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Impressionist Decoupaged Night Table Makeover

I can’t believe how fast February flew by. I’ve been working a lot of extra hours at my day job lately, and because of this my guest room makeover isn’t moving along as quickly as I thought it would. But, I know I’ll get there so I’m not too worried about it.
When I was first thinking about redecorating the guest room I was planning on a blue, grey, and gold colour scheme. By the time it came to actually starting I changed my mind because of the thrifted floral fabric that I decoupaged on to this night table.
It became my inspiration for the room. It reminds me of an impressionist painting and I just love it. So the colour scheme is going to be blue, green, and yellow.
Decoupaged Night Table Makeover

Here are a few before shots. To see the before pics of the guest room check out my guest room makeover begins post.
Decoupaged Night Table Makeover
This little night table makeover took quite a bit of time because there were a lot of steps. First I primed it with Benjamin Moore Fresh Start, because that’s what I had on hand.
Decoupaged Night Table Makeover
I painted the inside area with a green that I had on hand, and the blue is Pantone’s Medieval Blue, which I won as a blog giveaway last fall.
Decoupaged Night Table Makeover
When I found this thrifted impressionist floral fabric in my stash I knew I wanted to use it on this little night table. There wasn’t enough to do a larger piece, so this was perfect.
I cut a piece of fabric to fit, brushed Mod Podge on the top of the night table and lay my fabric down, smoothing it out as much as I could. Once I had it in place I brushed a layer of MP on top and let that dry. I used a matte MP because I didn’t want any shine.
Decoupaged Night Table Makeover

I measured the sides at their widest points and cut the pieces of fabric to fit. Then I spread MP all over the sides, placed the fabric in place, and cut away most of the excess. I left about an inch of extra fabric to be cut away later.

I spread a layer of MP on to the fabric making sure to cover the excess fabric as well.


Decoupaged Night Table Makeover

Here’s a pic showing the excess fabric.

Decoupaged Night Table Makeover

The MP hardens the fabric, and makes it much easier to accurately cut the excess away. I just used a very sharp exacto knife and ran it along as shown in the pic below. You have to be careful not to push too hard… to just gently guide the knife and let it do the cutting for you.

Decoupaged Night Table Makeover

Here it is with the excess fabric cut away from one side.

Decoupaged Night Table Makeover

After cutting away the excess fabric from the other side as well I covered the fabric on both sides with two more coats of MP, letting it dry in between coats. It looks milky white when it first goes on, but it dries clear.

At this point I decided that the green I originally painted the inside with wasn’t working for me. I found a softer green in my paint stash, and I liked it much better.

Decoupaged Night Table Makeover

I wanted to decoupage the drawer front as well, so I used a thrifted fabric that goes nicely with the floral. I cut the pieces about 1″ larger than what was needed, and I covered them with a light layer of MP. This makes for little or no fraying of the fabric when you cut them to the exact size once the pieces are dry.

Then I applied the MP to the drawer front and to the back of the fabric and lay the pieces in place, making sure to smooth them out as much as I could. I used a knife tip to poke the holes through the fabric for the knobs.


Decoupaged Night Table Makeover

Once the fabric on the drawer front was dry, I covered it with two coats of the MP, letting it dry in between coats.

For the inside of the drawer I spray glued a piece of the striped fabric on to a piece of cardboard and simply lay it in the drawer. Then I dry brushed the knobs with some of the green, and then some of the blue.

Decoupaged Night Table Makeover

And here’s my finished decoupaged impressionist night table.

Decoupaged Night Table Makeover
Decoupaged Night Table Makeover
Decoupaged Night Table Makeover
Decoupaged Night Table Makeover

Here’s the before again.


And the after.

Decoupaged Night Table Makeover

I’m so happy to have the first piece for my guest room finished. Now that I found the inspiration for this room (the impressionist floral fabric), I have a clear idea of what I’m doing and can envision the finished room in my head. Now, on to the next project!!!

Thanks so much for reading!


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  1. Tuula,
    What a great transformation! Love the little night table, so pretty.
    I've never tried MP'ing with fabric, though I did try it with paper once. It turned out a wreck so I ripped it all off. You've given me inspiration to try again using fabric. Great tutorial too btw~thanks so much.

    1. Thanks Jana! I love using MP with fabric because it makes the makeover possibilities endless. I think it's a little more difficult than using paper, but for me it's so worth it. I guess it's also about what I have on hand when I'm doing a project. Thanks for stopping by!

    1. Thanks so much Mel! I'm really loving MP these days, and pretty much want to decoupage everything. I'm going to have to work on restraining myself. lol.

  2. Tuula that is one awesome makeover! I love the colors and the fact that you used fabric and mod podge! Awesome stuff! I am totally crushing on this project!

    1. Thanks Danni! I really love using MP with fabric, probably because I have so many thrifted scraps in my stash that need to be used. I'm afraid I'm going to be decoupaging every piece of furniture in sight. lol.

  3. What a fabulous makeover, Tuula! We all love what we can do with mod podge! I love the final look of your table, but you do realize that the original color is now the "Color of the Year" – emerald green? Designers everywhere are using this color in everything now. Who knew?

    1. I know.. that's too funny Gail. I've been living with emerald green furniture in the guest room for years, and now that I can't stand it anymore it's suddenly trendy. Good thing I'm a rebel or this going against the trend thing would bother me, but I'm always content just do my own thing. Thanks so much for stopping by!!

  4. I LOVE it Tuula – what a great job – and I do like the lighter green also!!!
    I HAVE NEVER USED MOD PODGE in my life – can you believe this?
    I'm afraid to start LOL –

  5. What a wonderful makeover. I prefer the lighter green and I really like how you used a contrasting fabric for the drawer. Love that Mod Podge!

    1. Thanks so much Betsy! Mod Podge is just amazing stuff. I'm so glad I changed to the lighter green. I don't think we should ever be afraid to change our minds in the middle of a project. I'm certainly not… because I seem to change my mind a lot. lol.

  6. You're off to a great start. The colors will make a really pretty room.

    1. Thanks Peggy! One project down and many more to go, but I feel like I'm on my way now. Thanks so much for stopping by.

  7. Your table is Fabulous !!!!!! You really did an ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh – mazing job sister…………..Just loved it and your blog showing how was great .. Toodles … Sherry @ The Rusty Pearl

  8. Degas and Renoir themselves would be impressed. 😀
    Thanks for sharing your impressionist piece.

  9. Great makeover!! Cannot wait to see your new space 🙂

    xo, Tanya

  10. Oh, I love your table! It turned out great. I sure can relate with the being busy at work. LOL Missed you at the party here lately. Sorry I am just now visiting. It's been one of those weeks. LOL I am featuring you later tonight at Pick of the Bunch! Thank you so much for sharing at A Bouquet of Talent.

    Have a wonderful weekend!