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Living Room Makeover Update: Wing Chairs

I’m so excited to show you the new chairs that I found for my living room makeover!

Since I thrift practically everything they’re not “new” new, they’re “new to us” new, lol, which is always new enough for me.

I love giving perfectly good things a new home.

Having the right kind of thrifted living room seating has probably been the biggest challenge for me to tackle so far for this makeover. Chairs that you sit in all the time should fit your body well, should be super comfy, and of course you should love the way they look too.

That is a must! And I’m hoping you can help me with that.

Because what good is a comfy chair that you hate to look at? Or a nice chair that you hate to sit in?

We shouldn’t settle for either of those scenarios.

It’s all about finding the comfort that makes your body happy,  the look that makes your heart happy, and the price that makes your wallet happy.


Pair of blue and pink striped swivel living room chairs with pillows

Above you can see the pair of thrifted chairs that we had when I shared the living room before photos. We loved them when we found them about a year  and a half ago, and we especially loved the $50 price tag.

I said these chairs were staying, and I honestly thought they were going to, but after using them for awhile we decided that the seats and the backs were just too low for us.

We decided we’d be much happier with chairs that you can lean back into and rest your head if you wanted to take a cat nap by the wood stove fire after doing some reading. And even more importantly we need to be able to get up out of chairs without grunting and groaning. lol.

And after I painted the walls white I found that the stripes were too dark and dull for me. I wanted something lighter and brighter.

So not only were our bodies not loving these chairs, but my heart wasn’t really into them anymore either.

Sorry striped chairs but it was time for you to go. But don’t feel too sorry for them. They’ll be donated to the Restore and I have no doubt that they’ll find a good home.

Such is the circle of thrifting.

So while I looked, oh so patiently (uh-huh), for just the right chairs at just the right price…the living room makeover was put on hold.

Until I finally found them. Woo hoo!

Pair of thrifted green wing chairs and ottoman set for living room makeover

And here they are… two fabulously pretty green wing chairs that also came with a bonus ottoman. Can you guess how much I paid for them?

Just $70!!!  I think that was probably the fastest I’ve ever said SOLD.

Wallet happy! Check.

Once again the Restore comes to my decorating rescue. When I saw them I just knew they were it.

I sat in one of the chairs and guarded the set while John went and found somebody to help us. You can’t walk away from these things or they just might walk away on you. lol. Trust me when I say that.

They even came with their matching fabric arm protectors, which are also in excellent condition.

I have to say that I have a love/hate relationship with arm protectors. What about you?

They’re always falling off and getting covered in cat hair on the floor, but when I have them I feel like I need to use them. I suppose they do help protect the arms.


Wooden legs of green wing chair

The chairs are a good weight, have wooden frames, and some nice detailing on the legs.


Wooden base of green ottoman

They are all in excellent condition… even underneath.


Set of 2 thrifted green wing chairs and ottoman

Because I love color I tend to take my decorating cues from nature, and more specifically from my flower gardens. Green is a neutral to me,  and pretty  much goes with any color you could possibly throw at it.

These chairs are higher than the blue ones, very comfy in a fabulously firm sort of way, and the backs are tall and give great support.

No more sinking into chairs until we feel like our behinds are almost hitting the floor. lol.

Like Cinderella I’m a just right kinda girl, and these chairs are just right.

Body happy? Check!


Green wing chair with aqua and pink flamingo pillow

Now you might think because I’m going green with the chairs that my living room inspiration, the pink flamingo pillow, is no more.

But that couldn’t be further from the truth.

Just like in my flower gardens I love contrasting colors, and I’m loving this pillow even more than I did with the blue chairs.

The neutral green backdrop of the chair really makes this pillow pop.

And the pink ties in the color of my hot pink china cabinet.


Green wing chair with pink heart pillow with blue feather fringe

After we brought the chairs home I found this pink velvet heart pillow.  It is silly perfection.

Both pillows lighten up the formality of these chairs… because this girl doesn’t have a formal bone in her body.


Set of two green wing chairs with decorative pillows and matching ottoman for living room makeover

And in my world chairs just want to have fun, and I’m just the girl to help them do that.

Heart happy? Check!

Because these chairs have a classic shape and the color acts like a neutral backdrop different pillows can be added to change the look completely.

The blue chairs were stuck in time, definitely the 70s. Not that there’s anything wrong with that, but their look just wasn’t versatile. Wing chairs are timeless, and you can decoratively take them anywhere you want to go.

And pillows are an easy and inexpensive way to do that. Whatever the look you’re gong for… fun, formal, farmhouse, retro, modern etc etc etc.

I love how my chairs look with my repurposed silver tray map table, and my floral tablecloth decouapaged desk on the other side of the room.

Things don’t have to be matchy-matchy… they just have to go in a way that you love and that makes you smile.

There’s a lot more to do in my living room… like a lamp makeover, floor makeover, stairs makeover, etc etc etc. But now that I found my chairs I hope to be making some real headway.

Fingers crossed! 🙂

Update: You can check out my diy lamp makeover here.

But now on to what I need your help with. Would you keep the legs as they are or paint them?

I love the chairs just the way they are, but I wonder if I would love them even more with pretty painted legs. The floor is getting a makeover, which will be in lighter tones but what I’m doing is a secret so I can’t spill the beans.

Right now that’s the painted plywood that was beneath the laminate floor that I removed last fall. Maybe I should wait until the floor is done before doing anything to the legs.

What do you think?

Thanks so much for reading, and until next time…

keep on keepin’ on!



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  1. What a GREAT find! I just love it when I find something I’ve been patiently waiting to find! Serendipity! They are perfect for that spot. Definitely wait til the floors are done to decide what, if anything, to do to the legs.

    1. Thanks Susan! I appreciate your input. Yes, I was so lucky to find these chairs. Sometimes good things come to those how wait. 🙂

  2. What a bargain!!Great color. Wing chairs are the serious member of the furniture family. Lol. As you say ,they really want to break out and do something whimsical,because wild and crazy would be out of their comfort zone!!!! Really ,in all seriousness,good luck and happy decorating.

    1. Thanks so much Charleen! You’re so right, sometimes wing chairs can take themselves a little too seriously. lol. Mine needed to lighten up and just have some fun.

  3. Mother Deer says:

    I like the color contrast between the green upholstery and the wooden legs and the floor…and would at least wait until the flooring is finished before making a decision. Great find; I would definitely use them in my home too 🙂

    1. Thanks very much! I feel so lucky to have found chairs that are both comfy and pretty, and that will stand the test of time I think.

  4. When I read the intro to this post, I figured I would NOT be giving you my opinion, cuz you and all your other peeps out here know that stuff so much better than I! But when I saw the legs, my first thought was, she’ll paint them. I would too. But the advice to wait until the floor is done is good. I’m a jump in and get ‘er done kinda gal. Waiting would be smart. Dona

    1. Thanks so much Dona! I’m usually a jump in kinda gal too, which is why I thought I’d ask because sometimes I need help resisting the whole leaping before looking thing. lol. I do appreciate your input. 🙂

  5. Mary Boger says:

    The new wall color is a nice change. Love the detail on your staircase. The chairs are awesome. Lovely color and an ottoman too. Great buy. ReStore is the best. Wait on the chair legs until the floor project is done. Glad you kept the flamingos pillow, we all have some sassyness inside. Great way to start the morning.

    1. Thanks for your input Mary! Yes, we all have some sassyness and we should all let it shine. 🙂 I love my flamingo pillow.

  6. Melanie Brooks says:

    Great find!
    Personally, I think you should paint the legs white. The reddish wood just does not seem to go with your style. White legs on the green chairs, to me, feels like garden flower vines on a white trellis. To me, that fits you better, and will go with any flooring. Just sayin… ??

    1. Thanks Melanie! I love that you compared white painted legs to a white trellis. I can totally see that. You make some very good points, and I appreciate you taking the time to let me know what you think. 🙂

  7. LINDA N. SCHRADER says:

    Great job finding a great bargain. I also think you should leave the legs the way they are. But I have a question for you…why is there an old adding machine (I’m assuming that’s what it is) sitting on the floor, on the far right f the photo??Not sue why it’s on the floor, just curious.

    1. Thanks Linda! I use the old adding machine as a doorstop for the door that’s between the kitchen and the living room. The adding machine is super heavy and does the job perfectly, and looks cool at the same time.

  8. Fantastic but…. I would not start painting the legs right now. With your present flooring, the woody legs look great as they are. Nice contrast with the floor and great wood that doesn’tt need to hide under coats of paint.
    If you were getting, let’s say, a wooden floor (?) in the future, the legs of your arm chairs may (or may not) look as good as they do now. You don’t really know, so, better wait before painting them white (possible colour you have in mind…?).

    I do like “the wings” (sort of Parker-Knoll style) and the height of the seat. Arm chairs and sofas, when too low (and too deep) can be such a nightmare!
    The problem of the arm covers? After a while, they seem to hate a snug fit, they naturally slide and, in spite of their protective function, they become annoying and unfriendly! Twisty upholstery pins can discreetly and efficiently fix these unruly arm covers. If you are not allergic to these pins, it might be worth trying (?)
    By the way, when you get older (one day…) I bet you will appreciate perfectly shaped cushion to support the lower part of your back when seating in an armchair… but, for the time being, I guess the relationshp of body and chair is a very happy one so, have a good rest and enjoy your latest green treasures!

    1. Thanks for the info Marie! I’ve never heard of twisty upholstery pins for arm protectors. I need to use something that the cats can’t get at, or get hurt by if they get at it. They are very playful creatures, and love to sleep in the chairs. I’ll definitely be checking them out. The new floors will not be wood, but I can’t say any more. 🙂 I think I might have to wait and see how the legs look after the floors is done.

  9. Gotta love such a great bargain! I’m a real green lover so these are perfect in my eyes. I would wait until the floor is finished to decide on the legs though.

    1. Thanks so much for your input Debbie! Waiting seems to be the consensus so far, so I’m definitely thinking about it. 🙂

  10. Amy Torres says:

    I would paint the legs white. I don’t think you need to wait because white is a neutral that will go with anything regardless of what you do with the floor. The current color of the legs detracts from your other pieces, and I think white would be gorgeous! I love that you are true to yourself in your decorating and I look forward to seeing what you do next!! The chairs are awesome!

    1. Thanks very much Amy! Life is too short to not throw caution to the wind when it comes to decorating our homes. You’re so right about white going with everything, and I’ll definitely think about it. 🙂

  11. Alexia Rogers says:

    I am like you – finding a good bargain like that just makes my day. I agree – wait until the floor is done but I do love the wood.

    1. Thanks Alexia! Great finds have been known to cause me to break out into happy dancing. lol. So glad you can relate. 🙂

  12. Oh, the thrill of the find & you sure found it in those beautiful wingbacks!
    Wingbacks are chairs that give you a ‘hug with the side wings’, it’s the most popular chair in the room because of the warmth & comfort it provides & that is what makes it a classic.
    The arm protectors stay in place with the screw type pins made to do just that. I found mine years ago at Fabricland. The top is a round plastic with a spiral metal piece that when screwed into place, holds those arm covers & can easily be removed for washing.
    Don’t paint until you audition those chairs with your changes, then make your decision.
    It is looking really good Tula!

    1. Thanks for your comment Cynthia! I do feel very lucky to have found these chairs. They really couldn’t be more perfect for us. I’ll have to look for those screw pins because I know those arm protectors are going to bug me. lol.

  13. I love wing chairs and yours are such a pretty shade of green. I have had my wings chairs since the late 80’s, recovered once and still going strong. I definitely would wait to do the floor before changing the chair legs. They may look great as is on a lighter floor.

    1. Thanks very much AnnMarie! I hope these chairs will last that long. That’s amazing! There’s something about wing chairs that is just so welcoming.

  14. I like the contrast of the wood, so wouldn’t paint them. I personally am doing less wood painting & more of enjoying wood grain for itself, but I sure would go with what everyone else says…wait till you have finished the floors, and I’m sure it’ll speak to you.

    1. Thanks so much Florence! I may have to just wait and see if I want to paint the legs or not out of pure curiosity. 🙂

  15. I’d wait until the floor is done before deciding what to do about the legs. Having said that, to me the legs being so dark means that’s the first thing I see – and they’re not really so exciting are they?

    Regarding the arm covers, the twisty upholstery pins work well to keep things on the arms and the cat doesn’t seem able to pull them out no matter how hard she tries. She seems to have given up on that LOL However, you may want to be sure they aren’t around when you do the pinning. My cat knocked the package onto the floor and I never did find where they went. As far as I can tell, neither did she. It’s been 4 years and she doesn’t seem to have found them so I guess we’re safe

    1. Thanks Judi! I’m so happy to hear that the twisty pins haven’t been an issue with your cat. I think I’ll get some and see how it goes. 🙂

  16. Laura Crumm says:

    I LOVE the chairs. And the price! WOW!! Great find.

    1. Thanks very much Laura! I’m a very lucky lady, and I really have to thank my local Restore. I have found so many great things there over the years.