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Munching My Way to Some Craft Room Organization

Oh yes… you read that right.

It’s taken me almost a year of munching to get this craft room project done. Is that dedication? Is that commitment? Is that obsessed?

Am I the poster girl for patience… or what?!!! (Don’t answer that.)

Wine Rack and Pringles Cans Craft Room Storage

Now I should clarify that it hasn’t been a year of constant munching. And to be honest… I don’t really eat a lot of munchies, but I do love my BBQ Pringles.

And like the crazy person that I sometimes am, and only sometimes (uh-huh), I’ve been quietly munching away… and saving the cans.

Why? Well I’m glad you asked.

Because I found a wine rack at the thrift store for $3 so I snapped it right up, and when I got home I had a vision.

Wine Rack and Pringles Cans Craft Room Storage


The slots were the perfect size for Pringles cans. Imagine that!

It was kismet!

So you can clearly see that I had no choice. Like any good blogger with a vision I munched,

Wine Rack and Pringles Cans Craft Room Storage
and munched,


Wine Rack and Pringles Cans Craft Room Storage
and munched,
Wine Rack and Pringles Cans Craft Room Storage
and munched,
Wine Rack and Pringles Cans Craft Room Storage
and munched.
Wine Rack and Pringles Cans Craft Room Storage

And finally one day… after many, many, many days… I had a can in every single slot.

So what to do then? I had to cover them with something. And what about the BBQ smell?

Wine Rack and Pringles Cans Craft Room Storage

Well BBQ Pringles are very mild, and not greasy at all. But as a precautionary measure, as I was amassing my collection, I wiped the inside of each can clean with a damp paper towel and stored them in the wine rack without their lids to air them out. This worked like a charm.


Wine Rack and Pringles Cans Craft Room Storage

Now to cover them I needed something that could take some abuse. I decided to use some thrifted woodgrain vinyl self adhesive contact paper that I had. It was a bit translucent so it took two layers for each can.

When they were done I thought they looked a little boring. So I decided to pretty them up with bits of lace ribbon and rick rack.


Wine Rack and Pringles Cans Craft Room Storage

I just used my glue gun. Soooo easy!

I decided to leave the wine rack natural because it matches the cans, and I know I’ll be moving the cans in and out constantly and if I painted the rack it would probably get “chipped”. Ha! (Oh Mr. Bones that’s terrible. uh-huh. Yes Mr. Bones that’s terrible.)

To finish it off I added a piece of masonite on the top for a shelf.

Wine Rack and Pringles Cans Craft Room Storage

Even though I’m not using them, because I want easy access, I did keep all the lids. I might have to do a project with them someday.

Wine Rack and Pringles Cans Craft Room Storage

These could be used to store so many things. I’m not a scrapbooker, but scrapbooking storage comes to mind. Chalkboard labels would be great on the top of the lids so you know what’s inside.

If the lids are to be used space needs to be allowed for them when adding any lace and ribbons or the lids won’t fit.


Wine Rack and Pringles Cans Craft Room Storage

Now I have somewhere to store all my different silverware bunches that I use in my wind chimes, as well as a few other odds and sods that I like to have handy.

The cost of this project was just $3 for the wine rack. Everything else came from my stash. I’m not counting the Pringles because I was already eating them anyway. Thankfully, no pounds were gained during the completion of this project.

Don’t forget to pin it!

Repurposed Pringles Cans and Wine Rack Organizer


Have a great day everyone.



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  1. Clever and delicious craft project. Love how you left the $3 price tag on the rack to remind us how thrifty you are. This would be the perfect organizer for my tons of rulers, pens, and scissors. I am quite surprised it did not turn out green or pink!

  2. You go girl! What a fabulous idea! Everything just came together perfectly, munching and all!

  3. Aww Tuula I'm so glad I inspired you, it came up brilliant. I love that you suffered for your art in the form of Pringles, tough gig but someone has to do it 😉

  4. You should have called. I would have helped you eat all those pringles! I love this idea and I love Mel's too! You guys are so creative!

  5. What a fantastic idea! I love how it turned out….the lace and rick-rack were just the right touch! Have a wonderful Friday and weekend….

  6. Next time call me and I'll help you eat all those Pringles. Oh the things we do for our visions… 🙂
    A great idea and perfect for supplies!

  7. Hi Tuula,
    Such a great and fun way to organize your craft goodies. I have to stay completely away from the chips aisle, especially the BBQ Pringle's. I'm constantly organizing and re-organizing my craft room. My latest is a repainted old metal cabinet. Hope you'll come over and see it!

  8. What a smart ( and tastey) recycling project! Not to brag but I'm pretty sure I could gather those Pringles cans in a fraction of the time ( I could live on chips if they weren't so bad for you). Thanks so much for sharing at the Make it Monday Party! Hope to see you again next week.

  9. Okay, this completely cracked me up! I love me some pringles too…rick-rack paddywhack! You and Mel are both geniuses. 🙂


  10. What a fun and creative idea! Love it when something good (like Pringles) turns into something better! Thanks for sharing with SYC.

  11. Clever storage solution! And a great reason to eat those chips. 🙂 Thanks for sharing at Revisionary Life.

  12. Wow that is clever and so creative of you Tuula! I love it and it's perfect for you. Have a wonderful day and weekend.

  13. CINNY KOLESAR says:


    1. Thanks so much Cinny! Good luck with your project.

  14. CINNY KOLESAR says:


    1. Me too Cinny! I love decorating for Christmas and it’s always fun to repurpose things into Christmas decor.

  15. Georgia B Gleese says:

    Absolutely Grand!! I enjoyed the steps to the finished project…”Keep Crafting Alive”!!!!