Is Winter Over Yet?

We woke up to an iced over world this morning… and no power.

John and I started fires right away because the house was cold and when I called the hydro line they said the power could be off until 11pm. Thankfully our power came back on a little while later. It was still off in other areas.

School buses were cancelled everywhere this morning, and most schools are closed.

We went outside to survey the damage and to put some food out for the birds. We were able to get another feeder open, but this one was frozen shut.


The Thrifty Rebel

As storms go this one was not that bad here, but there were some tree limbs down and some birch trees severely bent over by the heaviness of the ice. We’ll worry about clean up on the weekend.

The Thrifty Rebel

Birch trees are pretty resilient, so hopefully these two come back. They say the worst thing you can do is try to knock off the ice because you could cause damage to the tree. We’ll just have to hope that these two bounce back on their own.

The Thrifty Rebel

This purple sand cherry bush looked very pretty covered in ice, but the ground was extremely slippery so we had to be careful when we walked around. Even the frozen grass was crunching below our feet.

The Thrifty Rebel

Here’s some ice accumulation on the back deck… and there were icicles hanging from everything.

The Thrifty Rebel
The Thrifty Rebel
The Thrifty Rebel

The back garden plants just froze in their winded positions.

The Thrifty Rebel

It was so calm out that everything seemed frozen in time, and we haven’t heard or seen one vehicle go by yet. Our road looks like a sheet of ice.

Hopefully this is Old Man Winter’s last blast. Someone really needs to give him a good talkin’ to!!!

Thanks so much for reading! Have a wonderful weekend!


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  1. Wow..that is some serious ice. We had snow two weeks ago and then on Wednesday is was 90 degrees. The weather lately has been nuts. Hope spring comes your way soon.

  2. Can we all collectively agree – for the sake of the planet – that Global Warming is as serious as it should ever be allowed to get?
    Canada is so behind on this issue that I'm embarrassed………….
    Happy melting Tuula lol

  3. Wow! I love how the ice looks covering delicate branches, but I'm so glad we didn't get any of that this year! I hope your power comes back on, and be careful out there, that ice is a killer! Stay warm!

    The Hot Toddies of Washington

  4. Oh my goodness, Tuula, I'm sure you're sick of all the cold weather and what comes with it. Hopefully things will turn around soon and you'll be outside enjoying the warmer weather, spring flowers and chirping birds.

  5. Cold and ice are one thing, but no power is something else completely! I'm glad it wasn't off too long. Wishing you a warmer and a sun filled week-end!

  6. shiver me timbers girl.. WHO knew your part of the world was still so cold.. DOESNT the weather man know its spring.. Keep warm.. It is just beautiful where you live.. HUGS …from The Rusty Pearl

  7. The glistening of the trees looks pretty, but I know it is a terrible danger. I wish I could trade a tiny bit of your cold and for some of out heat!

  8. WOW! I can't believe that ice….we've been sweating already here is good old sunny Florida! I just discovered your blog and have been enjoying reading a few of your older posts. I have the exact same mirror as your pink and pearl one on your sidebar….but mine is painted turquoise blue. I'm your newest follower! Come visit sometime!

    Blessings, Vicky
    Life On Willie Mae Lane

  9. Hey Tuula! I missed this post. Surely you are almost to spring now! I don't love ice storms. They are fascinating to see, but we were without power for 13 days during our last big one and lost most of our trees around the yard.