Shelf Makeover and a Vintage Collection

Every once in a while I see wall shelf units at the thrift stores that really need a makeover. Years ago I had these in various shapes and sizes all over my house holding my salt & pepper collection.

When I realized that I wasn’t even seeing them anymore except to dust (ugh!) the S&P’s were sold off, and I donated all the shelves to local thrift stores.

A few weeks ago I showed you these two $1 shelves in my Finds of the Week. These could very well be two shelves that were in my house all those years ago. lol.

That wouldn’t surprise me one bit.


spray painted shelf makeover

But in my defense times change, and now I thought they’d be perfect for holding some of the little things that I have in my etsy shop until they were sold.

painted shelf makeover

The shelf makeover was very easy. I gave them two light coats of a lovely white paint and primer combo.

It was a rather cold day when I did this in my portable garage, but I couldn’t wait. After being outside for two hours they still weren’t completely dry. I had to bring them in and hang them up so they’d finish drying inside.

Once they dried I gave them a good sanding with a sanding block to give them a bit of a weathered white-washed look. I could have just put them outside for a week, but I couldn’t wait for that either.

Feeling impatient much? Well, yes now that you mention it. lol.

displaying vintage goblet collection

When I saw the shelves on my craft room wall I changed my mind (something I never do… hahaha) and decided they were perfect to hold my vintage silver and brass goblet collection, which has been stored a little here and a little there.

It’s nice to see them all in one place.

At this time of year my craft room switches identities like some messed up super hero. All the regular crafting stuff gets put in boxes and stored away, still within reach but out of sight… and out come all the things I need for the making of wind chimes, garden plate flowers, and teacup bird feeders… and hopefully a few new ideas for items that I have up my sleeve… all for my Spoonfuls of Whimsy etsy shop.

curio shelf makeover


The shelves also hold some of my silver cream and sugar sets, and a few smalls.

wall shelf makeover


Some of these will be kept, some may be sold, and many will be used to make wind chimes.


white shelf makeover

I haven’t decided the fate of any of them yet. Right now I’m just enjoying looking at them in my craft room. They’re all at varying stages of patina, but all are lovely. I found most of the goblets last summer at garage sales.

I’m sooo looking forward to garage sale season this year. It’s so much fun! I know some of you are already enjoying it. Lucky you!

But for that I have no choice but to wait. It doesn’t really start around here until May.

Feeling patient much? Well no, now that you mention it. lol.

Thanks so much for reading!

Keep on keepin’ on

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  1. So funny – I have often bought something back thinking maybe I was the one who donated it. The tarnished silver with its beautifully aged appearance looks great on the newly made over shelves.

  2. Your newly painted shelves makes for a lovely display of your goblets! What a perfect spot for them. As I look at the picture, I'm thinking that it would make a nice vintage scene to transfer onto something special. That would be so cool to do!

  3. Those shelves are perfect for that collection! Absolutely beautiful! I live in the land of year round yard sales! Had one myself, last weekend! I'm telling ya, girl, you should take a little vacation to Arizona! We also have more thrift shops than you could visit in a day! Just sayin'…….Dona

    1. Oh Dona… you're making me envious right now. It's so cold here you'd think it was still winter. I'd love to come and thrift Arizona style. Wish I could have checked out your yard sale.

  4. Tuula,
    Those shelves re loved with paint are a great storage for your silver collection. Looks great.

  5. I've been on the lookout for a couple of shelves like these for my craft room. I want to display a couple of collections. These turned out great!


  6. What a great find! They look so pretty with all of your beautiful silver pieces. It is definitely feeling like spring. Have a wonderful weekend Tuula!!

  7. I am so impatient for garage sale season to start too!! It is the thrill of the hunt for me because I have nothing in mind that I am looking for! I was so pleasantly surprised to see what you put on your newly painted shelves. I never expected to see all the old goblets….it looks fabulous!! I have so many things tucked away that I want to put out. I will have to get creative!

  8. I'd say those shelves were made for your silver and brass collection, but what I really think is your eye for how to place all the pieces on these shelves is what really makes it. It is a stunning way to display your pieces. I love it!!

  9. They're perfect for holding your collection! I'm absolutely positive I've bought some of my own stuff back; it was a good idea at once time, so why not again:-) Thanks for sharing at Vintage Inspiration Party.

  10. I love the new use of your shelves and they look so beautiful used to display all your silver goblets and such.