Quick & Easy Ribbon Lace Trees

Do you love to make little trees for the Christmas season?

Every year I make a different Christmas tree trio using whatever I happen to have in my stashes.

It’s fun, easy, and inexpensive because I’m using what I already have.

Last year I shared my miniature rose tree  with two different tree companions, and a few years ago I shared 3 very quick and easy scarf trees in my master bedroom Christmas decor.


How to Make a Ribbon Lace Tree

Puff ball yarn and ribbon lace tree supplies

For this year’s tree trio I’m using some thrifted ribbon lace, the pink puff ball yard that I used in my repurposed thread spools garland, and 3 styrofoam cones.

Just for fun I like each member of my tree trios to be different.

Like anything in home decor they don’t have to match, they  just have to go with each other.


pink and white ribbon lace and styrofoam cone for diy tree

For my first ribbon lace tree I’m using the pink and white ribbon and the largest styrofoam cone.


gluing ribbon lace around large styrofoam cone

With my glue gun I stated attaching the lace around the cone.


continuing to glue pink and white ribbon lace onto styrofoam cone

And I just kept going.


glue pink ribbon lace onto styrofoam cone

The medium sized cone got the light pink lace treatment in the same way.


Easy Peasy Puff Ball Yarn Tree

cutting puff ball yarn puffs for creating tree

For the smallest cone I cut a whole bunch of the puff balls off of the yarn, and they were just glued on as well.


DIY puff ball yarn and ribbon lace tree

Here they are all done… my two ribbon lace trees and one puff ball yarn tree.

These were so easy to make and took about 30 minutes in total.


DIY puff ball yarn and ribbon lace trees with vintage tree toppers

I scrounged through my stashes for some tree toppers.


diy pink and white lace ribbon tree with vintage silver tone and faux pearl brooch tree topper

The large ribbon lace tree has a vintage silver tone and faux pearl brooch as it’s tree topper.

I simple pinned the brooch through the top of the styrofoam cone to hold it in place.


diy pink lace ribbon tree with vintage rhinestone stud earring and light reflector tree topper

The light pink ribbon lace tree has a combo of a vintage rhinestone stud earring and the tinsel part of a pink light reflector as its tree topper.

To hold it in place I just pushed the stud earring into the styrofoam.


diy pink puff ball yarn tree with vintage flower bracelet part tree topper

The sweet little puff ball tree has a piece of a vintage bracelet as it’s tree topper.

This piece still has it’s bracelet links so I just bent them back and the piece sits on the top of the tree.


DIY puff ball yarn and ribbon lace tree with vintage tree toppers

Even though the tree toppers are fun….


DIY puff ball yarn and ribbon lace tree

I think I prefer them without.

What do you think?

These little trees can be made using so many things. Check out your own stashes and see what you have to make your own tree trio.

Thanks so much for reading, and until next time…

keep on keepin’ on!


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Quick and Easy Trio of Trees including ribbon lace trees and puff ball yarn tree by Thrifty Rebel Vintage


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  1. I don’t think the two pinks go together on the small tree. I do think all three are beautiful without the toppings, tho. Love your ideas.

    1. You just might be right about the small tree Koleta. I just used what I had, and I do prefer them without too. 🙂

  2. ColleenB.~ Tx. says:

    Beautiful. They are so cute.
    My granddaughter would have fun making these

  3. Absolutely perfect! And yes, they are adorable without the toppers. But they are FANTASTIC with them!! Love, love, love!! Dona

  4. Polly Moyer says:

    They are gorgeous, with or without the toppers, but personally I LOVE them with the toppers!

  5. Oh these are GORGEOUS !!!

  6. Debra Hubbs says:

    So cute. I think my favorite is the little pom pom one.