Recently Thrifted Finds – Brass Engraved Lamp & Italian Nesting Tables

This week I’m showing off two fabulous finds. This brass engraved floor lamp was at a Salvation Army store in a nearby town for the regular price of $6. Because it just happened to be yellow tag day I got it for half price. A measly $3. Take a look.

I don’t know anything about it, and I can’t find any markings on it anywhere that could help me identify it. It definitely looks vintage, but I’m not sure. I’ve tried to do research on the Internet, but I haven’t had any luck. If anyone can help me with this that would be fantastic!

The lamp is about 5′ tall and in great condition.



The engraved decoration has been highlighted with colour. It’s not very noticeable at a distance, but up close it’s quite amazing. The photos don’t really do it justice.



The yellow tag said it worked, but I didn’t care whether it worked or not. It was coming home with me the moment I saw it. I asked the man at the counter to hold it for me while I was finished shopping so no one else could scoop it up.

He said the lamp had been there for quite awhile and nobody seemed to want it. I still can’t believe that! I think it’s so beautiful. No makeover for this baby, and no clean up either. I love the brass patina just the way it is, and I wouldn’t want to do any damage to the colouring in the engraving.

I’m not too sure about the lampshade though. I’ll live with it for now, but it might just be getting a makeover in the future.



My second great find is this set of shabby chic stacking tables that were at the local Cancer Society Thrift Store for $15. That’s more than I would usually pay, but I really loved them and my instinct was telling me to buy them. My instinct isn’t always right, but it’s right enough that I’ve learned to trust it.



They’re totally unmarked, but I’ve since seen a very similar set of three on ebay for $350. and another set on Etsy for $260. Too bad I don’t have all three in this set. It looks like they’re vintage Italian Florentine nesting tables. No makeover for these either. I love them just the way they are.

I just love thrifting! Have you found any treasures lately?


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  1. Beautiful finds, Those Florentine tables are a real steal what great luck. Thanks for visiting and following,following you as well..

  2. Those finds are fantastic! I especially like the nesting tables. You know sometimes things just need to stay the way they are…like these things you've found. Hope you have a good night.

    1. Thanks! I agree… some things just aren't meant to be made over. I have to admit that I sometimes find it hard to restrain myself, but in this case it was easy. Thanks so much for the follow back.

  3. Hey I'm following back…thank you for following and your sweet comment at LoblollyLane.
    Looking forward to more blogging fun!
    Love that brass lamp,I'm like don't need nuttn',just wipe it off and plug it in…and yeah you might want to re-vamp the lamp shade,teeehehe…but of course I like it the way it is also.
    The white chandeller in previous post is perfect…I want that little treasure myself…teehehehe.

    1. Hi Jo May. Thanks for following. You know, I think I could live with the lampshade but my hubby isn't diggin' it so I'll probably do something at some point. Not sure what yet, but I'll come up with something. I'll let it steep awhile. Thanks so much for visiting. Looking forward to seeing your future posts.

  4. Thrifting is fun. Some treasures will be found. The brass base is a vintage and great look. Thanks for following.

    1. I'm very lucky to have 4 great thrift stores, in 4 different towns, within 30 minutes of home. Considering the closet city is an hour away that's pretty good. Every once in awhile I'll do a round of thrifting and hit each one. Thanks so much for following Tonna.

  5. Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment. I am following you back.
    I have had a couple of great thrifty finds lately. Our local Salvation Army has a 50% off day every couple of months, love them.
    Donna G.

  6. Love your finds Tuula! I love when I am able to find something so unique for a great price! Following you back!!!Have a great weekend!!!

  7. I absolutely love both the lamp and the tables. I found you on a garden junk forum that I belong to. The link to your blog was on there. Somebody was surfing the web and found your teapot/bells wind chime. Love it, too.

    1. I'm thrilled to know that you found my wind chimes on a garden junk site. I'd love to know which one so I can check it out.. to see my project, but also because it's also a site that would interest me. Thanks so much for following.

  8. Great finds Tuula. I love thrifting. I make it a point to visit my local thrift shops every saturday. Hardly ever leave empty handed. Love your lamp.