Repurposed Bread Clips into Wreath Ornaments

How to Create Wreath Ornaments from Repurposed Bread Clips

These repurposed plastic bread clip wreath ornaments are a super easy and inexpensive project.

Repurposed DIY plastic bread clip wreath ornaments

I often like to challenge myself to see what I can create from something that most people throw away. It seems like it’s been ages since I grabbed an empty prescription container, that I’d been saving for something someday, to use for plastic bread clip storage. I kept the container right on the counter so John and I wouldn’t forget to put the clips in there.

It gave me a lot of time to think about what I was going to make with them. One of the ideas I came up with was these easy and fun bread clip wreath ornaments.

supplies needed to create DIY wreath ornament from plastic bread clips

Supplies needed to make bread clip wreath ornaments

  • plastic bread clips
  • paper and pen/pencil
  • hot glue
  • thread hangers
  • white glue or decoupage medium
  • small craft paint brush
  • glitter in colors of choice
  • sandwich baggie
  • misc decorations

assorted colors of bread clips

I’ve been collecting these clippy thingies from bread, bagel, English muffin, and milk bags for what seems like a very long time.

I had no idea how many were in the container once it was full, but it turned out to be 202. Plenty for some fun and easy wreath ornaments.

Creating the wreath shapes from the bread clips

gluing bread clips together in circle shape

Before I started I sort of played with a wreath shape to see how many bread clips I would need to create a nice size wreath ornament. Once I was happy with the sizing, I created a 3″ circle template that I could follow so I would get a nice shape when gluing.

If you feel like you can eyeball this go ahead, but I found the template really helped make it much easier. A round tea container created my circle, but whatever you can find will work.

A small dab of hot glue in the bottom right corner of each bead clip is all that’s needed at this point, as you make your way around the template.

finished circle shape of glued bread clips

For my wreath ornaments I used nine of the plastic bread clips to create my roughly 3″ wreath shape. I say roughly because it doesn’t have to be perfect. Real wreaths aren’t, so these don’t have to be either.

gluing gold thread hanger onto top of bread clips

After choosing where I wanted the top of my wreath to be, I hot glued a thin golden thread hanger into the middle of it. But again, you can use what you have that you think will work, just make sure it’s not too thick because of the next step.

gluing back layer of bread clips onto front layer for stability

To give the ornaments more stability it’s important to glue a layer of the bread clips onto the back, making sure to get glue onto the adjoining bread clip corners as well. This gives the wreath ornament a fuller look, but also makes it sturdy.

plastic bread clips glued together in a wreath shape

You simply place bread clips over the front layer, matching them up as you go.

It doesn’t matter if some of the writing can be seen because these bread clip wreath ornaments are going to be blinged up with glitter. I was one red short so I substituted a pink.

bread clips glued together in a wreath shape

Here’s a side view of the two layers so you can see how it’s supposed to look.

Adding glitter to the bread clip wreaths

adding white glue onto bread clips to add glitter

Once your wreath ornament is assembled it’s time to add some the fun stuff. I covered the bread clips with white glue, but you could also use decoupage medium.

covering with white glue and then sprinkling bread clip wreath with glitter

And with a clean piece of paper below, I sprinkled glitter all over the wreath ornament. I let it sit for a few minutes to let the glitter sink into the glue nicely.

shaking glitter off of wreath ornament onto paper below

Then I knocked the excess glitter off by holding onto the thread hanger and gently hitting the paper with the wreath ornament.

using paper under glitter to save it into a plastic baggie

I held the paper up to gather the excess glitter and used it for the other side of the wreath ornament, with a little more from the container as well.

letting glitter dry on bread clip wreath ornament

To clean up the excess glitter, I just dumped it into a sandwich bag to be used for future projects, and I left my wreath ornament to dry for a couple of hours.

Then I gave it a light spray with a clear matte poly to protect the glitter, but also to protect everything else from being glitterized.

red, blue, and yellow glitter wreath ornaments made from plastic bread clips

After I finished the red one, I did a yellow one and a blue one too. You could hang them just like this if you like, but I think they need a little extra something.

Adding the finishing touch to the bread clip wreath ornaments

Repurposed DIY plastic bread clip wreath ornaments

Like some simple red bows that I hot glued on.

Here are some close up photos.

DIY red glitter wreath oraments from repurposed plastic bread clips
DIY yellow glitter wreath oraments from repurposed plastic bread clips
DIY blue glitter wreath oraments from repurposed plastic bread clips
DIY white glitter wreath oraments from repurposed plastic bread clips

I had a lot of white plastic clips so I decided to create a white wreath ornament as well. The white glitter looks like lovely glittery snow.

glittered backs of bread clip wreath ornaments

So you can see that I did do the backs as well. This is just in case the ornaments spin around on the tree. I want them to look pretty. You could glue bows on the back too for a double-sided ornament.

Easy DIY plastic bread clip wreath Christmas tree ornaments

The possibilities of these diy wreath ornaments is really endless depending on the colors you use and what you want to decorate them with. You could certainly spray paint the clips as well before adding glitter if you don’t have the bread clips in a color that works for you.

So I hope I’ve inspired you to take a second look at those humble bread and milk clips that we see everyday. Almost anything can be made into something else if we just look at them a little differently.

Our Christmas tree isn’t up yet, but these easy bread clip wreath ornaments will be a fun addition to hang on it this year. Like these curtain ring clip wreath ornaments, and these repurposed mini bow wreath ornaments.

It would be greatly appreciated if you would pin this project to your favorite Pinterest board, and also share it with your friends.

Easy DIY wreath ornaments from repurposed bread clips

Thanks so much for reading and until next time,

keep on keepin’ on!


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  1. Are you kidding me?! These are the cutest and most creative things I’ve ever seen! I love them!!


    1. Thanks very much Tania! Who knew bread clips could be so fun to craft with? lol.

  2. Amazing! I’ve wanted to save them for years but couldn’t think of anything to make with them! Well they won’t be thrown out anymore!! you have opened my eyes!
    They kick my brain in gear and start making my brain start try to come up with other ideas! I’m excited to make some trees. Thank you (again) for your great ideas!

    1. Thanks Dona! I’m always looking for ways to use things that usually get thrown in the garbage or recycle bin. I have a few more ideas for these bread clips. They are quite fun to play with.

  3. Debra Hubbs says:

    Who would have thought??? These are so cute.

  4. Amy Davis says:

    OMG! I love those…Those came out absolutely adorable! Tuula, your the best at this! I do not have a creative bone in my body or an imagination like this for crafting! lol Thank you so much for sharing! I hope you and your family have a blessed and nice/relaxing Christmas Holiday and New Year!

    1. Thanks so much Amy! I wish you a wonderful Christmas and a very Happy New Year.

  5. I would have never guessed these pretty wreaths are made with bread clips. What a clever idea, Tuula! I’m guilty of throwing them out so I appreciate the inspiring idea of recycling them.

    1. Thanks very much Marie! It’s so much fun to create by repurposing things that most of us throw away. It’s my favorite kind of crafting.

  6. I made 1 yesterday. It’s sooo cute. I wish I knew how to send a pic. Thanks for another wonderful recycling craft!

    1. Wow, you made one already. That’s awesome! I’m so happy my project inspired you. It always feels good to make something out of things we normally throw away. It’s very satisfying.

      1. Well, should have known…About a month ago, cleaned out my second junk drawer and my goodness, how many of these little clips did I toss???
        Anyway, love the look and especially the red and white, maybe the blue, for patriotic days..Can do without the yellow, I know, I know{my personal preference}
        So darn cute for ornaments, or just hanging anywhere…MERRY CHRISTMAS TO ALL AND TO ALL…A GOOD NIGHT AND GOD BLESS THE U.S.A