Pray for Peace Pink Christmas Tree

One of my favourite parts of Christmas decorating is the trees. All kinds of trees. Whether it’s crafting small decorative trees, putting lights on our outside trees, or decorating our living room and family room trees.

I’ve already posted a few DIY trees that I’ve made, and here’s a peek at my latest one… my craft room tree.


Spray Painted Table Top Tree

Here are my supplies: a $2 thrifted gold tinsel tree, small vintage glass ball ornaments, watermelon pink spray paint, and chalkboard spray paint.


Spray Painted Table Top Tree

In order to paint the small glass balls with the chalkboard spray paint I had to find a way to hold them. I covered a piece of wood with paper and hammered in some finishing nails.


Spray Painted Table Top Tree

I placed an ornament on each nail. I chose to use only the ornaments that had either lost some sheen or had spots of colour missing.


Spray Painted Table Top Tree

Then I spray painted them with several light coats of the chalkboard paint from different directions, trying to reach all sides. This was a bit of a challenge because the force of the spray paint would cause the ornaments to spin.


Spray Painted Table Top Tree

While the ornaments were drying I spray painted the gold tree with the watermelon pink spray paint.


Spray Painted Table Top Tree

Here it is after three light coats.


Spray Painted Table Top Tree

Once the chalkboard ornaments were dry I re-attached their caps.


Spray Painted Table Top Tree

I gathered the branches in layers on either side of the centre stem of the tree. Then I used chalk to print a letter on each ornament, added hooks, and arranged the ornaments on the tree branches. I dotted each ornament cap with some silver glitter glue that’s not really visible in the photos, but it can be seen in person.

I added a simple thrifted angel as a tree topper. And here’s my finished tree.


Spray Painted Table Top Tree

Pray for peace on earth.


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  1. How unique, Tuula! We all have our way of dealing with this terrible tragedy, and we all are praying for peace during this time and always!

  2. This is very special. I know you enjoy seeing it every day. I found your post at Elizabeth & Co.

  3. That is genius. While I love the colors (I cannot believe how well that tree painted up) the message is even better! Merry Christmas!

    1. Thanks so much Holly! I was surprised at how well it painted up too, and it was so easy. I just love spray paint! Merry Christmas to you!!