Plate Rack Makeover


Plate Rack Makeover / www,thriftyrebel.com

We’ve had the most lovely long weekend here.

The weather has been beautiful and to make it even better Saturday was the traditional kick off for garage sale season… just like it is every year.

There were tons of them and John and I hit as many as we could, while sparing a few minutes to stop for breakfast in between towns.

Among the many things I bought were these 3 matching wrought iron plate holders for just 75 cents a piece.


I set them up in my painting area in the portable garage.


Painting Metal Plate Racks
I gave them a couple of coats of a lovely bright pink spray paint.



And using small finishing nails
I hung them…




Painted Plate Rack Makeover


Painted Plate Holder Makeover
And voila…
because the top curlicues fit perfectly inside the bottom curlicues they look like one long plate rack.


Plate Rack Makeover / www,thriftyrebel.com

I hung them beside my night table so I see these three Paris pictures, decoupaged photos on canvas frames, when I wake up every morning. I like how they go with my teacup lamp, and my book birdcage.

I’ll be sharing all the other great stuff I found garage saling in my Finds of the Week on Wednesday.

Thanks so much for reading and until next time…

Think Pink!


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  1. The plate racks are so pretty in the pink. Perfect for a gallery of favorite photos.

  2. Great color!! I love the way it looks with the black & white photos 🙂

  3. You did a great job painting the racks a pretty pink color. You are so talented that way Tuula. Have a nice day and enjoy your week.
    Julie xo

  4. Yes, perfect in pink! Very cute! And that lamp! I've never seen that before! It's amazing!!! Your talent never ends, does it?? Dona

    1. Thanks so much Dona! My teacup lamp is my favourite project of all time, even pre-blogging. It's just so me. I've never found another set of so many teacups, but if I ever do I will definitely be making another one.

  5. HI, me again! So I popped back and read the post on the lamp…wonderful! Did you ever do anything with the rest of the set?? Dona

    1. I had a project in mind when I finished the lamp, but I still haven't found what I need to get that done… so they're waiting on the someday list.

  6. I love that watermelon pink and have used it a few times. Such a happy color! Great deal on the plate racks. I love how you put them together to display the canvas pictures on. Looks great! Have a happy week…:)

  7. So clever and pretty in pink Tuula. Your imagination and reloving things into new things is awesome. You go girl.

  8. Pretty! I have one of my Paris photos on the wall and I might have to get a plate rack for more!


  9. Your teacup/teapot lamp is totally charming. What a lovely way to display photos on you bright and pretty 'plate rack'.

  10. They look really pretty. I love the colour you chos

  11. Squealing over your plate rack here, genius to put them together. Love your photos displayed on it. I'm picturing rolled up tablecloths and tea towels. I'll be looking for these. Love your creative lamp also Tuula…the epitome of girlie. 🙂

  12. The black and white photos really pop against that watermelon color and it does look like a one piece rack. Tres jolie to wake up to!!