No Sew Quick & Easy Pillow Makeover

Easy Pillow Makeover with No Sewing Required

Do you have a lot of pillows on your bed?

While the look can be lovely I don’t do that, mainly because if I did I probably wouldn’t make the bed every day.

Yes, I said every day. lol.

Even if the rest of the bedroom is disorganized on any given morning, if the bed is made the bedroom looks and feels a million times better .

So, even though I don’t have a lot of pillows… I do like to change up the one decorative pillow that I have in front.

A while back I created this button flower pillow, but it’s time for a change.

  Easy pillow makeover with repurposed scarves

For this easy no sew pillow makeover I’m using two thrifted scarves, and a two dollar thrifted pillow.

The pillow cover is zippered at the back, but it was in great shape so I kept it as the base.

I’m always bringing home scarves that I think are pretty or interesting, and I usually find them for a dollar or less.


Two repurposed scarves for diy pillow makeover

For my pillow redo I’m using a pretty pink knitted-in-the-round scarf, and a beautiful multi-colored ribbon scarf.

Scarves are one of the most versatile items for craft and home decor repurposing projects.

There are so many different kinds of scarves, not to mentions sizes, colors, patterns etc.

And that means the possibilities are pretty much endless.


Easy Pillow Makeover with Scarves

pulling knitted in the round pink scarf over pillow

Knitted-in-the-round scarves are very stretchy, and this one covered my 16″ pillow quite easily.

A few years ago I did this bench seat makeover with one of these scarves in a bright red.

When stretching these scarves for use in projects the stretching is permanent. They might shrink back a bit, but they won’t go back to their original size.

So don’t use one that you care about, or that you think you might want to wear again.


continuing to pull pink scarf over pillow

I gently continued to pull the scarf over the pillow, making sure it’s covering the pillow well.

A dark color might show through the pink scarf, but this light yellow didn’t.


folding ends of knitted in the round pink scarf under at sides

Once I had the pillow completely covered with the scarf, and I was happy with it, I tucked in the ends on both sides.


Adding Decorative Scarf to Pillow

wrapping scarf covered pillow with colorful ribbon scarf

Then came this lovely ribbon scarf with all it glorious colors.

It really adds a punch to the light pink scarf.

I’ve had this ribbon scarf for quite a while waiting to use it in a project.

You could use any kind of scarf for this,  or even a lovely piece of fabric. As long as you can wrap it around the pillow to hold in the scarf ends, it’s all good.


pillow covered with knitted scarf and ribbon scarf

Making sure that the tucked in scarf ends were at the sides, I wrapped the ribbon scarf around the pillow.


tying ribbon scarf to hold knitted scarf in place

Then I tied it on the other side.

This easy pillow makeover only took about ten minutes from start to finish.


One Easy Pillow Makeover, Four Different Looks

Quick and easy no sew pillow makeover with ribbon scarf in vertical position

The ribbon scarf holds in the tucked in sides, the top and bottom in this pic, in place very nicely.


Quick and easy pillow makeover with ribbon scarf in horizontal position

I have a darker pink scarf, but I decided to use the lighter one so that the dark pink areas of the ribbon scarf would show up.


Repurposed pillow makeover with tied ribbon scarf in horizontal position

For me, just like in the garden, green is a neutral in home decor.


Repuposed no sew pillow makeover with tied ribbon scarf in vertical position

Because you get four different looks, you can change the look every day.

And the really great thing about using repurposed scarves for easy pillow makeovers is that no sewing means you can easily take it apart.

Then you can do it all again with different scarves to get a completely different look.

To see more projects like this one check out my repurposed scarf projects.


Save this project for later by pinning!

Quick & Easy Pillow Makeover from Repurposed Scarves with 4 different looks

Thanks so much for reading, and until next time…

keep on keepin’ on!




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  1. Your pillow project is very pretty and I LOVE your mint green chenille bedspread! They go great together!

    1. Thanks Pam! I thrifted the bedspread a few years ago and I change it out with several others.

  2. Very pretty! Great idea!

  3. Debra Hubbs says:

    Who in the world can come up with these ideas! You can lol. I love this idea. So easy and easy to change when desired. The one you did is so pretty, I love it with your bedspread.

    1. Thanks Debra! Every once in a while I need a quick and easy project, and this pillow was definitely both.

  4. Hmmmm, gonna pin this one! Just moved in with my grandson (his idea, can you believe it?!) and he gave me full permission to decorate his house!! Also organize his pantry and cupboards…..well, I do save quite a bit of money by living here! I’ll be dipping into all your pinned ideas soon! This may top the list!

    1. Wow! How awesome is that Dona? How fun that you’ll be doing some decorating. :).

  5. Hi Tuula,
    Awe I have a male Cat too who is middle aged & it’s been him & I together for the last 7 years, I So get you right now!!! Munchie is my guys name he is a Big Beautiful Maine Coon & I don’t want to even think about life without him. My thoughts and prayers are with you Monkey (he is sweet btw, my Munchie greets me at the door too-Love) & the rest of his family….just keep loving him lots, I kept a kitten alive years ago (he was getting IV’s for 3 days too) by honest to God holding him in my arms for three days & bringing him to bed with me, & he started to come around on the 3rd day & on the 4th day the Vet said;’ Wow, what did you do’ & I said; I held him in my arms for three days, brought him to bed with me & just simply loved on him so he knew how much I wanted & loved him. She cried, I cried, & Sunny (his name) made it as the Vet said ‘against all odds, he was very sick she said to me’, I knew but either way I wanted him to know how loved he was… she was amazed & the only thing he was left with was a slight loss of hearing in one ear. So love on Monkey as much as you can!!!
    The pillow is gorgeous, simple easy & beautiful!!! I love the colours too, & against your light green bedspread looks A-M-A-Z-I-N-G.
    Cheers & luv

    1. Thanks so much Kim for all your good thoughts. What a lovely story about your kitty. That’s a real testament to what love can do. 🙂