Perfectly Perfumed Pretty Pink Peonies

Happy Monday friends!

Pink Peony
Try and say that title 3 times without tripping over your tongue. lol.

I know I can’t.

I hope you all had a fabulous weekend. Saturday was gorgeous here… a perfect day for garage saling… and working in and enjoying the gardens.

I’ll show you my garage sale finds on Wednesday as usual, but today I just wanted to share a few pink pretties.

Pink Peony

Our peonies in the front garden are just starting to open.

Now that the lilacs and lily of the valley are finished scenting the air with their lovely perfume the peonies will take over where they left off.

Pink Peony

When they’re all covered with these big beautiful blooms they are a sight to see, and they smell absolutely heavenly.

Garden Pink Peonies

I’m waiting until there’s more before I bring some of these beauties into the house.

Garden Pink Peonies

When bringing peonies inside I always make sure to shake the blossoms well. I don’t want any ants coming in with them.

Pink Columbine

And every year, thanks to the birds or the wind, wild pink Columbine just shows up wherever it wants to.

Columbine Wildflower

And we welcome it with open arms.

Does Mother Nature leave any free gifts in your garden?
Thanks so much for reading, and until next time…
Think Pink!


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  1. I love peonies and the fragrance is outstanding. Yours are gorgeous. and wish I could take a Big whiff.
    I only wish I could grow them here in Texas but it gets way to hot down here. Believe me, I have had tried. They just don't survive in the heat and not cold enough here in the winter.
    When I lived in Iowa I had several of the fern peonies. They where so pretty and I really hated leaving them behind after we moved out of the state.
    Hope you have an enjoyable day and thanks for the peony memories.

  2. Absolutely gorgeous! Such a lovely, rich pink!

    Uh, let's not talk about what Mother Nature brings me in my yard. Things like all the dead leaves on the block, other people's trash, weeds where I don't want 'em…….nah, nothing good! Well, that's not really true…she brings me birds to my bird feeders, and all my flowers bloom with abandon. So I'm not complaining.

    If she could only turn the heat down a little…………..Dona

    1. lol. We have to take the bad with the good right?. In the spring I can see the dandelion seeds floating on the breeze, and I just know they're going to be in my gardens the next year. But good seeds come in too, so like you said… I can't complain.

  3. So so pretty Tuula. The colors of your peonies are so vibrant and gorgeous. Have a great week.

  4. Gorgeous peonies! Still waiting for mine to bloom. Last year I got a Shasta daisy plant from the birds or wind and it came back this year. I had been wanting one too! I also got a garden full of garlic chives. The flower is gorgeous but they take over everything else.

  5. Super Peony, love the bright color. Have a great start to the week


  6. My peonies are not blooming yet here in northern New England, but they do have buds. When they bloom they will be just the color of yours!

    1. It's such a rich vibrant pink. We have some lighter pinks too, but this one is my favourite.