Quick and Easy Repurposed Scarf Curtain

Repurposed scarf projects for home decor are one of my favourite things to do because they’re quick, easy, and usually very inexpensive… like my repurposed scarf bench seat makeover. This scarf curtain is all of those things too, and I’ve been wanting to do this project for quite some time.

But I had to wait until I found the perfect scarf, and I finally did, at my local thrift shop’s two for $1 scarf sale.

I almost didn’t post this project because it’s so easy, but then I thought… why not?


Supplies for a repurposed scarf curtain

For my scarf curtain I’m using some small curtain rings, a small tension rod, and my thrifted blue scarf.

You’ll see how perfect this scarf is for this project when I’m finished.


How to spray paint curtain rings for repurposed scarf curtain

The first thing I did was spray paint the curtain rings white with a paint and primer combo.

After spraying the tops using this box I then sat the rings on top and sprayed the bottoms.


Adding curtain rings to repurposed scarf curtain

Here’s a close up of a ring. To insert the scarf I simply pressed on the large circle and the clasp opened up so I could insert the fabric.


Adding curtain rings to repurposed scarf curtain

I added all my rings, 10 in total, spaced evenly apart.


Adding curtain rings to repurposed scarf curtain

Then I slid the rings over the tension curtain rod.


How to make a repurposed scarf curtain

Here’s the little room off the kitchen where the curtain is going. Monkey loves sitting in that little window. We removed the original door years ago because it really got in the way of going in and out. It’s being saved for a some day project.

When we moved in back in 1998 a neighbour told us that years and years ago this room was a postal drop off for local mail. At some point the mail boxes had been removed. Yikes! To each his own, but I would have loved those myself. The original exterior window, which is sealed closed now to keep out the winter chill, was a swing out for easy access.

Now this little 4′ x 8′  storage room has to serve many different practical storage purposes… coats, hats, shoes, boots, tools, recycle bin, etc etc etc.

It’ll be getting a total makeover at some point, it’s in line behind a few other rooms, but until then I really wanted to make this view go away.


How to make a repurposed scarf curtain

I put the tension rod in place, twisting it in place until it was tight, and just like that it looks so much better.

I didn’t want the scarf to go right to the floor so when I attached the rings I folded it over to make a valance. This gives Monkey, and our other three cats, easy access under the curtain without having to move it with a paw to get through. I don’t think the curtain would last very long if they had to do that.

This scarf curtain is a perfect solution because we don’t need or want to see inside this room all the time, and the light from the window still comes through.


How to make a repurposed scarf curtainVintage Egg Beater Window Valance and Faux Tea Towel Vinyl Blind Makeover

We can just keep the curtain open when we want.


How to make a repurposed scarf curtainDecoupaged Recipes Kitchen Counters and Faux Redwork Tool Caddy Fruit Holder

But it will stay closed most of the time. It’s such a prettier view that way, and it makes me so happy not to see into that room.

This scarf curtain cost me just $1.08 because everything was thrifted. The scarf was 50 cents, the curtain rings were 50 cents for 20 and I only used 10, and the I got three of the small tension rods for $1 and I only used one.

So if you need a cheap and cheerful door coverage solution a scarf curtain just may be the answer. Whether it’s meant to be temporary or permanent it’s so quick and easy, and you get a lot of bang for your decorating buck… or in my case a buck and 8 cents.

It always amazes me when a project so simple can make such a huge difference. To see more of my repurposed scarf projects click here.


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Quick, easy, and inexpensive repurposed scarf curtain


Thanks so much for reading, and until next time…

keep on keepin’ on!


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  1. Katherine Pittman says:

    Perfectly matches your decor…. Great idea to spray the curtain rings!

    1. Thanks very much Katherine! Because the rod was white I really thought the rings needed to be too.

  2. Hi Tuula,
    Even though that was quick & easy, I’m glad you posted it! I’ve had a scarf curtain on my back burner for a while b/c I have a ton of scarves that were given to me. I still plan to make it sometime. Fascinating about that room being used for mail! Oh yes! I’d definitely want those old mailboxes too, but guess that was a different time. Your scarf curtain is cool & fits right in with your decor! Love it!

    1. Thanks so much Florence! I can only imagine the fabulous storage fun I could have had with those old mail boxes. Oh well, you’re right. It was a different time. I look forward to seeing that scarf curtain of yours someday.

  3. I hate to repeat myself, but…..absolutely perfect!!! I’ve never seen scarves that big around here, but then I’ve never really looked. It’s given me an idea for my closet in the craft room! So thanks! But I have to ask you a question…..my grandson is buying a house that needs some work. He’s given the job of the counters to his sister and I! (Brave soul!) Got to talking about your counter tops and the question came up…..can you set hot stuff on them? Dona

    1. Thanks Dona! This is the first scarf that I found to fit the door. I thought I might have to sew a few scarves together to get the size, so I consider myself very lucky to have found one so large… and for just 50 cents. My decoupaged counters are holding up well, but other than cups with coffee or tea in them I’ve never tried to put something really hot on them. When it comes to casseroles dishes out of the oven, or hot pots and pans etc… I always use some straw place mats that I have to put under them. I’ve pretty much always done that anyway so it’s not an inconvenience to me. To be honest I’m not sure how the polyurethane would hold up, so I’m not planning on testing it. I hope that helps. 🙂

  4. Love it Tuula, it looks great! I used a lace tablecloth in the same way you did for the doorway between my bedroom and half bath.


    1. Thanks Tania! A lace tablecloth is a great idea for a door curtain. It would let the light come through too.

  5. Quick and easy are my 2 favorite words in both decor and food.

    1. Thanks Carol! Me too. 🙂

  6. What a great idea! And, painting the curtains rings was a great idea, too!
    Thanks for inspiring me.

    1. You’re so welcome Polly! I’m so glad you’re inspired. Thanks so much for the lovely comment.

  7. Awesomeness! The dark ombre at the bottom is the truly genius part of this. I’ve never seen that style of rings, they are really great and I’m off to find some. Thanks for posting, Tuula, we love the easy ones, ya know!

    1. Thanks Michelle! I’m so glad I’m not the only one who enjoys quick and easy. 🙂

  8. Wow, that scarf is the perfect color for that door! I have never seen a scarf that big and it looks like a curtain that you made. You always have the best ideas!

    1. Thanks very much AnnMarie! Sometimes waiting for the right thing to come along is worth it. I was so happy when I found that scarf. It was so lucky!

  9. I would recognize your stunning blue, thrifted kitchen anywhere Tuula. That color is so amazing and I love what you did with the scarf and the fact that you left a little gap for the purr babies to fit through.

    1. Thanks so much Michelle! The purr babies pretty much run this house. lol.

  10. You found such a beautiful scarf, Tuula! It’s just perfect for your kitchen and such a great solution. If it needs to be washed, it can easily be taken off and put back on the curtain rod again.

    1. Thanks Julia! That’s a great point that I never even thought of. 🙂

    1. Thanks very much Cecilia!

  11. That’s a wonderful solution and so pretty! Love how the light still shines through but the view is hidden. Sometimes easy and simple are the best – glad you posted this.

    1. Thanks Cecilia! You’re so right, sometimes simple is best. 🙂

  12. Oh My Gosh!! This is a crazy cool idea! I have some scarves I really LOVE & would like to do something neat with them so I can actually look at them… Thanks for posting this project! I think I will try this and check out some of your other DIY’s

    1. Thanks very much for the comment Julie. I think it’s nice to use things we love in our home decor so we can enjoy them everyday. I hope you enjoy checking out my other projects. 🙂