Finds of the Week #2

Happy Saturday friends!
I found some fabulous things this past week including these vintage pillow cases.
vintage pillow cases

The two yellow crochet edged cases are blank and perfect for adding some embroidery, and the middle one already has a pretty pink embroidered bouquet.The southern belle is a set of two and she’s painted on… apparently that was all the rage in the 50s.

I’m looking forward to it being hot enough again, so that I can fan myself too, but now I need a fan.


These cases will be put in my etsy shop.

Spanish fanAsk and you shall receive. I found this Spanish fan decorated with flamenco dancers and bull fighters.

souvenir spoonsI sold my own collection of souvenir spoons years ago, long before I started making garden art.

I found this box of around 100 spoons.

They were selling them individually, but I made an offer and got the lot for a great price.

silver souvenir spoons

I knew some were silver plate when I took a quick look through, but I was very happy when I got home to find that actually about half of the spoons were silver plate.

A few of the special and/or vintage ones will be kept or sold, and the rest will be used in projects.

silver souvenir spoons

This one with the white and pink bassinet at the top is my favourite.
It looks quite old and the paint is very chippy.

It’s silver plated and marked Great Britain. The bowl is engraved with the word Congratulations

There’s a baby and blanket inside, but I couldn’t get a good pic of that.

I’ll have to try again before I list it in my etsy shop, but I think I’ll enjoy it for a little while first.

Vintage Silver Salad Tongs

These vintage salad tongs are all silver plate and will be going into my etsy shop.

Handmade Poinsettia Place Mats

I’ll be keeping these two handmade Christmas poinsettia place mats.

They’re so pretty. Someone did some very nice work.


Silver Teapot Cream and Sugar Set


This vintage teapot, cream, and sugar set are marked EP copper. They have a lovely patina. I can’t decide if I should sell them as a set or use them to make wind chimes. I’m leaning toward wind chimes because I have to start getting new items ready for the Spring re-opening of my Spoonfuls of Whimsy etsy shop.


Vintage tablecloths
I couldn’t resist these two square hand embroidered table cloths. Even though I don’t embroider myself I have a real respect for the craft.The vintage crocheted yoyo doll jumped into my basket, and I didn’t have the heart to put him back.I planned to take him apart and use the yoyos for something that I haven’t thought of yet, but I didn’t have the heart to do that either… so he has a temporary reprieve.By the look on his face I think he’s quite annoyed that he picked my basket to jump into. lol.
Thanks so much for reading.
Happy Valentine’s Day!


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  1. so you sold your souvenir spoons and then bought someone elses? LOL!!! They are fun! Love the placemats and I vote make more wind chimes!

  2. Haha he really does look a little perturbed! Some amazing finds and that baby spoon is so cute. I have never seen one like it. Looking forward to seeing all of your great spring creations! Happy Valentines Day Tuula! xoxo

  3. Great finds Tuula! I used to have a crocheted yo-yo doll similar to that. It lost its head years ago but I think Mama might have kept it anyway. I need to ask and see if she still has it. I never thought about taking it apart. My wheels are spinning! Thanks for the idea. Have a lovely Valentine's Day!

  4. Love the embroidered poinsettia place mats! Terrific finds!

  5. I always dismantled yoyo dolls for body parts. That one has an odd smirk anyway – off with his head. Love the baby spoon. Great find on the Southern Belle case – they sell well here because every fifties bride had at least one set in her hope chest.

  6. Great finds Tuula–I love vintage pillow cases and sheets. I think they're so beautiful and comfortable–even the plain ones. I picked up two light blue ones for my daughter this week-end. Hope you have a great week!

    1. Thanks Diana. These are the first vintage pillow cases I've ever thrifted, but I was so pleased with them. They're really sweet. Hope you have a great week too!

  7. See, that's why I keep EVERYTHING! If you sell it, you will need it later. Lucky for you to find a box of vintage spoons! I love all the pretty embroidered linens. That yo yo doll does have a quirky look on his face!

  8. What treasures you have found. That southern belle is fabulous, I think she needs a frame and oh, those spoons…can't wait to see what you'll come up with for those!!

  9. So many fun finds. Love that carriage spoon! Thanks for sharing with SYC.