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It’s been a very hot and dry here, and I’ve been doing a lot of very unglamourous things around the house like cleaning from top to bottom, repainting trim to freshen it up, weeding the garden jungles, etc etc etc. All very necessary things, but totally not blogworthy.

June 2013

But it hasn’t been all work and no fun, I have been taking some time to just kick back and enjoy with John by the pond, and I just did my first project in what feels like ages

Something not many people know about me is that I’ve always wanted to play the guitar… acoustic guitar… sitting around a bonfire. That sounds pretty much like heaven to me.   I almost took lessons as a child, but it didn’t happen… I don’t remember why.


pink guitar wind chime

So when I found this guitar at the local flea market for $5 I knew it was meant for me. If I can’t play one myself I can at least listen to this one play for me, but first it needed a makeover.


pink guitar wind chime

I took it out to my portable garage painting station to give it some pink spray paint love.


pink guitar wind chime

Here it is on out back deck.


pink guitar wind chime

I hung it up on the fence that surrounds our back deck, and went looking for things that I could use to make it into a wind chime.


guitar spray paint makeover

I found these brass music hanging thingies a while back and they’re perfect for this project.

To hang them I’ll be using some nylon covered stainless steel wire. You could easily use fishing line, but I’m using this stuff because it reminds me a bit of guitar strings. I also needed some crimp sleeves and a crimper.


guitar DVD Holder guitar spray paint makeover

To attach the wire I simply thread on a sleeve, put the wire through the brass loop, and then put the other end into the sleeve.


guitar DVD Holder guitar spray paint makeover

Using the crimper I press down on the crimp sleeve to make it tight.


guitar DVD Holder guitar spray paint makeover

This is what it looks like when it’s done. I crimped the sleeve three times and it’s super tight.


guitar DVD Holder guitar spray paint makeover

Here they are all done.


guitar DVD Holder guitar spray paint makeover

I attached the wire to the bottom tuning pegs the same way, using the crimp sleeves and crimper.


guitar DVD holder spray paint makeover

I would have preferred the music thingies to be silver coloured, but we thrifters can’t be choosers.


guitar DVD holder spray paint makeover

Here it is above my metal table makeover, and the vintage repurposed strainer planter. Although it doesn’t sound quite the same as a real guitar it does sound pretty sweet in the breeze.

It felt so great to finally work on a blogworthy project again. At least I hope it’s blogworthy. πŸ™‚

Thanks so much for reading and until next time…

keep on keepin’ on!


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  1. Mother Deer says:

    That is an awesome wind chime! Love the pink πŸ™‚

    1. Thanks so much Mother Deer!

  2. ColleenB.~Texas says:

    Oh, I love that.
    kicking myself now cause I used to have one of them CD guitar stands and gave it away :{ Long before I found your blog.

    Love how your creative mind works. I always look forward to seeing what you come up with next.

    1. Thanks Colleen! I had never seen one of these stands before and I loved it. I just found another large DVD stand that is completely different. I’ll be sharing it in my finds post later this week.

  3. Who hoo you are back, so nice to get an email.. Hope all is well and love love this…. Welcome back !

    1. Thanks Marsha! It feels really good to be back. πŸ™‚

  4. Oh, that’s just lovely!! I’m a music person…..wanted to be a music teacher…..so love the notes! And thank you for teaching me that new little trick with the crimper!! Never have seen one before, but I’ll sure keep it in mind for future projects!! Nice to have you back! Dona

    1. Thanks so much Dona! It’s really great to be back on the blog again. I just discovered the crimper and crimp sleeves and they’re opening up a whole new world of wind chime possibilities.

    1. Thanks Kris! I couldn’t agree with you more. The next time I see one at a thrift store I think I might just have to bring it home with me.

  5. Good to see you again Tuula! Glad you’re back. I love the wind chimes. Are you keeping? Just curious…

    1. Thanks so much Florence! Yes I am keeping this one. I’m hoping it’ll encourage me to actually pick up a real quitar some day. Stranger things have happened. πŸ™‚

  6. So clever and creative! Very humid and hot in NJ


    1. Thanks Cindy! Sounds like you’re in the same weather belt as we are here. I’m really trying to be grateful that we’re not buried in 3 feet of snow, but it can be a challenge when it feels like 105. Stay cool! πŸ™‚

  7. Awww. I love this! The notes were perfect!


    1. Thanks Tania! Now all I need is a real pink guitar. Maybe someday.

  8. Hi Tuula! Clever use of these finds…you always come up with such cool combos!

    1. Thanks Tina! In my world pink makes everything better. πŸ™‚

  9. It is definitely blog worthy! It is cute and so unique. I had no idea at the beginning how you were going to make the guitar into a wind chime! Happy to have you back!

    1. Thanks AnnMarie! It’s so good to be back. πŸ™‚

  10. This is awesome! Love that pink! I played guitar from when I was a little girl through high school but then I stopped. Wish I hadn’t, guess life just got in the way. It’s never too late to learn! xoKathleen

    1. Thanks Kathleen! You’re so right, and one of these days I may just pick up a thrifted real guitar and start playing around with it. I think it would be such fun.

  11. Kathy Nielsen says:

    Really darling idea! You could spray the cords silver.

    1. Thanks for the suggestion Kathy. I might just try that!

  12. Donna Wilkes says:

    So glad you have returned to Bloglandia. You have been missed. Pink guitar pickins. It’s a good thing.

    1. Thanks Donna. It’s so nice to finally be back. You know in my world pink is always a good thing.

  13. Love the guitar wind chimes! I had always wanted to play guitar, & about 5 years ago at the ripe old age of 65 I found someone who would come to my house for lessons. About 3-1/2 years into it, Covid-19 came along and put an end to that in the spring of 2020. About 4 months later my husband of 45 years died suddenly from a massive heart attack. Almost 2 years later, I still haven’t touched my guitar. It’s never too late to start something new. I started college at 48, and 7 years later (I could only go part time because I was working full time) I had not only a BA in History, with a minor in English, but also a MS in distance learning, and a job as a middle school special education teacher. It seems you can teach an old dog new tricks. ????

    1. You certainly can teach an old dog new tricks Lynn! I had always wanted to play guitar too, and started taking lessons online at age 59 in 2020. I don’t get to play or practice as much as I’d like, but when I do I really love it. There’s nothing like playing an instrument to help with stress and the craziness of life. You should pick up that guitar again. There are a lot of free online teachers. I’m sure you could find someone that you like. All the best to you!