My Thrifted Finds #3

So this week I found some fun and interesting things.

These vintage plastic light reflectors really take me back to my Christmas childhood. I love all the bright colours.



I don’t really know what to say about this next find except that sometimes I fall in love with the strangest things.

It’s a vintage battery operated railroad lantern light.



The lights are on the bottom, and I just have to figure out how the battery chamber opens… if it opens. It could be rusted shut.

I’m really hoping the lights work because I think this would make an awesome lighted wind chime for an outdoor covered patio or porch. I’m now on the hunt for cool things to hang from it, so this project will be done who knows when.

Any suggestions for wind chime hanging thingies?




I have a thing for clocks and star bursts, so this vintage Ingraham clock is absolutely perfect.

And it works! That’s always a plus.



And I found something to help me organize my craft room … this awesome vintage fold-up Rolykit storage caddy. It holds so many bits and bobs.

You’re supposed to be able to open and close it without anything spilling over or out.



But I’m playing it safe and keeping almost everything beyond the first section in little baggies… just so I don’t have a nightmare mess on my hands one day.

It’s supposed to not happen, but believe me when I say that I can make the unhappenable (is that even a word?) happen.




I haven’t filled it completely yet. I have more stuff, just haven’t had the time.




This caddy stretches out to a phenomenal 4′ x 11″ of storage space.




And then it folds up to sit just 8″ high on my craft desk. It’s like magic!

This caddy is not getting a makeover, but I just had to show it to you.


And last but not least this vintage aluminum platter and coaster set.

They share the same rose pattern, but not the same edging so I doubt they started out as a set. I  may split them up… I haven’t decided yet.

See you on Monday with the project that I chose from this post.

Have a great weekend!


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  1. I'm clueless about how to open your lamp, but I hope you figure it out because it would make an awesome lighted chime! I'm drooling over that cool craft supply case. That was a totally awesome find!

  2. Such wonderful finds once again.
    On your railroad lantern; looks like the bottom unscrews. For chimes maybe copper tubing or other tubing like conduit. It sure is a great find.
    I fell in love with your aluminum platter and coaster set. Awesome find to say the least.
    Best of luck on your lantern chime

  3. awesome finds and I love that lantern . I BUY things I gravitate too .. LOVE stuff like that and all things silver LOL . LOVE the CLOCK it is awesome

  4. What great finds. That organizational caddy is HUGE. I could only imagine it might take a while to fill up. And, I spy some googly eyes in there. I love a good collection of googly eyes. The clock is amazing as is everything else you rescued.

  5. The caddy is my favourite that would be perfect for my beads, awesome awesome got my mind churning actually 🙂 a lighted wind chime would be beautiful I hope you get it working

  6. I have that clock!! Only mine is missing the sunrays – it was from my husbands childhood and he admitted that 5 boys can be rough on a clock…..