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Quick & Easy Vintage Window Screen Sign

Words are powerful, and so are signs.

Having the right signs with the right messages in the right places in our homes can help remind us of what’s really important in life.

Making your own signs is so easy, especially when you don’t have to worry about creating the letters yourself. No stencilling, no tracing, no cutting required.

two vintage wooden window screen sliders closed

When I found these two vintage window screen sliders for $1 each at my local thrift store I knew exactly what they needed to be.

Quick & Easy Vintage Window Screen Sign

two vintage wooden window screen sliders open

They both have a lovely patina, with the top one being more aged than the bottom one.

dollar store foam letters used for making vintage window screen sign

I found 3 packs of these stick-on foam letters at the dollar store. They were just the right size, but I could only find the packages of mixed colours.

spray painting dollar store foam letters used for making vintage window screen sign

I decided on my messages for the signs and spread all the letters I needed on paper.

red spray painted dollar store foam letters used for making vintage window screen sign

During a recent warm spell I took them out to the portable garage and spray painted them red.

peeling paper off back of spray painted foam letters

It was difficult removing the paper backing from some of the letters so I used the point of scissors.

How to make a vintage window screen sign using spray painted adhesive backed foam letters

Here are my two finished signs.

Once I had the letters where I wanted them I pressed them into place with my fingers, with one hand on either side of the screen.

The screens are a little wonky so it might not be perfect, but that’s ok. Imperfections make things more interesting to me.

Be The Artist of Your Life window screen sign above family room door

This sign is hanging above the door to the family room.

The phrase Be The Artist Of Your Life comes from this poem I wrote, and it’s a reminder that no matter what happens in our lives we can still make them what we want them to be.

I just found that scarf, which has the perfect colors for my aqua and red kitchen, for $1.

Floral tablecloth used as door curtain in red and aqua kitchen makeover

This is the tablecloth I was originally using. Even though I think it’s beautiful I think the scarf matches the colour scheme so much better.

Count Your Blessings sign hanging above kitchen door entrance to house

Count Your Blessings is a song from one of our favorite Christmas movies, White Christmas, and this sign was inspired by that.

Here’s a part of that song that Bing Crosby (Bob Wallace) sings to Rosemary Clooney (Betty Haynes).

When I’m worried and I can’t sleep
I count my blessings instead of sheep,
and I fall asleep counting my blessings.

When my bank roll is getting small
I think of when I had none at all
and I fall asleep counting my blessings.

Love that song! And love counting my blessings. No matter how challenging life can be there are always things to be thankful for.

Making these signs using the dollar store foam letters was so easy, and if they stick this well to screen I think they’ll stick to wood, plastic, metal… and many other materials that you can use for the sign base.

I love seeing these signs every day, and because the letters are removeable I can easily change them any time I like.

I definitely see more of those signs in my future.

Do you have a favorite message for a sign that inspires you?

Thanks so much for reading, and until next time…

keep on keepin’ on!


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How to Make a Quick & Easy Vintage Window Screen Sign

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  1. What a great idea! And two perfect sayings! I’ve bought several bags of those letters…”just in case”. Now I have the “case”….a way to use them! Thanks for the tip, my friend! Dona

    1. Tuula McPhee says:

      Thanks so much Dona! I had to find a way to makes signs out of these screens, and when I saw those letter it was kismet. You can’t even tell they’re foam once they’re on the screens.

  2. Very creative use of those old screens. I have tons of letters around I let my grandchildren play with. Never thought to make signs with them!

    1. Tuula McPhee says:

      Thanks AnnMarie! And if you happen to have letters that are already your colour of choice you don’t even have to paint them.

  3. I keep picking up those kinds of screens for future projects so now you have inspired me to dig them out and make some signs! Thank you!

    xo Dianne

    1. Tuula McPhee says:

      Yay! That’s awesome Dianne. I’m so happy that mt signs have inspired you. πŸ™‚

  4. They came out great! I also got the chance to read that poem again which I absolutely love.

    1. Tuula McPhee says:

      I’m so glad Debra. Thanks so much!

  5. How adorable and thank you for sharing

    1. Tuula McPhee says:

      Thanks Norma! These signs were a lot of fun to make, and so easy.

    1. Tuula McPhee says:

      Thanks Julia! Just when I think I’m done with kitchen projects. lol.

  6. You are a true artist at heart Tuula. You inspire me. Thanks for sharing your creativity!
    Now on to finding some screens!!!

    1. Tuula McPhee says:

      Thank you so much Bunny! I’m so happy that you’re feeling inspired. I hope you find some screens soon. πŸ™‚

  7. I love this project and your kitchen makeover. These signs add a real punch to your dΓ©cor. Thanks. Keep up the great work.

    1. Tuula McPhee says:

      Thanks so much Pam! I really thought my kitchen was finished but I keep thinking of more projects. lol.

  8. I love these Tuula, and guess what!? I have a screen like that, guess what i’ll be making soon?


    1. Tuula McPhee says:

      Yay! That’s so awesome!

  9. Mary Boger says:

    The signs turned out great!! Love the new scarf!!

    1. Tuula McPhee says:

      Thanks Mary! Sometimes I luck out and find just what I need. πŸ™‚

  10. Love those screens! You really found a way to show them off! I’m a huge fan of signs around the house so I think these are great, Also, gotta love the Dollar Store! xo Kathleen| Our Hopeful Home

    1. Tuula McPhee says:

      Thanks Kathleen! Next to thrift stores dollar stores are my favourite place to shop. πŸ™‚

  11. These are wonderful, Tuula ! Love the song too–thanks for sharing at Vintage Charm!

    1. Tuula McPhee says:

      Thanks so much Cecilia!

  12. Aww, these are so cute and rustic, which is the look I love best. They go perfectly in your kitchen. They remind you to be the artist that you are Tuula. And the scarf…perfect for the space! I love the other one too, but you’re right…this one is a more “there.” Plus it covers the doorway better. Lucky find!

    1. Tuula McPhee says:

      Thanks very much Florence! I thought my kitchen makeover but it just keeps going and going. lol.

  13. This is a very clever idea and we can make it in so many different ways! Thank you for sharing at Sweet Inspiration Link Party πŸ™‚

    1. Tuula McPhee says:

      Thanks Christina! Its always fun to join the party. πŸ™‚

  14. The window screen is just amazing!! I’m so inspired, Hope I will make it as you done.

    1. Tuula McPhee says:

      Thanks Ruth! The dollar store letters make it so easy, especially if you can find them already in the colour you want.