Picture Frame Wind Chimes

Even though it doesn’t actually feel much like Spring here yet, I’ve been a bundle of spring fever for a while now. For me that means I’ve been itching to get into the garden art groove.
picture frame silverware wind chime

So here’s my first set of wind chimes for the season… especially made for Think Pink Monday

silverware wind chimes

During a small window of warmer weather two weekends ago I spent an hour or so outside flattening vintage silverware on the marble slab that the sun finally freed from beneath the snow. I have many more to do, but it’s a start.


picture frame silvereware wind chime

When I thought of the picture frame wind chime idea I went into my small frames stash to see what I could find. These are all good candidates.

how to make a picture frame wind chime

I chose to use this silver Victorian style metal frame.

It has lovely details.

The glass and cardboard were removed before I took this picture.


spray painting a picture frame

I sprayed it with two coats of Krylon Dual white paint and primer combo.


Then I dry brushed over the white with pink craft paint.


picture frame silverware wind chime

The other supplies I needed were three hand stamped silver plate vintage spoons with holes drilled through their tops, a thrifted necklace, and some silver tone split jump rings.

picture frame wind chime

I drilled the holes that I needed into the frame.

UPDATE:  I used a 1/16″ metal drill bit for the frame, and I use this same size or 3/32″ to drill holes into silverware.


hanging a wind chime

I took apart the necklace and added the lengths that I wanted to use to three jump rings, and then threaded the jump rings into the holes that I drilled at the top of the three spoon

adding split jump rings to picture frame to hang silverware

Then I added split jump rings into the holes I drilled in the frame.

hanging silverware from picture frameAt this point I decided I needed to add something more between the spoons .

making a silverware wind chime

So I went into my stash of chandelier crystals to find some much needed bling.


hand stamped silverware wind chime

Here’s a close up of the hand stamped spoons.

I stamped them with the french words espoir (hope), amour (love), and foi (faith).

You can read my tutorial on how to flatten, hand stamp, and drill holes into silverware in this Hand Stamped Silverware Spoon Bookmark post.
making a picture frame silverware wind chime
I used more pieces of the necklace to hang the chimes and , of course, I had to add a little more bling.


picture frame wind chime

Here’s the back of the frame after it was put back together.

I ripped the cardboard stand thingy off before starting this project.

I took the wind chimes outside to get some pics because the pink colour was more true in the natural light.
Repurposed picture frame silverware wind chime

I was planning on putting a black and white photo of Paris in the frame, but nothing looked quite right. Then I remembered the vintage postcards that I received a while back from a good bloggy friend.


Repurposed picture frame silverware wind chime

Thanks so much Sherry. I think this sweet little girl with her adorable puppy are perfect. Let’s just pretend that they’re French.


hanging hand stamped spoons from wind chime

It was quite the windy day so it was impossible to get a good pic of the spoons. They just wouldn’t stay still, but they were chiming like crazy… so they passed their test run.


Repurposed picture frame silverware wind chime

Needless to say that because of the picture and the cardboard backing this is not meant to be out in the elements. It would be perfect inside by a breezy window, or outside under a covered porch or deck.

Or you could leave the picture out entirely and remove the little screws and just hang it like that. A little chalkboard would be fun too. The possibilities are endless really.

For me I think it’ll be fun to change it with the seasons or for holidays… or just because.

Thanks so much for reading!

Yes, that’s snow in the picture… but it’s starting to melt, thankfully, and no matter what the outside thermometer reads Spring is officially here. Yay!!!!!!!!!

What Spring projects are you getting into?

Keep on keepin’ on!
For more projects check out my garden project gallery.

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  1. Such a great project Tuula–love the French words on your spoons. Do you need a special bit to drill through metal? I've never tried that before. Have a great week 🙂

    1. Thanks Diana! I use either a 1/16" or 3/32" drill bit especially for metal. They can be found at any hardware store. Both work fine. It just depends what size of a hole I want to make. Thanks for asking. I updated my post to add that info.

  2. Oh, girl! You've done it again! How very pretty! I want to know the answer to Diana's question, too, about the drill bit! Ditto Gail's comment….you are a genius!!! Dona

    1. Thanks so much Dona! I use either a 1/16" or 3/32" drill bit especially for metal. The trick is to go slow. I broke a few bits when I was first learning. I give more details on the process in the hand stamped bookmark tutorial that I linked to in the post. I hope you check it out!

  3. Good morning, Tuula! Another fun wind chime project and pink, too…love the postcard you chose.
    Melt snow!

  4. So cute. I have lots of old silverplate so I'm going to try this and use a mirror in the frame. How do you flatten the silverware? Do different kinds and lengths make different sounds?

    1. Hi SIssy! I flatten silverware with a regular hammer. For details check out my silverware bookmark tutorial that I link to in this post. The sound that silverware makes does vary slightly, depending on how many pieces you use, what size they are, and whether they are flattened or not. I've made wind chimes with many different sizes, types, with knives, forks, spoons, flattened and left as is… and they all sound beautiful.

  5. Very nice! I'd make one if I had a way to drill the holes in the spoons! I bet the spoons have a nice jingle and not an annoying clamor!

  6. Soooo cute Tuula. I still love my wind chime I won from you. It is so gorgeous. You are so creative with these.

  7. The stamped spoons are lovely as is the picture you chose for the frame. This chime would be so pretty on an enclosed porch with pink and green toile on white wicker furniture.

  8. Your wind chimes are fabulous, my friend 🙂 I love your creativity. Hugs!

  9. So cute and clever! I have several of these types of frames lying around. Maybe I'll turn one into a wind chime…:) Have a lovely week Tuula!

  10. Your choice of frame was perfect! The entire look is feminine yet whimsical, which is a fab choice for a garden (or anywhere in my book).

  11. Wow! You really go for it! I am heading to the tutorial… think I need to start flattening.

    And of course, find something pink. Because after seeing your blog, I have an instant reflex to think pink.

  12. What a sweet project! Thank you for sharing your tutorial. What a cute set of chimes! I am visiting from Roses of Inspiration 🙂

  13. This would be so cute in a little girl's room, right by a breezy wondow, too. So sweet for your first chime of the season!!

  14. I keep thinking I'll make one of these cut windchimes, but I'll probably just buy one of yours. It's so much easier!

  15. Oh, I am so glad you shared this with Roses of Inspiration. This wind chime is a favorite of mine 🙂 Hugs to you, Tuula!

  16. Oh wow Tuula – it's simply gorgeous !
    How do you come up with these ideas?
    I still love mine more than I can tell you – I hang it inside in the kitchen because I'm afraid of ruining it but I'll be putting it in front of the open window ( as soon as it's safe to open a window up here in the artic lol )

  17. I love this Tuula. So very pretty and a true sign of spring!!! Have a wonderful weekend!

  18. So sweet Tuula! Pretty in pink! Thanks for sharing with SYC.