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Quick & Easy DIY Easter Wreath

See how easy it is to create a quick and easy Easter wreath.

Do you have a thing for bright colors?

I certainly do. They’re just so cheerful, especially this time of year.

In between the cold white winter and the warm green spring.

We’re in the damp and brown stage right now. lol. Very boring.

So, this is a perfect time to be creating something quick, easy, inexpensive, and colorful.

shower poufs in spring colors for Easy Easter wreath

I was leaving my local improvement store a few weeks ago, and near the checkout there was a bin full of these fabulous shower poufs at half price.

Who could resist those amazing colors?

Certainly not me,and at 50 cents a piece.

They are perfect for this quick and easy wreath project.

knot in the middle of shower poufs that has to be undone

The shower poufs are tied very tightly in the middle.

I was able to easily untie them, but if that’s not possible scissors could be used.

cut open shower poufs to use for easy Easter wreath project

You won’t believe how long these shower poufs actually are when the untie them.

They were so long, I didn’t even measure them.

opening embroidery hoop to slip through shower poufs

For my easy Easter wreath I’m using a $1 embroidery hoop that I already had.

It’s 12 inches across, and gives me easy access because it can be taken apart by just unscrewing the bolt.

sliding my hand through one end of the shower pouf and out the other

To easily slip the shower pouf over the hoop its best to run your hand all the way through the pouf.

slipping green shower pouf over the opening of the embroidery hoop

Then slip one of the open ends into the pouf and guide it through.

pushing the embroidery hoop through the shower pouf

Until the embroidery hoop is all the way through the shower pouf.

green shower pouf slipped over embroidery hoop

Here’s the green shower pouf all in.

adding purple shower pouf onto emboidery hoop

Next, I went with the purple shower pouf.

adding yellow and pink shower poufs onto emboidery hoop for easy Easter wreath

Then I went with the pink and yellow shower poufs.

Easy Easter wreath made from shower poufs before adding Easter eggs

And here you can see it all done after I closed up the embroidery hoop.

So far, I’m in at about 15 minutes.

adding small Easter eggs onto shower poufs to create easy Easter wreath

But, you know me… I couldn’t stop there.

It wouldn’t be an Easter wreath without some Easter eggs.

I found a $1 mixed bag of little glittered beauties at the dollar store, and I just glued them on here and there with my low temp glue gun .

TIP: My shower poufs are a little loose, but they’re squished enough so the embroidery hoop isn’t visible. You could add even more poufs for a tighter look, but I wouldn’t do any less than five.

Supplies needed for the Easy DIY Easter Wreath

  • Shower poufs
  • embroidery hoop
  • Easter eggs
  • Low temp glue gun
  • glue sticks
How to create a quick and easy Easter wreath using repurposed shower poufs

Here’s my easy DIY Easter wreath hanging on my kitchen door, which is the door we use all the time. My Easter egg wreath, that I created last year, is on the other side.

I looped a piece of one of the shower pouf strings around the hoop, between the green and the blue poufs, for easy hanging .

I have to say that one thing I love about these shower poufs is that they’re very tactile.

Much nicer to work with than that hard mesh ribbon stuff.

And the price was so right. This easy Easter wreath cost me less than $5, and took less than 30 minutes to make, and it can very easily be taken apart.

Thanks so much for reading and until next time,

keep on keepin’ on!


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  1. I to had bought a bunch of these shower poufs some time ago and now that I have seen what you did with them I can make my Easter Wreath!! Thank You Barb

  2. Such a cute wreath, Tuula! Very clever using dollar store poufs rather than expensive mesh ribbon.

    1. Thanks Marie! I’m always looking for inexpensive ways to make things. It really makes creating fun.

  3. Debra Hubbs says:

    So cute and cheerful! Happy Spring!

  4. I picked up a bagful of these poufs a few years ago at a yard sale. Now I know what to do with them!!!!!

  5. Super clever idea! I love how it looks! I would never have thought of this in a million years.