Pumpkins & Vases & Roosters… Oh My

Fall is my favourite season of the year, so even though summer isn’t officially over yet I’ve decided to totally embrace the fact that fall is coming… even though it totally freaks me out to think that winter isn’t far behind. Winter is coming… whether I like it or not… so I might as well make the best of it.
I thought I would revisit some of my fall projects from last year for those of you who weren’t following me then.

OK… I’ll admit it. The real reason I’m doing this revisit post is because I’ve been sooo busy doing my spring cleaning/reorganizing…. ooops… I mean fall … ooops… not sure what I mean, but apparently I’ve been too busy to do any fall projects yet… and I’m feeling behind… because I’m starting to see them all over blogland… already!!!Whew… does that sound a little like panic to you?

So while I get my story straight, and continue to hopefully totally reorganize myself here, I hope you enjoy seeing these projects.

If you’re interested in any of the tutes… just click on the link beneath each photo.Have a fabulous weekend!Me? I’ve got to continue with my “should-have-been-done-in-the-spring-but-aren’t-getting-done-until-now” chores. Am I the only one?

Oh… procrastination is a witch!!!



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  1. shower curtain rings – scouring pads – how does one's brain transfer that into a wreath and pumpkins????
    these are brilliant Tuula – just brilliant!!!

  2. Still adore those pumpkins! You're probably finding all kinds of things to make stuff out of while you're doing your seasonal cleaning! (Take a tip from me…if you just call it seasonal cleaning, no one knows how far behind you are!!)

  3. You are one clever lady, shower rings to pumpkins!!! Oh my!!


  4. The shower curtain ring pumpkins are still my favorites! I am glad to visit them again while you catch up with your spring cleaning. I am still working on last October's overhaul! Remember that one?

  5. You are genius!! Only a clever mind could look at shower curtain rings and come up with a pumpkin! And a wreath made from scouring pads? Too cool. I know what you mean with the end of summer coming. Things are so busy outdoors right now, it seems if I don't check out the blogs early morning, that I miss everything! Happy fall cleaning.