No Sew Window Valance

In my last post I showed you how I added my DIY fabric covered vinyl roller shade.
Today I’m sharing my no sew window valance.
No Sew Window Valance

I’ve had so many different ideas of what to do for a valance over the last few weeks, but I finally made up my mind when I found these table runners at the dollar store for $3 each.

No Sew Window Valance
How perfect I thought. I loved the colour and the fabric is kinda fun. All the sewing is already done for me, they’re the right depth at 12″, and they’re lined.  For $3 each.
I wanted to give them a little extra something so I decided on a box pleat.


No Sew Window Valance

I’ve never made a box pleat before, but I thought… how hard could it be?

So I just decided to wing in and see what happened. The runner wasn’t long enough for more than one pleat so it was actually quite easy.

My window area from where it will hang is 36 3/4″ inches wide, and the runner was 47.  I pinched in about 2″ of fabric on both sides of the centre and pinned it.


No Sew Window Valance

The finished length of the valance came to about 39 “.

I cut a 36″ piece of 1″x 1” lumber from our stash. This leaves a little space on either side to tuck in the ends of the valance.


No Sew Window Valance

I pinned the pleat closed because it made it easier to staple gun the fabric onto the 1×1.


No Sew Window Valance

Here’s the back of the pleat. Before hanging it up I gave it a light ironing.


No Sew Window Valance

Once the fabric was stapled on I removed the pins and turned the 1×1 so the stapled area was at the top. That is the side that will go up in the window.


No Sew Window Valance

As is seen in this photo.

I used this same method of hanging when I made my beach mat window blind for my guest room last year. You can see that post here.


No Sew Window Valance

And here’s my first ever box pleat anything. It’s not perfect, but our house motto is “almost perfect” so I’m quite happy with it.

The traditional (dare I say it, lol, … almost tailored) look of the valance with the funky look of the fabrics really speaks to me. Mixing up colours, fabrics, and styles is such fun. It’s like play time.


No Sew Window Valance

I tucked the top corners of the valance in around the piece of wood, and simply used one tack on each side to secure the bottom corners into the molding. Easy peasy.

It’s funny how the wall colour looks more yellow when taking pics at night. It’s actually raffia cream, which is a nice light and creamy colour.


No Sew Window Valance

Here’s the plain and boring window before, and the fun and funky after .

Because we have backup electric baseboard heaters below the two windows on the east side of the master bedroom we can’t put floor length curtains.

So this is my solution for all three windows, and it had to be done on the cheap. Each table runner was $3, and the fabric on each shade cost about 50 cents. With tax that’s about $4 a window.

Not bad for this thrifty girl. If I can make this pretty much anyone can.

What do you think? Have you ever made a box pleat?


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  1. Absolutely pure genius; using a table runner to finish off your window. I myself, never would had thought about using a table runner as a window treatment. Clever idea. Something I'm going have to remember.
    Beautiful job and your runner goes well with your printed fabric. Having that pleat…………Awesome

  2. Well, if that's not perfect, it's as near to it as it can get! It looks fabulous!!! Great job, girl! Dona

  3. Your talent of knowing how to put things together amazes me and this valance is no exception! Who would have thought to do this? Not me! This looks lovely! Go Tuula! Go Tuula!

  4. These are perfect in every way! They look great with the shades, were cheap, and easy too! I love repurposing items and using things in unintended ways! I can't wait to see your room all finished…so fun and funky!

  5. Wow Tuula! It must have been fate for you to find that runner! It's perfect, and don't you just love when something falls into place like this? The right pattern, color, size…everything! Great job!

  6. How very awesome Tuula and oh so pretty! That simple box pleat sure makes it look all professional to me! Thank you for 2 no-sew projects in a row!

  7. Leave it to you to come up with such an brilliant idea! Love the colors Tuula!

  8. I love the simple lines of the valance with the box pleat. The green looks great with the funky shade.

  9. It really adds a fun touch to the shade Tuula! Thanks for sharing with SYC.