Letter Holder Makeover

decoupaged letter holder makeover / www.thriftyrebel.somI was just starting to enjoy doing some projects outside again, but it was back inside for this letter holder makeover.

It’s been a very cool week here, and we’ve had fires going in the wood stoves every night

Thank goodness we’ve still got some firewood or we’d have to turn the furnace back up. Hopefully it warms back up by the weekend.
thrifted wooden letter holder

I shared the $1 thrifted wooden letter holder a while back in a Finds of the Week post.


spray painted letter holder makeover

I gave it a couple of coats of a lovely white paint and primer combo, and then I had no idea what to do next.


decoupaged letter holder makeover

I took it up to my craft room and starting looking through some stashes and found this pretty thrifted roses wrapping paper.

Yes I thought. A perfect paper for craft room girlification.


spreading mod podge on letter holder surface

I cut pieces of approximate size, brushed some mod podge onto the letter holder fronts, lay the paper on top, and smoothed it out with my fingers as best I could.

It didn’t matter if they fit perfectly or not.


decoupaged letter holder makeover

I then added two coats of MP on top of the paper.


painted and decoupaged letter holder makeover

I glued on some Christmas pearl garland around the edges of the fronts.


decoupaged letter holder makeover

I added the letters J-O-Y to the fronts, and glued on a couple of Frozen Charlottes from my friend Donna from Distressed Donna Down Home.

I’ve been looking for a home for them for some time, and I think they look quite nice here.


decoupaged letter holder makeover


decoupaged letter holder makeover



decoupaged letter holder makeover

My new letter holder holds some sweet little organza bags and pretty floral cards that I use when shipping items from my Etsy shops.


letter holder makeover / www.thriftyrebel.com


Here’s the very dated 70s orangy before… and the pinkified and girlified after.

Thanks so much for reading!

Have a lovely weekend and until next time…

keep on keepin’ on!

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  1. So pretty! I love it. I have one similar to it that I am redoing to store seasoning packets in my pantry if we ever get it redone. It's tha last of the big kitchen projects. Have a great weekend Tuula!

  2. That is un-be-lieve-a-ble!!! What a difference! And guess what! I have that very same wrapping paper! From this day forward I will cease and desist using it as it was intended and look at it with a different eye! Such a fun project, I'm afraid I'll just have to follow your lead! Thanks! Dona

  3. I showed my Frozen Charlottes what their little sisters were up to in Canada and they were nodding in approval! A pretty in pink project and it is not even Monday!. Love it!

  4. What a stunning transformation, Tuula! I just love the roses and pearls 🙂 They look so elegant and feminine. Thanks for sharing with Roses of Inspiration. Hugs to you!