Mama Flamingo and Baby Heron

We like to have fun in the garden, and that includes adding colour in unexpected ways. Our hosta garden at the front of the house is pretty devoid of bright colour, except when the coral bells and astilbe come into bloom.

We have somewhere between 60 to 80 different varieties of hostas… we’re not sure how many because we haven’t counted them yet this year. We grow them for the foliage… not for the flowers, which I actually remove, stems and all, because too many hosta flowers make the garden look way too busy for me.

To add some splashes of colour we moved these two steel sculpture birds from the back garden… after they had a makeover of course.


Spray Painted Garden Birds

This is what they looked like before. We bought these years ago from an artisan at a local craft show. They’re very good quality and they weren’t cheap. I think we paid $100 for the large one and $50 for the small one. A hefty price for me, but I fell in love with them so I had to have them

Spray Painted Garden Birds

After years of being outside they were starting to look tired and boring, so we took them to an area behind some cedars where the grass was a little long and spray painted them.

I painted mama flamingo a lovely bright pink…

Spray Painted Garden Birds

and John painted baby heron with a fabulous turquoisey blue.

Spray Painted Garden Birds

It was sooo easy, and the next time John cuts the grass the colours will magically disappear… we think.

Spray Painted Garden Birds
Here’s the view of part of the front garden from our kitchen door on the front porch.
Spray Painted Garden Birds

Spray paint to the rescue…. again!!! I love the stuff!!!

Spray some colour somewhere today… and smile!

Thanks so much for reading!


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  1. They look beautiful Tuula – fun and summery!
    AND that view from your kitchen is just gorgeous – really really gorgeous!

  2. Beautiful! I love garden ornaments, especially those with a splash of color.

    Pieces that are well crafted and unusual are always worth the extra money in the long run.

  3. Tuula your garden is absolutely beautiful! The different variegated leaves on the hostas are always so elegant and graceful. Your flamingo and heron look regal standing among them – even with the whimsical colors which I like!

  4. These are absolutely adorable! And I love the colors you chose to paint them – they stand out perfectly in your garden.

    Hugs to you!

  5. These add such whimsy to your garden! How cute!I love sruprises in the garden!

  6. Big smiles from BeColorful. This would be my style too. 😀 Thanks for sharing this week.