

  12. I love how the colors inside the cups relate to the colors on the engravings on the brass lamp, it’s almost like it was planned that way…very cool

    1. Thanks very much Kathy! That was a happy coincidence. 🙂

  13. Tuula, I just saw the teacup lamp and I know I’ve said it before, but I have to keep saying you are one of the most imaginative thrifters I have ever known!!! The colors in the cups and the colors on that lamp base are a perfect match!! Just loved it!

    1. Tuula McPhee says:

      Thank you so much Karolyn! That’s so sweet of you to say. I do absolutely love repurposing things, and my teaacup lamp is one of my favourite creations. 🙂

  14. I truly love the tea cup lamp,I wish I had a wonderful imagination like you, you have made something beautiful out of items that most of us would have just given to good will. Keep making these wonderful projects.

    1. Thank you so much June! I really appreciate you leaving such a lovely comment. 🙂