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Repurposed Cake Pans

I don’t know about you but I have a thing about organization.

What I mean is I really, really prefer things to be organized. Does that mean things always are organized?
Of course they are…


…not! lol.

But I do try my best.

So when I found this set of 3 vintage round cake pans I decided to use them to help me with my storage issues. They have removable bottoms, but for this project I’m leaving them in.

Last Christmas I repurposed a vintage square set into baking pan shadow boxes, and a joy banner.

I wanted to pretty up my repurposed cake pans a bit with sheet music. The Springtime Rockies music is the only piece of sheet music I’ve thrifted around here. It’s very hard to find for some reason.

The sweet little Christmas Carols booklet came in my giveaway win that I shared here.

I’ll also be adding some pretty odds and ends.

For the biggest pan I simply cut a piece of lace to fit around the pan, and secured it at the back with clear packing tape.

We had a new propane furnace installed last fall so I’m using some leftover metal duct tape to attach some sheet music around the pan. Regular duct tape or gorilla tape would work too.

I cut the tape to the length I needed, removed the white protective paper that’s on the sticky side, lay it down on my desk sticky side up , and applied cut pieces of sheet music on top.

Once the sheet music covered all the tape I turned it over and cut away the excess.

Then I wrapped it around the pan over the lace and again used the clear packing tape at the back to secure it.

On the medium size pan I added some Christmas sheet music the same way, wrapped some remnant lace around that, and added a pink beaded chain to finish it off.

The small one got a very simple treatment, a sweet pink silk ribbon around the top and a piece of remnant lace around the bottom. Easy peasy.

Should I ever want to use these pans to actually bake a 3-tiered cake (hey… it could happen, lol. you never know) all the pretty is easily removable.

I decided not to make a tiered stand because I didn’t want to alter the pans in any way, but it could easily be done. Here’s a enamel bowl tiered stand that I made.

So here are my repurposed cake pans that are not great storage containers.

I’m not a fan of clutter, but at the same time I like to have the things I use every day out where I can see them. Like hair products, lotions, moisturizers, and perfumes.

Because I live in the real world, which is not the fancy dancy magazine world of perfection, I don’t hide everything that I need every day.

By placing them inside these cake pans the clutter on my funky toile dresser is contained and it looks much neater to me than if they were all sitting out on their own.

This was such an easy project, and the pans could easily be prettied up to match any decor or left au natural if that’s your thing.

So that’s one more project off my master bedroom makeover list… and I don’t even know how many to go, but who’s counting anyway. Not me.

I’ve decided I’m going to celebrate the projects I get done rather than worry about what still needs to be done… so YAY me.

When was the last time you gave yourself a pat on the back?

If you’re anything like me it’s been awhile. So give yourself one today for whatever you’ve accomplished lately, no matter how small, and smile.

You deserve it.

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  1. Love the way you decorated your cake pans, Tuula–they look great on your dresser. I've got three graduated cake pans that I've been planning to make a three-tiered stand with (by inserting dowels of some sort). Some day…:)

    1. Thanks Diana! I'm glad to have all the things organized. You should make that tiered stand. I have one in my craft room and I love it. I know what you mean by someday though. I have a few projects on a someday list too. Too many projects… too little time. lol.

  2. Your cake pans are adorable with the sheet music, lace and ribbon. This is truly a beautiful upcycle/recycle project!

  3. The idea that you can reverse the pans back into cake pans is quite clever. I am glad the little music booklet made it's fifteen minutes of fame.

  4. Love, love, love the pans! And yes, YAY you for not worrying over what must be done! I 'yay' myself often for losing 159 lbs! Only 20 more to go, but as we just said…..who's counting!!!! love your blog, girl! Dona

    1. Thanks very much Dona! YAY to you for losing 159 lbs. That is absolutely incredible!! You are an inspiration, and never stop YAYing yourself.

  5. Another clever repurpose from our talented Tuula!
    And yes, yes, yes to your attitude! Be glad. 🙂

  6. Love this idea Tuula…as always, so creative! The details are so pretty. I am like you in that I keep things sitting out that I use daily. Who has time to hide it all away every day? Not this chick! 🙂 I can't wait to get my project finished for Pink Monday.

  7. This is a clever and beautiful project, I love its simple method. Thanks for sharing

  8. Leave it to you to come up with some beautiful storage ideas! Looks so pretty Tuula! Well that is one sheet used…..I wonder what's next?

  9. Such a fun idea! I too like to be organized, but also like some of my things displayed. Displaying them in a pretty and functional way is a win win situation! Thanks for sharing with SYC.

  10. Now that's a great idea, I wish I had some nesting cake tins at present, I am making a diaper cake and need them in graduating sizes 🙂

  11. Your project is featured tonight on Make it Monday over at Etcetorize! Stop by and grab a button~

  12. These are so cute! I like that you make it so they could be used again if needed. LOL! I love to be organized but it gets out of control at times.